KTMHK Chapter 6




「Catch him!!」


Almosso ordered the soldiers that were surprised. The three soldiers that came back to their selves attacked me at once.

I grabbed the spear’s tip, and snapped it like a twig.

I punched everyone seriously. With a normal punch.

The soldiers flew, smashing the walls they fainted.


「What!ーーAnyone! Is there anyone there!!」


Almosso shouted towards outside.

His voice sounded very desperate.

*DoTaDoTaDoTa*, violent footsteps approache, three people came.


「That guy is an invaーーNo, an assassin. Kill him right now!!」



The soldiers followed the order, and attacking as well.

This time, they were only following the orders, so pulled my hand punching, making them only faint.

After that, there were 2-3 times that reinforcements came, but I defeated them all.


「Well them. There’s no one left huh. It’s your turn now」

「Khu!ーーtake this!!」


Almosso took out something like a wand, and thrusts it towards me.

In an instance, a flame was thrown, and wrapped my body.

It’s hot.

It’s hot, but not that hot that’s it’s not endurable.

The flame disappeared fast. Most of my clothes were burnt, but nothing happened to my body(my hair also).


「What!ーーM-Magic had no effect?!」

「Is tolerance to fire also 777 times? Well, that doesn’t matter right now」


I glared at Almosso.

Stepped towards him, threw his side face a punch.

He bends, bounces the floor, and didn’t come up.

He was breathing, so it seems like he only fainted.


「Now then, what should I do」


I thought a little, and looked around.

I saw one soldier that was waking up. He raised his body, and tried to back away, while he sat on the floor.


「Hey, you」

「Hi!! D-Don’t kill me!」

「……If you listen to me now, I’d be kind not killing you」


It troublesome to clear the misunderstanding up, so I just went with that.

After the fight inside the room, from the scattered things I took a pen, and threw it to the soldier.


「Write what I am going to say now」

「W-What……and where……」

「Wait a minute」


I took the ropes that were going to be used to restrain me(the handcuffs were destroyed and cannot be used any longer), and tied up Almosso.

And then I tore his clothes off, and showed his upper-top of his body.


「Write it here. “I’m the culprit for the copper coin shortage. I melted copper coins and sold copper material”」

「Eh?! T-That is」

「Shut up and writeーーDo you want to be killed!」


After I had threatened him, the soldier did what I told, on Almosso’s upper-body, he wrote the letters as I’ve told him to.

After tying Almosso up, I attacked the enemies hang-outs while carrying him.

There were five bad guys. At first, they didn’t know what was happening, but as soon as they saw that I was carrying Almosso, understanding the situation, and they took their weapons and attacked.

I defeated all of them also.

Defeat them, and tied them together.

Pulling Almosso and the five bad guys, I came to the plaza at the center of the town.

There, I crucified them.

For the finish, I took the pen that I brought with me, and tried to write Princess Helen’s crest, but.


「Ahh! It’s too complex!」


The crest that seemed to have history was difficult, I couldn’t write it at once, so I erased it , and wrote “777” instead.

The onlookers were gathering in the meantime.


「I’m the culprit for the copper coin shortage……? The copper?!」

「No way, is it really Almosso-sama?」

「No, if it were him he’d do it! When Almosso was assigned the fees for re-casting had been raised too much. He an extreme money-grubber you know」

「But, melting money, it’s a felony that is only punished by death penalty right」

「Men like him doesn’t think about consequences, all they have in their heads is how to get profit」


*GayaGaya*, the onlookers was disputing clamorous.

People gradually gathers, making the commotion larger.

When focused my ears and tried to hear what they’re talking about, it seemed they were discontent from the start, and “If it’s him he’ll do it”,”I thought he’d do that someday” , those who are saying that got louder.


「I know that guy! He’s the guy who exchanges silver coins to copper coins」

「I exchanged with the man right here. While I was going to the re-casting. Because the fees were cheaper I exchanged with him, but……」


I also heard such voices.


They overlap, and Almosso’s crime became something that was confirmed.



The next day, I was called to the public office.

In there waiting, was a woman who wears a very expensive looking armor, more expensive than most of a knight’s.

Other than that woman there were also a few knights, and one of them spoke.


「You are in the presence of Her Highness Iris Teresia Mercouri!, Your head is highーー」

「It’s fine」


Iris reaches her hand, and stopped the knight.




「It is off no use brandishing dignity in such place. Rather than that I want to hear the story」

「Uhmm……Can I ask one thing. Are you Princess Helen’s……?」

「I am her younger sister Iris」

「As I’ve thought!」


I thought so.

Her name was almost the same, and they looked very similar.

Princess Helen was in grace, and this one is dignified and noble.

Almost the opposite two, but her forehead and mouth, in a glance you would know that they looked alike.


「You are?」

「Uhm, I’m Yuuki Kakeru」

「Kakeru huh. There are some things I want to hear from you. First of all, that」


Princess Iris pointed around my waist. There was the fan that Princess Helena gave me.


「Ah, right. I got it from Princess Helen」


I took it, and showed it to Princess Iris.

Iris took it, and looked at it intently.


「It is certainly Aneue’s belonging, and even given by Aneue」

「Eh? You can tell those things?」

「The Royal Family’s crest has a special magic that is used to maintain it even from far away.  If it were stolen it would disappear in a half day’s time」

「I see, there was such a thing」

「I apologize, there was a possibility that you are a fake, so I wanted to ask this first」

「……Uhm, actually about that, it is a little different」



Princess Iris made wrinkles in her eyebrows. I explained everything.

That I saved Princess Helen, and was given the fan.

Being at the scene of the crime by chance, and wanting to do something about it so I told that I was Princess Helen’s subordinate.

I told everything.


「I see, it was like that huh. With this one mystery was solved again. I was wondering why Aneue who was in the military affairs for a long time had intervened about the money problem」

「I am sorry」


I apologized anyways.


「It’s good, it’s a trifle thing before something of importance. And also, Fufu」


Iris laughed.

She had a difficult face since I met her, but she smiled for the first time.

Her smile was so beautiful, I was almost mesmerized.


「It is true that it was without permission, but it was not of self-interest. It was a result that indirectly proved Aneue’s eyes」

「Ah, un」

「However, Haa……」

「Is something wrong?」

「No, it is just that, it was something that has been occurring recently, melting the coin and selling them as raw materials, fellows that are trying to get a profit from that kept appearing.  As soon as they are found they are penalized, but it has no end」

「Aren’t you doing other ways?」

「Of course we are. Like lowering the ratio of copper in the coins. But if we do that it would be doubted that national power fell, it is something about the country’s prestige」

「I see. It’s difficult huh」


Somehow, it looks like it’s a very difficult problem.

It’s not a problem I can solve even with 777 times of power.


(If I find them again I guess I’ll crush them huh)


If not, I returned the fan to my pocket.

In an instance, a light ran through my head.



「Princess Iris」


「Maybe……I know a way that can solve the problem」

「Hou, let me hear it」


Princess Iris doesn’t expect much, it was written all over her face “There is no way that something like that exists”.

If it goes well, that face will change to happy one.

I expected that, and talked about the idea that flashed.








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