Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 38 Part 1 Release

Translated by: SaintSnack

Edited by: JohnSMith

Only half a chapter to munch on. All the editors are busy so I just edited half a chapter to release quickly as we’re behind schedule. Also say thanks to Joshua Grant for another sponsored chapter.

Also you may have realised but the pop under ads are gone as people were complaining too much so support this site but disabling ad block and clicking the ads:)

Also I’ll try edit thee other half but I’m busy with reading, terraria, and overwatch… yep super busy..

ALSO, teaser is there and ALSO new buttons are out and I’ll get to adding them to old chapters soon.

ALLLSSSOOO, we started translating Beast Piercing The Heavens so show us some love and go check it out as its a good binge with 200 chapters already up… credits to xianxiaworld… All the chapters are up on the site so you can read fluidly with the new updates:)

Chapters owed: 2.5

Chapter 38 Part 1

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