ILBP Chapter 68

Chapter 68 [Jungle Traveler’s Journal]


TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1



We keep advancing forward in high spirit.

There was an accident where Ruu nose hit a flower, afterward, she’s striding over the roots, avoiding the ivies, and keep advancing while peeling off leech.


「By the way, are we looking for sacred tree? As I thought」


Ruu is asking while avoiding the locust which jumped to her calf. I answered while picking nuts to eat it.


「It seems the call it blood tree. It have red bark and it seems the tree and shrub will shed blood when it got a wound. It’s an extremely precious material for a wand」

「Fuhn. Even if you say it’s shedding blood, is it really a tree?  Is it not a monster that mimicking tree? 」

「Well, in fact, it might be red colored sap and not blood. Maybe we won’t be able to found it unless we walk till deep into the forest」


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