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Cnine Here. Before you read what I wrote below let me tell you first that the cause of me writing this is due to the fact that I can’t just let alone the inhuman act done by a certain baldie. We might be netizen of virtual worlds but, let’s not forget that we’re a human with heart. Regards.

Let’s Mourn for a while for the unjustified slaughter which brought upon to my brothers and  sisters[Without even sparing childrens, babies, woman, old folks. basically a genocide] in Rohingnya by a certain baldie who received NOBELNOBLE prize for humanity, how NOBELNOBLE of him, otherwise the one who gave the NOBELNOBLE prize must be blind or sick in mind.

I’ll Dedicated the sponsored and reguler chapter of this week to you, my brothers and sisters so that the worlds will know what kind of injustice that NOBLE person brought upon you.

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(~’.’)~Chapter 5 [I Shall Return]~(‘.’~)

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