R8CM Chapter 6 Release

Translated by: SaintSnack

Edited by: Illidan, JSmith

I reallllllyyy need some serious editors who are willing to edit 1 or 2 of these chapters daily as thats the rate it getting translated. The english is pretty bad so its unreleasable unless we have steady editors. So please contact me if you’re available to edit that regularly. This chapter would’ve been posted earlier but I had to step in and edit as it wasn’t fully edited with just Illidan. Also please enjoy and consider donating or turning off adblock as it would motivate the TLer a lot as he is new to TLing and isn’t getting that much money. Enjoy and I’ll try to get one out tmr:)

Also Fudge made a good point of the title which should be ‘return’ instead of ‘revolution’. However, just like how Martial World’s title is apparently not the exact translation and they stuck to it because that’s what it was first called, I’ll probably stick to ‘revolution’ as well. Please excuse my laziness

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  1. How do we contact you if we would like to help with editing?

  2. I can help with editing. How can I contact you?

    1. Author

      issthno1fan@gmail is my contact so contact me there:)

  3. i can help with editing. I also translate EoSP on this very website. so, if you’re in need then i might be able to help you.

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