NFB Chapter 1

Chapter 1 [Prologue]


TL :Cnine

ED :Algebra

PF :Algebra

Part 1


――Crap, I’m done for.



That was what I thought, when I saw a gigantic bright red monster in front of me rushing towards my direction.



There’s a small city called Malt in the most edge of the Yalan kingdom, a frontier kingdom located at the edge of the continent. [TL : That’s just too pitiful]


There’s the lower rank labyrinth called 《Labyrinth of Water and Moon》, in that place I, Lent Fayna, a lower rank adventurer of copper class, earned my daily income while doing dull monster hunting, that day too, I was hunting monsters such as goblins and Bone mans(Skeleton), collecting small magic stone and material in the lower layer in the same way as usual.


With that as my daily work, I returned to the town around evening similar to what I do everyday, and then receive my wage which is enough for a few days by bringing the materials to the adventurers guild.


That was what is supposed to happen.





That guy suddenly appeared.



First of all, Since I’m walking in the labyrinth everyday, I shouldn’t lose my way inside, but for some reason today, I discovered that there’s a different passage in the route that I pass everyday.


That was where my luck ended.


That’s right, it was my fault.


In normal conditions, something like that should be ignored.


Though an adventurer is someone who’s adventuring, it doesn’t mean that they should be plunging themselves recklessly without any preparation, like what I did.


But in reality, many people just plunge themselves without thinking, and I’m also a fool who couldn’t omit myself from such a foolish custom.



Anyhow, this is a great discovery if a new room and passage is found in the 《Water and Moon Labyrinth》 which was said to be completely explored a long time ago.


It’s possible that there might be magic armor or high-grade magic weapon, though I can’t expect it, I can also gain some income if I make an exploration map to some extent.


That kind of foolish idea is just common, as I was setting my foot into that passage.



As a result, I was facing against a giant monster in the square room after a brief walk.



If I’m not mistaken it was, a dragon[western]. [TL : tigrex,] [ED: Kushala Daora]



Dragon is a top-ranked monster, it is said to be an unrivaled monster even against several Divine Silver(Mithril) rank adventurers who rank above White Gold(Platinum) adventurers.


They vary in appearance, there’s your usual giant type dragon, then there’s long and thin-like-snake type, and it seems there’s giant frog-like type too. [TL : Is this parody of Chrono cross?]


It seems that encountering them means that you’re extremely unlucky and won’t survive since the dragon itself very rarely show themselves to people,  because of that encountering them is truly unusual, the people who encounter them throughout history can be counted by your hand.


Its power is comparable to a Demon King which is rumored to be just four of them existing in this world, it’s an existence that is said to be closer to a God than to a living being.


In short, an eternal copper ranked adventurer like me who accidentally arrived in this place, it’s an opponent who can beat me without even lifting it’s finger.


Part 2



There’s no way I won’t be surprised when such an existence appears before me.


And, I have no reason to even think of fighting it head on.



So I tried to run away, moving my feet thinking that I’ll die if I don’t escape from it.






Or should I say as expected, the opponent was a monster.


It noticed that I tried to run away.


IT NOTICED ME.  [ED: Senpai noticed you!]



――My feet, won’t move.



Wrong, my entire body won’t move no matter how much I try to make it move.



“Why did such a thing happen?”, is what a common person should be thinking.


But, I recalled about this phenomenon.


There’s some study that the body will enter such a state when confronting an opponent whose abilities are far greater than yours.


Due to overpowering magical power, the freedom of the body is completely lost .


There was such a case though it’s an extremely rare case.



This is definitely that case.



I, who’s unable to stand against the dragons coercion, became completely unable to move my body.



By the time I realized that, I was already thinking from the bottom of my heart for the monster to ignore me, but I know that kind of thinking is futile.


What I could do at that time is just, wishing in my heart “please don’t eat me” to the monster before my eyes.



But, reality was cruel.



The dragon is opening its big mouth after confirming my position and just like that it was going towards me with such vigor.



――Ah, it seems that it’ll eat me.



I was thinking such an easy-going remark while facing the danger that was threatening my life.


Oh crap, though I’m thinking that I’m done for, whichever it is, it’s already too late for me, there’s nothing I can do.


Anyhow, moving is impossible



I’m already 25 years old, it’s been 10 years since I become an adventurer.



To surpass White Gold(Platinum) and even climb to the top rank Divine Silver(Mithril) is the reason why I continue to be an adventurer.



That’s the dream that I will never let go off, for that I kept training everyday after I have finished my job.



And yet, it seems I’ll be finished in this kind of place.


That was too fast huh.



Both the feeling of regret and feeling of being released are in my heart, thinking that this is my end–.



And then, I was swallowed by the Dragon..




Part 3



Shortly after that, strangely, I awoke….



Yes, I awoke.(・・・・)



I awakened despite the realization that I was surely dead after being eaten by a dragon.



And then, I noticed.



――Nonono, it must be wrong. Something like this is impossible right?



Was what I thought from the bottom of my heart after confirming my situation right after waking up.



What’s the impossible?


That’s the condition of my body.



I’m looking at my hands.



Thereupon, on that place, there is no flesh.


No skin too.


In that place is nothing but slender white skeleton.


Just that.



And then, it’s not just my hand, my entire body too.


My feet is bone without meat or skin.


Same for my thigh.


My upper arms too.


My face is……Though I don’t know the condition of my face, it’s most likely in the same condition.



in short, it seems that I, the low ranked adventurer of the copper rank, Lent Fayna has experienced class change from adventurer to Bone Man(Skeleton) before I realized.



――Impossible right?





Nevertheless, What do i do from now on..


That was what I should be thinking about first.



First of all, there’s no doubt that I was eaten by dragon but, it seems I’m lucky as I’m still alive this way.


No, can this be even called alive?


Speaking of Bone man(Skeleton), they’re one of the immortal type monster but, they’re already dead and being called as monster.


It might be the bishop of the church who said that it’s extremely easy to make them vanish with the purification type magic of temple-something-priest, they’re extremely weak monster.


According to the divine providence, there’s something like “Dead people isn’t something that should exist in this word” , for that reason let’s return this wicked monster Bone Man(Skeleton) by divine providence by exterminating them with purification magic.


It seems there’s a theory to exterminating them with purification magic after they remain in this world by opposing that providence.


Though I don’t know whether this is correct or not for I’m not a bishop nor a temple priest, for the time being, following that theory, the Bone Man(Skeleton) is a dead people, it seems that’s an important truth for me.



I’m dead.


It’s seems that I still exist in this world with this “dead” status.


Part 4






Though I’ve said that some times ago, I still exist in this world despite being dead, which means that I become the contradiction of the god providence.


If I go back to town in this condition, no matter how much I claimed myself as Lent Fayna, it seems the first thing will come is called, purification.


In that situation, my existence will completely vanish.


That’s absolutely a NO.


Though my current condition is basically “Boney Everywhere”, I’m, still alive.


Even if I’m a Bone Man(Skeleton), even if my existence is defined as dead, from my point of view, I’m alive.



That’s why I can’t return to the city just to be killed.



But, what should I do then.



That was the problem.


Should I continue to live in this place.


But, this place is a labyrinth.


It’s a place where the adventurers come to subjugate monsters, it might be the labyrinth of the frontier region but, there’s people who’s stronger than me entering this place.


If I’m loitering around, normally I’ll be exterminated.



What should i do…….



When I’m pondering about that, something come to mind.



The current me, is a monster.


Though monster have strange nature, there was a saying that the monster who are going through long years of experience will continue to evolve towards higher existence bit by bit.


Somehow I might be really a monster, though I’m not quite sure about that, at least from the other point of view, I’m truly similiar with the Bone Man(Skeleton)Monster.


In that case, won’t I be able to do that too?


The evolution of the existence.



I suddenly thought about that.



Though I read the study of the monster due to the nature of my job, within that I read that the Bone Man(Skeleton) is the description to an existence in which it will evolve to, a Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul).


Naturally, the Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul) also immortal type monster, though it’s classified as what is called “Undead Monster”, it’s appearance closer to human than the Bone Man(Skeleton).


It even has meat, well, if I hide my appearance with a robe and a mask, isn’t it possible to look human.


In that situation, I can even enter the city, and I might be able to explain various things to my acquaintances.



Though I know that I’m thinking such absurd things, but the current me has no choice but to do that.



Yosh, I’ve decided.



First, my aim is an evolved existence.



I will become a Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul) in this labyrinth.





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