Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 48 Part 1 release

Translated by: Saint

Edited by: JS

Tryna fix the page load speed problem so please bear with me…

Im practically done with the whole chapter and would’ve released it but saint replying and I need him to check some of my edits and his tling makes no sense.

Also you guys got lucky. If my computer hadn’t freezed and I got banned from OW ranked, I wouldn’t have edited:P

Anyway Enjoy

ALSO ALSO, please check out the new menus. You can click on the All Novels, Original, Chinese and Korean and it’ll take you to a new page. Took me ages so appreciate its glory for a while before closing it or something.

Chapters owed: 5.5

Chapter 48P1

Also cheers to all those new people for plegding. Dont have to if you dont want to:)

Also There is a teaser. Enjoy


  1. i cant access the link, is there something wrong with the website?

  2. Dude, just a suggestion, but I think you should think about having a backup site. You know, just in case. (I’ve seen many groups use one, blogger or wordpress).

    I mean. I managed to access the page but then I had to close it and a few minutes later I tried accessing it again only to not be able to. And then I had to wait like 12 hrs to access it just now….. Painful.

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