[New Translator] BlackDay

Hello, everyone! I’m a new translator for Chinese novels! I’ve previously worked with Chinese manhua (comic) at Angelic Scanlations. Feel free to check them out at angelicscans.net

My manhua projects (not novel!) are I Shall Seal the Heavens (official comic version), Eden/Edens Game, Holy Lord (Sheng Wang), and Apotheosis. You can find them all at the Angelic site!

I’ll be throwing around some projects, and see what people like and don’t like. Although I’m experienced in translating, I have to learn the ropes of the novel industry first.


Here’s my first ever novel translation on N&C. I’ll be judging by comments, so please feel free to criticize my translation or the novel itself. And I mean really criticize. Rip me a good one.



Sponsor me so I can keep paying for my manhua chapter raws!



Best Regards!


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