ILBP Chapter 41

Sorry for the delay, I was sick and even I had exams(I still have some to do) but I hope to return to normal next week. Here it is the chapter 41 and I will try to do the 42 in the weekend. I’m really sorry.

Translated by: BionicArk

Edited by: Rango

Chapter 41


  1. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    囧 。? THANKS ? 。囧
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    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Are you still Translating this or did you get reincarnated as a OP hero in another world?

  3. thanks for the chapter,are you still sick and have exam ? i just want to know when you will translate this again.

  4. Too bad that the translator disappeared, it was fun reading this.

    It’s obviously not ground breaking, but the parasite thing is different enough from the usual slave harem to make it stand out a bit from the genre.

  5. Was this dropped? I was enjoying this. The parasite ability was a new angle and pretty interesting. I was hoping that it would start up again and that maybe the translator was just on hiatus for finals and winter break

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