ILBP Chapter 5

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 ­ Here it is the Adventurers Guild?

It was morning when I woke up.
I was really tired, seriously.
As I was sitting on the bed, I checked my status, and then I tried using the space bag. At that moment I realized that what happened it wasn’t a dream. I heard the sound of a knock.

「Coming, coming」

I get off of the bed and I opened the door, and there it was the figure of a girl.

「Ex-excuse me, I made you wake up? I-I’m sorry.」

A girl in braids with folded hands in front her chest was standing there, nervously. Her voice is also tense.

「No, I’m okay. I was awake from before. What happened?」

I answered dazedly while forcing a smile, and then I recalled. That this girl is the daughter of the owner of this inn and that her name was Marie. And even though she looks like she was a child from some elementary school, this girl who looks really timid was the one which greeted me at the counter

「It’s almost time for breakfast. I didn’t want to bother you calling so early in the morning, but, you didn’t come down for dinner yesterday, so I thought you might be hungry」
「Aah… That’s right」

Yesterday I fell asleep without having dinner.
I didn’t worry so much because I saw many guest going out without eating their dinner, but she came here just because she was worried.

「Thanks, Marie-chan. I’m really hungry, I’ll go down to eat in a moment」
「Thank you very much! Father, Eiji said that he will eat」

As the expression of Marie becomes bright, she quickly descends, heading towards the innkeeper whom it should be preparing the food.
I paid the lodging with meals included with the intention of eating here, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m going to eat.

The breakfast was bread and a soup similar to a stew and also some fruits. Having a somewhat large and warm soup with vegetables makes me happy.
The bread was a bit hard but like Marie said, to eat it with the stew was a good idea, it had become a exquisite food with the softness and its piercing flavor. When I bit the sausage that was inside of the soup, it was filled with meat juice, a concentration of flavor, I thought it was a good point.

And because I slept without eating anything, I finished eating everything in a blink of an eye.

「Oops, there’s something I must do before. Ah, Marie-chan, there is something I want to ask you, it’s okay if I do that?」

After finishing eating my breakfast, I stopped Marie when she was about to clean the table.

「Yes, what do you want to ask me?」
「I was thinking if you know where the adventurer guild is?」

Yesterday, when I was aimless wandering and gathering information, It turns out that by chance I heard about the existence of the adventurers guild. It seems that many of the people who went to the labyrinth are affiliated with the guild.
There is a variety of requests, and you can also earn some money, and because I thought that it’s likely there wouldn’t be something more sweet than that for me, I thought about going today.

「Yes, I went many times to that place. It’s more, adventurers who are registered in the adventurer’s guild are staying in this inn. You can leave it to me」

It’s because I’m relying in her that she answered in a vigorus way? I asked Marie the way and after I said 「The breakfast was delicious, thanks」we separated. I head towards the adventurers guild.

I lost my way.

I’m sure I’m going in the direction that Marie told me. But I don’t see anywhere the shadow or the figure of the adventurers guild.
And I though I didn’t have a bad sense of direction. While walking in doubt I passed through a theatre, a plaza, a magic tools shop, a workshop, many types of different buildings.
This is a quite splendid town, it seems that I’m not going to have any inconvenience living here. It’s really good that I have found this type of town.

…Returning to the main issue, this is not the time to be rejoicing in this way.
Where it is, where is the adventurers guild.

After roaming around for awhile, there was no sign that I would find it.
I gave up, and I decided to ask someone the way.

I found someone that seemed to belong to the adventurers guild, and when I raised my voice towards the girl which was holding a sword, surely that person was registered in the adventurers guild and gladly answered me.

「The adventurers guild? That is, in the completely opposite side」
「You said the opposite, I have to go backwards?」

I stupidly said that after hearing such unexpected words. The adventurer nods laughing.

「There isn’t another way to say it, right? The adventurers guild is――」

She explained to me, but it was as she had said, in the complete opposite direction.
The east and the west were reversed completely. But I’m sure that I went for the way that I was told, it can be that Marie-chan has no sense of direction?

Well, now that I understood how to go, let’s go forward.
I said thanks and when I was about to continue, somebody called me to stop.

「I will guide you, so you don’t lose your way」
「Eh? No, you don’t have to do th-」
「You don’t have to be worried! I also have business there, and also as a senpai from the adventurers guild I need to be kind towards the rookies」

The adventurer hits my back, while speaking cheerfully.
Well, if you say that to that extent then I will have to accept your help. Also, I don’t like being lost.
I thank her, and then I walk together with that female adventurer upto the adventurers guild.

The name of the adventurer was Veil.
She has a silvery short hair, is bright and seems to have a cheerful face, her eyes and mouth are big, In short, she has a easy going personality. Actually, when she heard that I just came to this town, even though I didn’t ask her to do it, she acted as a tour guide and introduced me various places.
That eating place is cheap and delicious, that shop of there is expensive and has a poor quality facilities so it’s better to not buy anything there, she is very helpful but she also seems to be a meddlesome character.

Under the mantle she is wearing, she is dressed with a short pants and a shirt; a light equipment. A swordsman or a thief, it’s likely she is one of those two types. She gives the feeling of being skilled, and also of being an adventurer for many years.
While I was immersed in my thoughts, Veil started to talk, her body seems like it’s getting fuzzier as she walks.

「That reminds me, Eiji wants to register as an adventurer, right?」
「Yes, that’s right. I’m thinking of being here for the moment, so I want to try various things」
「What’s your occupation?」
「Eh? I’m trying to be an adventurer」
「No, no, an adventurer is an adventurer but, I’m asking you what you do other than that. I have a special occupation, but there are many who have second job」
「That’s different from a class, right?」
「Of course. A class is a class, and a job is another thing. Maybe it’s a nuisance to you that I’m asking you these things, but a class is something that determines a person’s talent. For example―― The job of the owner of that store is of course, managing his own magic tool shop, but his class is magician. There are many who makes a living using their class or jobs, but nobody is equal」

I understood, a class is like your aptitude.
Having one helps, but that to be useful to a job it’s different. It’s like an excuse to say that it’s different to your talent.

「Even if you say that you are an adventurer, it’s like a part time job. Maybe you have confidence in your strength and you use it for a side job, like a student earning pocket money. It’s in general like a freelance job, so there are many different types of people. I’m one of of them too, I used to be a blacksmith, but even so I always went to look for materials on my own, and at the same time I accepted requests from the adventurers guild to earn a bit more of money, At that time I thought that maybe I was fit to be an adventurer, and now I’m a full-fledged one. Eiji, what are you doing? Or you are in the middle of something?」
「Eh, I, I’m… Before I was, well, a neet, yes. I’m sorry」
「A neet? I had never heard about such a job. What do you do in that job? Or it’s a peculiar job of your hometown?」
「Eh? What you do in that job… is…」

It is hard to say it
Even I don’t want to explain what it’s a neet.
It’s bad in the eyes of the society, I don’t want to say it.

So I thought, I don’t have to say it if I don’t want, it’s more, even if I say it, the people of this world would not understand.
I have predicted that she wouldn’t know, but it useless for the me who can’t hold a conversation. For several years I didn’t belonged to any community and I almost had no discussions with others. Even if I had become bad in having conversations, it’s not my fault.

It’s not my fault that I’m angry with her for making me remember such things, but let’s explain to her anyways.
When I was immersed in my thoughts

「Ah, it’s alright, you don’t have to say it if you don’t want。 I’m not trying to force you to tell me if you don’t want. But you know, there are many different types of people in the adventurers guild. Because anybody can do it as long as they have the ability. It’s enough if you have motivation」

Fuu, I’m saved.
However, I don’t think it’s good idea to make the people think that it’s something I can’t say. Perhaps this is the cross that a neet has to bear? This is a painful world.

「Here it is, we have arrived」
「Hm? Oh, here it is」

After walking a little, in front of us a large building appeared.
Even though the dirty and broken outer wall sticks out, what its more outstanding is the atmosphere, it’s like it were the nest of ruffians.
After I made up my mind I entered.

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  1. Not sure what kind of NEET the MC is but he know some RPG terms like skills and levels.
    He reads mangas and novels then I don’t see why he acts like a total “noob” on the otherworlder subject.

  2. What was the point of asking about his job if she says he doesn’t have to answer and she doesn’t want to force him. What a stupid and pointless exchange.

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