ILBP Chapter 20

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 ­ It’s difficult to give a fresh impression of speaking 

「Unlike the rumors, that sword is sharp」

After I defeat the monsters in the labyrinth, Ally says that to me when I’m catching my breath.

I answered to her while I put the sliver black sword in its scabbard.

「Fortunately, I was able to obtain a brand new weapon」

When I turn my waist to Ally’s direction, Ally brings her hands together in front of his chest, and makes a expression as if she had understood.

The next thing she does is approaching the corpses of the imps.

「It’s possible to take out some raw materials of this monster?」

「Yes. It’s because they have magic accumulated on their horn, that their horn is worth. But it’s seems that other parts of them are not worth it」

「Really? This winding horn?」

Ally takes out a robust knife from what it’s seems to be her luggage bag from her waist, and skillfully cut the horns. When I was also cutting the horns of the imps, I saw Ally putting the horns on her space bag.

So Ally also has one, then as I didn’t need to hide it any more, I also put the horns in my space bag.

It seems that she is carrying the knife in her hand to use it in any time possible. Without putting the sword in the bag, I placed it on my waist.

At once, the collection of the imp’s horns has finished.

「I have finished. Then, let’s continue to advance, Ally-san」

「Eiji-sama, in this place it’s okay even if you don’t speak like that」

「What do yo mean?」

I turned around the foot with which I was walking and then I headed towards Ally. Ally was pointing toward the ceiling with her knife and the imp’s horn.

「We are adventurers. It’s fine even if you talk like adventurers and not respectfully. What I mean is that you can speak to me as normally you do」

Ah, I understand. That’s what you mean.

Somewhat I understood that Ally likes being an adventurer, so she is one of those who would fuss over such things.

I don’t have any special reason to refuse, it’s more, it will be easier and it also will better if we have a smooth communication between us.

「I get it. I like this way much better. Then, let’s talk this way from now on, is that right? Ally」

「Yes. I also like this way. Thank you, Eiji-sama」

Ally raised the corners of his mouth as if she were truly satisfied, and then she put away the knife and the horn.

…Eh, there isn’t something strange going on here?

「Um, Ally. I think you didn’t change the way you speak. It wasn’t the idea to not speak respectfully?」

「Yes. That’s why, like you speak usually. I’m always talking like this, so I’m more comfortable in this way」

Indeed, it doesn’t matter what position the other party has, she will always talk respectfully for the eternity.  

So that’s the way that she is more comfortably to speak?

「Ah, but if Eiji-sama feels bad that I don’t accompany you in the way you speak, I can also do it. Even though I’m not accustomed, I remember how to talk thanks to all my experience as an adventurer!」

Ally was laughing with a refreshing smile, while doing a thumbs up.

Something looks off, Ally-san!

「No, it suits better the way that you are always talking, yes」

「Is that right? Though I have a great confidence… But, yes, I’m more comfortably the way I’m always speaking. In that case, again, please treat me well, Eiji-sama」

「Yes, Ally, me too. Then, let’s advance forward」

We were advancing further in the Paienne Labyrinth.

At first, monsters didn’t came out often, but at the same we go even more deeper, their numbers increased. We had encounters with monsters other than Imps, like Laurel Wolves, Ghosts Moles, etc.

But we haven’t encountered a truly powerful monster. We advance as I test the feeling of using the new equipment.

It has a pleasant feeling but then I realized that I haven’t seen how Ally fights.

Judging from her level, she has to be really powerful.

I’ve tested enough my new equipment with the monsters, now I want to see Ally’s strength. Even in the parasitic meaning, I want Ally to defeat monsters.

It happened at that moment when I was thinking like that as we were advancing.

The sounds of footsteps had unexpectedly reached my ears.

A monster?

ーーNo, it’s different. They sounds like footsteps, a human?

When I was half way of grabbing the sword by the hilt, from a corner forward, one, two, three shadows of a person.

They have a dagger and staff, and same as us, they are adventurers exploring the labyrinth.

But there was something different from us, and that was that they were considerably injured and worn out.

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      *The next thing she does is approaching the corpses of the imps.
      –The next thing she does, is to approach the corpses.

      * Yes. It’s because they have magic accumulated on their horn, that their horn is worth.
      –Yes. It is because they have magic accumulated in their horn, is why their horn is worth anything.

      * Really? This winding horn?
      — what?

      * Um, Ally. I think you didn’t change the way you speak.
      — Um, Ally. I think you haven’t changed the way you speak.

      etc, etc.
      With all the support this series is getting, I doubt you can’t get someone to edit these chapters. Put up a wanted-ad or something.

      1. Oh, derp, and of course:
        1. Ally brings her hands together in front of his chest…
        2. Ally raised the corners of his mouth as if she were truly satisfied.

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