Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 49 Part 1 release

Translated by:Saint

edited by: JS

Soz for the week of hiatus, was binge reading IRAS on lmntl as it was one of the mtls which you can actually understand from the mtl. Read up to 1471 and dayum things happen. Recommend you guys to go check it out.

Anyway I’ll be releasing half of a Have a Meal chapter in 1 hour and then the other half of this chapter in 2 hours as I need to edit, fix up the toc, move some other novels, etc. After that I got a doctors appointment which should be 1-2 hours and I’ll release another half chapter after that. Enjoy

Chapters owed: 5 (I’ll clear the donations first before the regulars)

Also this chapter is a test to test the server speed and the server speed is just terrible. I need to change hosts but then all my stuff would get deleted or else I need to pay so much more… I’ll release all the chapter tomorrow and for now try to change to Bluehost as Namecheap is just a joke at the moment with this completely crap server speed. (Also I’ll update this post but My site might be down for 1-2 days as It will take time to transfer.)

Chapter 49 Part 1


  1. really?? if i can name 1 series from lnmtl that can’t show off their awesomeness it’s IRAS.. what will you do with all those glorious poem, song, all chinese culture thing you won’t understand without TN??
    hehee but if you know chinese that was another story ^^
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

    1. Author

      Nuh I don’t really go for the poems though. You can kind of understand what Face Smacking Expert is tryna say. Seeing him climb to Asia A list is a pleasure in of itself. And I wish I knew chinese.

    1. Author

      I’m really a superstar. good novel should go check it out

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