Max Level Newbie

Alternative Name: 만렙 뉴비
Original Author:  Lee Deung Byeul (이등별)
Category: Fantasy, Fusion
Tags: None
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 73 Chapters/Ongoing Translation
Schedule: Random
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Light Novel Bastion
Source: Munpia


A world where all the top level masters of all the dimensions have gathered.
3 out of 5 are the number 1 in their world, if you’re bored what you see is a person that was number 1 in past and present. A crazy world where just an ordinary goblin walking by is over level 90.
The place called Asgard, also known as ChonWeChon.
This place which is full of monsters is where Vulcan’s new journey starts.

Synopsis by FudgeNouget:

People of Murim have practiced martial arts their whole life to attain the greatest strength. People of Powell have practiced magic and its theory to become the strongest in their world. Players… have a “cheat” system that tells them how to get stronger. What if these people all came together? Players are generally frowned upon in Asgard, the so called Heaven Beyond Heaven, where the ultimate experts gather from all worlds. The MC is a player himself, but one whose insights won’t lose out to people practicing magic or martial arts.

Prologue – Chapter 25 at Light Novel Bastion

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