NFB Chapter 5

Chapter 5 [Bone Man VS Slime]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Algebra

Part 1


This slime is, quite pretty(・・・), is what I feel.


The transparent individual who is sliding back and forth as if it was fresh water is just taking a form to become viscous liquid, my fear is that might not be that much time elapsed for Spawn(Pop) in the labyrinth.


I wonder how many days has passed, if one were to speak of that then, the thing is rare in this kind of state(・・・) since it’s starting the so called digestion because it might be just capturing unlucky small animal who entered its body or another monster living inside the labyrinth.


When I said so, the state of the body of the living being in the midst of digestion inside its liquid body has things like its bones floating inside, newcomer adventurers will vomit from seeing the grotesque state.


Though if it were the body of a mouse or a monster which is closely resembles an animal, most of them can deal with it calmly, this one is a demon with human-like form―― Goblin?, or maybe it was in the middle of digesting another adventurer who died in the labyrinth, the search during this days become impossible at a splendid rate.


Naturally since adventurer or the like have no need to do something like that, they’ll get used to it, even so the unpleasant feeling still remained.


Though when you do this job for 10 years like me, you won’t feel anything, the first year is necessary adventurers to prepare themselves to get used to this unpleasant feeling.


When I think about such things, the slime in front of me is entering an extremely lovely state.



Just how much the current me in Bone Man(Skeleton) state, even if the appearance is more terrible than the slime in the midst of digestion, as for feeling, it’s the same with when I was a human.


I don’t think that I want to scatter the body fluid of the slime along with the remains of it’s prey.


But, if it’s slime in this state, their body fluid is pure.


In this way, the body fluid of the slime right after Gushing(Pop) is preserved if you have a container, it’s an article with high-value just by selling it as it is to alchemist or Adventurer Guild(Guild).


Even the impure body fluid of slime is not that a material since it can be used for manufacturing low grade Recovery Potion(Potion), if you mix and boil it with another medicine, the body fluid of the pure slime is somewhat high priced since it can be used for even more things.


I currently have one tool bag on my waist before I became a Bone Man(Skeleton), since I have some of those preservation container in case I meet an event like this once, I decide to collect its body fluid if I manage to beat it.



After that, I approached the slime who move unsteadily with “poyopoyo”.


The slime who notices me, shivers with “buruburu” and then “pon”, shoots something that looks like a lump of water towards me.


I  safely avoid that since I already expected it.


The lump of water i avoided hits the ground and released several clouds of smoke.


This is the first and main type of attack of a slime, Acid Ball(Acid Breath) .


Going by that name, it’s created with acid inside its body, and attacks by shooting it, because whatever the acid hits, will end up melting.


Even if the attack carrying acid seems simple, it won’t turn into a fatal wound just by getting hit by it once, the place that got hit by it will still receive considerable damage.


At least, the area surrounding the face must absolutely be protected.


……… Well, for the current me, even if the area around my face is melting for a bit, I don’t think I will be suffering from damage like losing my sight, in this case, I who become a skeleton, my bone will melt immediately.


If that’s the case, aren’t I bearing a damage which will bring me closer to death than losing my vision.


It’s an attack that I must avoid at any cost.


Part 2

But, no matter how dangerous that attack is, its speed is just too slow.


The movement speed of Normal Slime(Normal Slime) is normally extremely slow, its movement also has one pattern*, it’s not that much of threat to tackle it if you’re being careful. [TL : can only moving in line at time]


However, according to the several means of attack I can use, I can say that it’s hard to kill.


In addition, my physical ability which is absorbing some of that power after fighting the Bone Man(Skeleton) sometimes ago, has risen.

At least, my speed increases to almost similar to when I was alive is something that I noticed.


But, I didn’t feel that I will lose to a slime.


It fires the acid ball again as I’m slowly approaching it.


Now I’m approaching it with faster speed while raising my sword, the slime is trying to release its acid ball before I swing my sword so I retreat immediately after attacking it.


Bichari“, though I sensed something touched upon my hand, I decided to bring it down in one strike.


I thought of that action.




Unexpectedly, the slime is seemingly not running after me who attacked it, its damaged body quivering in that place, and then momentarily stopped, its soul that exist up till now is crumbled slovenly as if falling out.


This is, in the phenomenon that I see when slime is losing its life, due to losing the power to support its body, the fluid body is loses its unity.


In short, that slime who became like this is dead.


I’m surprised to the extremely quick ending.


At any rate, for me who’s a former-low grade of copper rank adventurer, I didn’t have enough power to beat the slime in one strike.


But, what happened just now is…………


Though I couldn’t confirm it since I was desperate, maybe, my attack unexpectedly hit the core of the slime.


If that was true, this result is something that I can understand.


Rather, when I’m attacking the next slime, as I thought, I must act carefully under assumption that I won’t beat it with one attack, so I thought to fight it with safety.



…… That aside, the raw material of the slime.

Because the part of the slime body fluid that made contact with the ground is lost it’s usefulness, I must collect it by cramming the container into the body fluid of the slime right after I beat it.


Even if you’re trying to cram in something in the body of the slime when it’s alive, it will give a sense of rejection along with “Boyon” feeling, the slime that is already dead won’t give such feeling as you can cram into its body right away with the feeling like touching jelly.


I’m taking out the flask type container from my tool bag, cram it into the body of the slime that already melted to fill it.


Slimes are dangerous monsters that will fire Acid Ball(Acid Breath) but, its body unexpectedly didn’t carry strong acid, since the adventurers who cram their hand into the body of the slime comes out smooth and fine, so it’s used as women cosmetic.


Amongst the use of the body fluid of pretty slime, the majority is used for cosmetics due to the effect of the body fluid of slime.


Since that way of using fetches a higher price than using it as lower grade  Recovery Potion(Potion), the heart of the women which seeks for beauty scary, is what I think.


They even make cosmetics from other monster……… or so.


But well, the material taken from monster, will give a big effect on the human body, like rejuvenation, if we go by legend, there’s more material which as far as have possibility of bestowing eternal youth, rather it might be more natural to use it that way.


Part 3


As I was thinking about it, I’m staring at the container that was filling with the liquid while ejecting the burbling air inside.


And then, when that liquid filled the container to brim, I take out another one.


……Uhn. If it’s this much, it might fetch a high price.


Around a few days worth of hotel charge.


As for pretty slime, the encounter rate is low, and it’ll become a nice source of income when you encounter it.


Nonetheless, in the point where I can sell it in my current situation, it doesn’t even have any meaning since there isn’t a place where I can stay……..




I’ll eventually become a Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul).


In that case, I might be able to go to the city and sell the raw material.


As for the lodging……. Well, whether they’ll give me a shelter or not is still a mystery but, if it’s at the level of barn, they might be willing to lend it to me.


I leave that place to hunt for the next monster while thinking about such a thing.




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