NFB Chapter 3

Chapter 3 [Bone Man Vs Bone Man]

第3話 骨人VS骨人

TL :Cnine

ED :Algebra

PF :Algebra

Part 1

Within the dim passage of the labyrinth stands a monster looking towards me, the Bone Man(Skeleton).


An Ordinary Bone Man(Ordinary Skeleton) who can’t use magic, willpower, or sacred spirit.



When I entered my fighting stance, the Bone Man(Skeleton) recognizes my existence.





The sound of clicking bones as if it’s laughing.


Bone Man(Skeleton).

Though it’s a monster that I fought countless times, it’s still a creepy and frightening existence.


If a living being is composed of only bones, it won’t be able to stand up. [TL : What are you doing then?]


Even so, contrary to its providence and continuing to act like a living being, the more I see it, the more I feel that there is a certainty that they are indeed taunting something.



I’m convinced, if looking from an outsider’s point of view..


No matter how many times I’m thinking about it, I can’t just walk into the city.


As I’m seeing that fact in a new light and made me want to take a deep sigh.


But, for me who has no lungs, there’s no organ for me to make a sigh.


Naturally, because there’s only bones.


I feel dejected of this fact.


I already know as it’s strongly pointed out that I’m not a human.


To become a Bone Man(Skeleton), I feel that I was digested calmly and thoroughly even I seemingly show indecisiveness and there’s also various signs of me objecting that fact.


But still, I must advance forward.


To defeat the existence in front of me, I will become a Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul)!


With that kind of decision, I’m moving my feet and running towards the Bone Man(Skeleton).


――Or that was how it should be.


This speed is to be honest, it was extremely SLOW.


Well, I’m running, if one says “it seems you’re”, and nodding to the degree of speed is surely coming out but, is this for real?. There’s no doubt that it’s a questionable speed that makes one wonder.


As I thought, it seems that my physical ability was falling considerably.


If you think about it, that’s just natural story.


Bone Man(Skeleton) is an existence that is composed of just BONES.


Originally, living beings can move because of the muscles in their body, it’s extremely natural for my body, the Bone Man(Skeleton) to not move properly.


The proof for this, even the movement of the other Bone Man(Skeleton) is extremely slow.


And then, the Common Bone Man(Normal Skeleton), all of them are like that even according to my own experience so far.


For this reason, because it was a monster oriented toward a copper rank adventurer like me, the reason i can keep living was because of them.


Part 2



But, even for the copper rank adventurers, they’re not that powerful, as I though it’ll become a tough fight if it’s of the same family, I knew that when the Bone Man(Skeleton) in front of me swings his sword.


My quick sword if ofcourse very slow too but, it doesn’t mean that I lost the swordmanship that I learn up till now, I’m fully learning the basic.


That’s why, from this knowledge, I’ve no power for upper swings, swinging downward is the best to raise my sword quickly, or so the rational way of it, in practice, that’s so cruel.


First, it was difficult to raise my hand.


Naturally because I’ve no power for it.


But even if it’s hard, I still try to raise my hand, and now, it’s difficult to swing downward by reversing the direction of the power including the sword.


Even this again, is because I’m powerless.



In short, the swordsmanship knowledge which I’m fully familiar of ISN’T USEFUL AT ALL.


Well, beside, it’s only natural if you think about it.


Anyhow, my swordmanship knowledge is FOR HUMAN.


It wasn’t designed for a Bone Man(Skeleton).


Nevertheless, isn’t it just a bit more.


At this rate, I might be die when attacked by the other guy, though I think that way, should I call it a luck? even if I’m facing an opponent, it was the slow and powerless Bone Man(Skeleton) as my opponent.


While I’m manipulating the weight of the sword, I was moving toward the opponent to attack but, it’s feet slipped.


Moreover, part of the bone on it’s right ankle is disconnected due to that, it quickly pick-up it’s right feet while sitting cross-legged while trying to fasten the joint of it’s right feet.


Though I want to laugh at the movement which is completely similar to a comedy actor, I don’t even have the vocal cord to produce sound.


The sound that comes out of Bone Man(Skeleton) is seemingly just “katakata” sound of bone clacking, it can’t be helped when the other party found me first when I made “katakata” sound.


Thereupon, the other party is seemingly slightly angry, and hurriedly fixed it’s disconnected feet then coming to my position with slightly faster speed than before.


It seems to have become serious.


This is bad, even I thought so.


The truth is, the other party is rushing at me just like that, and I’m falling.[ED: and I can’t get up]


And then, while in a collapsed position, as a Bone Man(Skeleton), I will be killed if I don’t think of how to counter it quickly.


But, such necessity is seemingly, unneeded.


Why I say that, because the other Bone Man(Skeleton) didn’t come to pursuit.


The reason is the sword that I swung by putting in my weight is, though I don’t understand how it became this way, before I know it, it’s pierced right in the cranium of the other Bone Man(Skeleton).


But, the other party is also an immortal type monster.


It won’t be enough with just a sword piercing into it’s head, with a seemingly curious face, it became bewildered to the slightly decreasing field of vision.

It’s okay up till now, the Bone Man(Skeleton) was moving like a human but, somehow it doesn’t seems that it’s intelligence is as high as humans, it couldn’t make a fast response in how to deal with the pierced sword.


In that gap, I seize the chance and quickly seized the hilt of the pierced sword, and then apply very small amount of power into it.


Since it’s pierced deeply, I just need hack it, or so i thought.


But, as expected I’m nothing more than a powerless Bone Man(Skeleton).


Since bones are used for armor materials, they are pretty solid and won’t easily be broken by the weak power of a Bone Man(Skeleton).


Part 3



I’m really troubled by this.


Can I somehow add more power………


At this rate, won’t this continue as mudslinging for eternity.


I’m, really reluctant for doing something like competing with this guy for a long time.


When I’m thinking of such lifeless future, I recalled the power that I tested sometimes ago.


That’s it, I wasn’t an ordinary Bone Man(Skeleton).


I’m aware that myself as a Bone Man(Skeleton) is very powerful, though I completely omitted it from the very beginning, I have magical power, Qi, and the sacred spirit.


Among the three, the power of qi is the one that I need quickly for it’s simple rise on physical power, for that is the easiest for the current me to use.。


I decided to spread the power of qi into every parts of my body weight after thinking about it.


I though whether I can use it properly or not is rather doubtful.


But, I’m invoking it just in case as the qi itself is already tested, for the time being, I’ll use the other power if it’s not working.


I’m what you call, “A guy who will try something since he has nothing to lose“.


And then, the result of that gambling is a succes due to my good luck.


The sword that didn’t budge at all even when I put every bit of my power into it is starting to move, and then finally the head of the other Bone Man(Skeleton) was smashed.

It’s not only smashing the head, the unpleasant “bakibaki” sound is resounding, I’m wondering how many bone which composed its body is smashed.


After that, the body of the Bone Man(Skeleton) crumbled into pieces as if it lost support.



The body of the Bone Man(Skeleton) which moved as one body is closely fitting together up till this point.


But, the Bone Man(Skeleton) whose head is completely crushed is seemingly losing its immortal traits.


The tumbling corpse is already nothing more that normal bones.



――In someway or another, did I, just win?


It was a comical and unsightly first battle but, it seems that I won it somehow.


I could even use my combat ability.

Ma~ma~, This wasn’t a bad fight right.


 As I think like that, I, for some reason feel relieved.


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