Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 21 Release

Translated by: SaintSnack

Edited by: Illidan, Ayed, Crackaz

Chapter from the queue finally coming out. Say thnks to our editors and translators for another chapter. We also have another novel joining the site if you haven’t already seen it, Eat then Leave. The second half of that prologue will be done by the end of today hopefully. There will also be a teaser up for chapter 22 and there should be teasers all the time for R8CM. Anyway enjoy another chapter and remember to help support the site by clicking the ads thanks:)

Chapter 21

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  1. “Say thnks to our editors and translators for another chapter.”

    This is the least I can do: thnks! ;P
    I am always grateful for a new chapter, even if I don’t comment on it.
    I appreciate your hard work and wish for many more enjoyable chapters.

      1. Author

        So sorry as I posted this at like 5am in AUS. I’ll just release another chapter tomorrow so look forward to that:)

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