Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 16 Release

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R8CM Chapter schedule has been changed so go to the Schedule page to see the full details. This is the second regular chapter from last week.


From JSmith: “Also some of you may know that I will be taking a gap year next year where I will be just lazing around and focusing on translating. Thus I will be holding a poll sometime January next year for which novel I should translate from the Korean novels list. Also, if you’ve read the Announcement post, I’ve taken down all video ads and even animated ads. So only picture ads are on the site at the moment and this has lowered the ad revenue by a significant amount. Thus for every 1000 clicks on my ads I will release an extra chapter of the novel of your choosing in January. This will only last until January so click away if you want.”


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  1. Hey just fair warning that asking or incentivizing is a breach of contract and you can be denied ad revenue if they discover this.

    1. they take pretty damn seriously too and if you are caught I think it takes at least a year before you can appeal so you are gonna want to remove those comments about clicking ads and bonus chapters asap

  2. In addition to a direct link, what about putting up something like an or similar link as well? If you want to incentives revenue from clicks, that is a lot less bothersome thank clicking random things on the side of web pages to help.
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      tbh yeah that would be better but the amount of effort that goes into adfly is crazy. I really respect the fact that has been doing it for so long. That’s another reason why I’m doing this site I guess. I could go onto munpia and read the novels there but I would need a dictionary and it would take effort. So much cbs:/ Please do forgive me of my laziness:P

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