Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 37 Release

Translated by: SaintSnack

Edited by: Ayed

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Chapter 37


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    ..し―J Hope he can have a great friendship with the crown prince and side with him

  2. So many ads, one would think the site is a advert itself… 3 in the chapter, another 3 after the test 3 –> and then lower down even more ads… What’s annoying though is that it’s mostly repeats and mostly of Second Life avatars kissing

    1. You need to stop using the pop up adds that happen every time I click anything. I turn off my add block to support you guys but if I’m go as have to go through five pop ups every time I want to read a chapter then I’m just gonna put it back on.

  3. Thank you!
    Adsense sucks in January, so do what you have to do to keep the servers running. As long as the ads don’t crash the site or cover the test 😉

  4. For the ads and patreon I waiting the return of EoSP,I barely like revolution and the rest is not interesting at all;)
    EoSP is the only novel on your site I feel like supporting;)

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