ILBP Chapter 45


Chapter 45 [The Way Back is……..]


TL : Cnine


Part 1

We complete the task after finding the coffin.

Next is just return ba――ck.


“It seems, we have no choice but to go through that place again right”


That’s right, that monsters is in the passage

We want to go back but we can’t.

Ally is staring at me with the look as if depending on me.

She’s saying with her eyes that she didn’t want to goes back today.

Her nuance is not completely wrong though.


Well, what should I do then.


After thinking for a while, I nodded back at Ally.

I have an idea. I know that this is the best idea.


“Ally, there’s spirit in the ghost”


“I wonder why it turn like that?”


“It’s spirit you know. Ally didn’t want to see the dolls again right”


“Yes. It’s embarrassing story but……”


“If it’s the case, I want you to use loud spirit magic while closing your eyes. Even if the ghost kicking around, it’ll be okay if you shut your ears with sound magic. If you didn’t notice them, they’re not scary. Because they’re not exist”


Though it might be scary even if I say that I don’t know at all but, it seems that there’s similar measure by continuously looking at one’s own feet when one’s feel unpleasant in the haunted house.

The weak people just passing by and pretending that they’re not noticing it. I call this, worldly wisdom.


Ally expression is, as if taking aback.


“That’s right, in that case―― But, I won’t walk on the front”


“I’ll pull you. You won’t lost on your way if you hold my hand”


“Eiji-sama? Is that okay? I mean, Eiji-sama’s walking on the front”


“It’s okay it’s okay, for one or two ghost”


Though I’m not really okay, the parasite called Ally who wasting due to her ashamed story is out of gas.


Moreover, if it’s spirit, it giving the air of an existance higher than the ghost, so the ghost might be vanished.


“Let’s go, the unpleasant thing is stopped moving due to hesitation if we stopped on our place”


“……Yes. Thank you very much”


Ally is closed her eyes as she takes my hand.


And then I open the door and leaving to the passage.


That guy didn’t come yet.

I’m walking forward and giving a signal to Ally when I see them in front.

The gnome summoned by Ally is rapidly advancing forward in the form of earth ball.

It made a loud sound as it colliding with walls, clout of sand’s fluttering around.


It’s limiting the sense of hearing and the sense of sight.


Thanks to that, they’re hardly notice the ghost.

Part 2


「Walk a little faster, Ally」


Ally’s grasping my arm while sticking to my body.

She won’t attack me if we’re separated and she’s scared right.


We’re walking at quick pace.


Though I have this feeling that I see a shadow of something fluttering, it’s vanished just right before I confirmed it.

Though I feel that I hear something moaning, I couldn’t get it as it’s erased by the grinding sound between the stone.

Now, the greatest fear of seeing it is scarier that can’t see it.


It seems my idea’s perfectly executed.

We could easily arrived at the exit gate.

Yosh, just a bit mo――Re.


As if a last barrier, the dolls are looking at me on the ground.

It’ll shed bloody tears at any moment, it’s hair will grow, and then laughing loud and sound.


「I won’t stop, I WON’T STOOOP」


I won’t be able to move if I stop my leg even once.

I’m averting my eyes and taking some distance as if trying to slip along the wall and then escaping to the side.


The dolls was unexpectedly didn’t do any kind of movement or action.

We’re arriving at the exit gate while I’m still surprised.

I’m opening the gate and give a sign to Ally to open her eyes.


The setting sun is shining down below to the passage.

The wind is blowing through.

I inhaling the fresh air to the brim which is free of moldy smell of underground passage.


「Ahaha, it’s a miracle that we’re returning alive」

「Thank you very much, Eiji-sama. I won’t returning alive if I goes alone」

「You’re exaggerating」

「I’m not exaggerating. I mean, if it’s me alone, I won’t be able to move from that room」


Ally’s locked her hand tightly on my arms as she smiling with teary eyes.

Maybe because she held her fear a bit huh.


「As I thought, Eiji-sama is kind right」

「Nope, I don’t think that I’m especially kind you know」

「Nope. Even though it’s just my own opinion, please consider my feeling. Even before, you’re walking toward the death without looking back when I’m in danger. In addition, you gained the trust of Mimi-sama and George-sama when we was going to Snori, it’s surely because of your firm personality. There’s no way that a mistake」

「As expected, maybe I shouldn’t raise it too much」

「If you think so, that’s just natural for Eiji-sama to do that if you think that we’re precious person to you right. It’s even more wonderful」


Ally said that while staring intently at my face.

As if insisting that she’s being serious with her words.


Or should I say that this is the result of that time, I’m not thinking it too deeply though.

Though it seems that she won’t listen to my words at all.


「If you think so, then Ally is right. I mean there’s a saying that how to looking at human is just like looking at mirror. Even so, thank you. I’ll gladly receiving your praise. Well, let’s leave this place for good and goes back to Snori」


Part 3


And then, we’re starting to goes back but, Ally didn’t let go of my hand till we’re reaching the village, though she no longer locking on my arms, she keep holding my hand.

Look there, it seems she still considerably scared though we already left the ruin. When I’m thinking of such things while looking at her face from the side, Ally’s turning her face to me with relaxed and happy face.


Somehow there’s no fear left on her face. As I thought, what happen in Ally head is difficult for me to understand.


「Nevertheless, this is the first time I’m scared after coming to Laurel. Snori village is awesome right」


Returning from the ruin, Ally is muttering while chewing her gums as we descending from the bald mountain toward Snori village.

I nodding while looking at the mountain that became red after being illuminated by sunset.


「Really, what the heck was that. Though I’m okay with monster, that sort of think is come at the end」

「It’s really different. I’m okay as long as that is something like vampire or ogre」


Though even I feel that it’s strange when I think it carefully, a monster appearing is actually better.

I can say that human phsycology is strange.


「Come to think of it, I just said it after I come to Laurel but, where was Ally before that? Where are you come from? 」

「I’m originally from Neman. Do you know about it? 」


This is the first time I heard about it.

So I shake my head.


「Neman is a city located in the eastern part of Rain kingdom. It’s size is a little bigger than Lorel. There’s various yield of mineral in that area. Though My mother is the little sister of Kohl Eunus whose origin is Lorel, dear uncle――Married her to that Duo house of Neman Laurel and Neman, each respectively in eastern and northern part of Rain kingdom, it’s not to the level to calling it far away but, since it’s not that close either, I rarely coming」


Neman city of Rain kingdom huh.

Naturally, Snori also part of Rain kingdom. I see, maybe I might go soon to a place other than Snori or Laurel.

Even so, it look like quite painful to come till that place with that carriage.

I’m quite satisfied with my desire for journey with the current distance, so I’ll stay in Laurel till I’ve enough of it.


「Then, you’re usually in Neman city」


「That’s right. Most of the time but, there’s also a lot of time when I’m going to another city as adventurer. Except in Laurel」

「He~. So you’re allowed to do as you pleases」


「At first, they’re so fussy about it but, they giving up lately. For the time being, it seems the reason to gain even more power when something was happening to the city or country is accepted as a reason. Though they’re aware of my real intention」


Ally is saying that with a bit serious tone while laughing with impish face while.

Part 4


「But, if there really was something, I won’t make a lie and return immediately to Neman and Rain to protect it. Of course, Laurel too. ……By the way, how about you Eiji-sama? 」


「EH? What do you say? 」

「Is Eiji-sama someone of this vicinity」

「Nope, I’m different, it’s better to say that I’m not from this vicinity, my origin is different」

「Is that so. Which direction are you come from?」



I’m troubled in how to tell her.

Maybe Ally is really curious, or she might be asking as a basic of courtesy but, that’s wrong, as I thought the color of curiousity appearing in her eyes.

At any rate, this troubled me. What should I say to her.

Should I say something that didn’t seems as the truth………..


Ah, that’s right, didn’t Ruu has said it just right to lure her.


「Uhm, I come from a place called Jaza」

「Jaza? ……My apologize, I couldn’t tell anymore due to limited information. Though I think that it’s a far distant place」

「Yes, that’s plenty. How shouldI say, far distant. It’s a bustling and lively place with many big building」

「Hee, going from far distant place till this place, you must be a pre born traveller」


If I must say, it’s the exact opposite though.

But, she somehow deceived. Because the human of this world never thin as far as the existance of something like another world, so it’s just natural.

Here is Holm, over there is Jaza. The goddess Ruu have said that I was allowed to use the name of my former world when summoned by Ruu.


When you telling a lie, it’ll lost it’s consistency afterward if you being careless and forgetting what lie you tell.

That’s why, when deceiving, it’s not a lie but, it’s also better if you’re not telling something you poor at.

That’s why the name Jaza is just right.

Maybe there’ll be a bit uncomfortable feeling remained since I’m using the name of the goddess of this world.


We’re arrived safely until Snori village while talking about such things.

Since the sky has become completely dark at that moment, we decided to report tomorrow and rest for the day.

We already have the best proof.


They’re going to the inn and parting toward each other room.

「Just like Eiji-sama, I’ll also overcome the ghost with courage. Good night」, thus Ally was returning to her own room after saying that.


I also returned to my room and dived on the bed.

Ha~……My heart finally at ease.

When I think slowly, I immediately attacked by drowsiness and closed my eyes.


Kon, Kon.

Kon, Kon.


I jumped out from the bed.

I suddenly heard a sound in the middle of night.


「What the………………. WHo’s knocking the door at this time」


After being surprised, I opened the door while mumbling my usual line.

On that place was the form of Ally in her sleep wear.


「What’s matter, Ally」


When I asked that, her lips slightly opened while averting her face from me as if being embarassed.


「Uhm…………. Will you kindly to escort me………………….. To the toilet」


The conquest is far.



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