Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 39 Part 2 Release

Translated by: SaintSnack

Edited by: Ayed

Thank god ayed edited otherwise this would be out even later. Its Australia Day right now so I went out with my fa to the beach so I couldn’t edit this earlier. Anyway people were saying that chapter 39 part 2 was so short which made me laugh as it was a teaser not a full chapter. Wtf would be the point of cutting off 10 chapters. Anyway I guess it should’ve written teaser but I thought people would automatically understand. Anyway enjoy the non-teaser, real chapter:)

Also Acorn, not being sponsored or endorsed or whatever from then but I just really think everyone should try it out. At least read what the app does as you’ll probably shocked and amazed if you do… most likely. Anyway here’s the link. But seriously you won’t regret looking at this app especially if you’re a student

Heres the Chapter: Legit-not-10-chapter-long-real-chapter:)

Also the teaser for chapter 40 most likely part 1 will be up soon

Also Chapters Owed: 3

Also patreon. Hit 200 by the end of the month and we’ll release 3 weekly

Also BTS blood sweat tears is so bloody addicting:)

Also TOC has been updated.


  1. The problem why ppl thought it was a short chapter was because the teaser got updated on NU, which not supposed to happen. Hence the misunderstanding lol

    1. Author

      And thanks for the update I was wondering why people were getting so mad:/

  2. Omg I Love blood sweat and tears!!!!!!

    1. Author

      Same it just wont get out of my head. Its too addicting

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