New Series: The Taming of the Yandere

Hello again,

I’ve decided to put “The Man on the Island” on hold. Nobody seems to like it, or read it that much. Unless it comes to demand in the future, I will focus on this new series I found,

called “某病娇少女的治疗计划”, or as I’ve named it, “The Taming of the Yandere”.

Here is Chapter 1. Hope you like it!

And remember: Please, please, please comment. Feedback is extremely important for a translator who’s new to a site.


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Thanks a lot!



  1. Yes! Thanks for picking up a yandere project : D. I look forward to all your future releases. Do you have a release schedule in place yet?


      But anyway, I will translate this and upload whenever I have time. I don’t like to keep all my releases at once and flood them out in the weekend. So about two chapters a week?

      1. Oooh I see. Thank you! Thank goodness it isn’t just 1 chapter a week… that would be devastating haha

  2. Thanks for picking new yandere novel. And I gotta say chinese ppl know how to write good yandere.

  3. Thanks for the chap 🙂 keep the yanderes coming!

  4. mhm u didn’t do the one i picked 😦 but good job!

  5. I’m always open for yanderes, so keep the yandere chapters coming?

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