Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 40 Release

Translated by: Saint Snack

Edited by: Ayed, JSmith

Was meant to  only edit half and do something but I kept reading and editing and arrived at the end so I decided to post the whole chapter.

Also all Australians should really try the Acorn app as I was tryna find something better but the other ones like betterment needed a US residency which sucks for us. Anyway try it out, pretty good way to save money. Also apparently its free for Students with .edu email? or people under 24? not sure if true or if only US but yeh:)

Also seems like the patreon thing might fail as no one has pledged since I made the announcement of 200=1 extra chapter weekly… Anyway just wanted to try as it works well for those big novel.

Chapters owed:2

Also will put up a teaser soon

Also heard hysteria by muse. Brings back good memories.

Also wanted to try adfly again as I got rid of the pop unders and google isn’t the most stable:

Here’s the adfly link, use it to support me if you feel like it

Chapter 40 the non-adfly direct link:)


  1. rofl no one is going to pledge to $200 for a single chapter.

    The “big novels” at that rate do 2-3 extra ones a week and they do 5-7 reg chapters a week at a consistent pace. I think the only exception is DE…

    Don’t get me wrong this story is awesome, I would love to support it but.. $200 for one chapter? the word count isn’t even half of that worth.

    1. Author

      hm I’ll use MW as an example he gave 300 for an extra chapter and 400 for the next chapter. Albeit he raised it from 12 chapters weekly to 13 then 14 for another 400. 200 is also for an extra chapter weekly. Sorry if I wrote it differently or sth:/

      1. Monthly 200 dollars for 4 extra chapters a month. Think it would be better to just donate for extra chapters at 40 per chapter.

        At the moment there is no incentive for supporting patreon at all.

        1. Author

          mhm same for mw as its 100 per chapter but I guess it to show thankfulness? I dunno ask why the people donated to MW?

          1. That is because MW updates almost daily. It also have a big fan base because of that. And that amount of donation, for me, is fair. I myself also donates on it.

            Unlike yours, that have 2 chapters a week, and slow on updates. Asking for 200$ seems a bit unfair. So, maybe if you produce more and have a more readers. We can talk about that amount of donation.

            For now, I will gladly support you on adfly.

            PS. If you want you can look for a collab with another translator so you can increase your workload. And thank you for translating.

  2. Just wanted to say that i clicked the Ad link..and never got my link towards the chapter only a link toward a +18 game..

    1. Author

      Is it because you’ve got adblock? coz thats what happened when I used adblock on it:/ Anyway yeah probably not gonna use adfly I guess;/

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