Portal of Wonderland Chapter 165 Part 1 Release

Translated by: Jane Smith

Another one of xianxiaworlds fine novels which were unfortunately dropped. As i enjoyed this novel a lot I convinced a mate of mine to translate this novel but as the chapters are long and my mates time is short it might be split into halves. Also the release schedule is not set but we’ll definitely be trying to release 1-2 a week. Enjoy:)


Also donations will not be set up for PoW until a regular set schedule has been set

Chapter 165 Part 1


  1. No offense meant, so don’t take any, but it’s better than nothing.

    1. Author

      So you mean even 1 chapter is better than no chapters? Coz i agree… If that’s not what you meant…

  2. Where can I read the previous chapters?

    1. Author

      Im working on bringingthem here but until then you can read them at xianxiaworld.com

  3. Holy cow. I didn’t think this would get picked back up. If I weren’t already subbed to this website, though, I wouldn’t know about it. I wonder if any of the other dropped novels are up again.

  4. You took both great novels from xianxiaworld with a release speed that is awful slow.

    Why not focus on either one of them and make more releases instead of maybe taking the novels away from a translator that is willing to do more

      1. 6 days and we have 1/2 chapter, what was I even expecting…

  5. Well I’m happy you guys picked it up but also sad that it’s not being daily translated. I don’t mean to be selfish but this novel is really good, plenty of people like me will donate if it atleast gets translated daily or more then 2 chapters a week. The pace of this novel won’t be enjoyed if it’s only being translated 2 times a week. Can you maybe collab with someone?

    Thanks tho

    1. Author

      We could if someone was willing

      1. Maybe post a thread in novelupdates? I’m sure some group or person will help you guys collab. If not, are you willing to let this novel go if someone/group decide to fully commit translating this novel daily? Since I myself want someone else or group to translate this instead of you guys if your only doing 1-2 chapters a week. No offence I just really care about this novel.

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