ILBP Chapter 11

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 ­ Rookie’s Expectation

After the Laurel Wolf’s fangs were cut as a proof, we returned to guild in Laurel. When I showed the fangs to the receptionist, Wendy inclined her head in doubt.

「By the way, there is a large and strange fang mixed, and it seems to be overflowing with a blue color, just like a jewel. This can’t be a Laurel Wolf, right?」
「That’s right, this is the Cocytus Wolf. It seems that this was the boss of the Laurel Wolves」
「Cocytus… Eeeeh, Cocytus~!?」

Wendy was staring in amazement.
And at the same time, the place was filled with commotion.

「Th-There was something like that!? Injuries? Both of you are alright?」
「Everything is alright. The reason why I’m yet alive is because I never crossed it. Eiji was the one who defeated and by his own」

The gaze of Wendy and everyone inside the adventurers guild was directed towards me.
For some reason, for the time being, I nodded loosely,

「A-Amazing. You just have registered in the guild but you already were so skillful. Please, say it. You didn’t take into account the feelings of this onee-san and you made me explain it all to you~」
「No, you don’t have to worry. Actually, I didn’t know anything about the guild, I didn’t know many things. Leaving that aside, please, make it fast, mark as completed the request」
「Ah, that’s right. I had forgotten about that. Well, I will do it now」

After Wendy finished writing in the documents, she tells me to pull out the guild card, then she uses a magic tool on it. She must be recording the request with that.
Then, she pulls out the agreed reward and passes to me with hesitation.

「Umm, I’m sorry, this is the only reward of the request. Sorry, even though you have defeated the Cocytus wolf」
「No, you don’t have to be worried at all! I’m happier from the fact you were worried about me rather than for a Laurel Wolf, I’m really grateful for even getting this」

When I answer in that way, Wendy bends backward her body in surprise.

「That you can say that kind of things! I’m the one who is very grateful. Let me tell you this in exchange, that Cocytus Wolf’s jewel fangs are infused with a strong magic, so I believe they will become a great sum of money. Um, ah, from now on, I’ll introduce you good requests as much as possible!」

I thank her, and after I have received the reward, I went away from the counter.
After that, I forced Veil to accept the reward after I divided it into two, and in addition, I took every material usable from the monsters and I exchanged them for money and that was also divided in half. It’s only that the jewel that is attached to the fang, as a proof that of my victory against it, Veil made me accept it stubbornly, I didn’t have other choice but to give up and accept it.

After everything ended, I returned to the inn.
Marie-chan greets me like always, saying “Welcome home” and to hear that makes me feel very relieved. When I put my hand on her head and say to her “You are always working so hard”, she stiffens and her face turns red.

When I return to my room, without counting money, I dive into my bed.

「Sighー, so tired. Somehow I more tired than when I was fighting」

Seriously, I’m not accustomed to being bathed in so many gazes and being told so much stuff.
If I want to live more peacefully and relaxed, then I need to defeat stronger monsters without attracting attention.

「But, I was able to complete the request, and I think I’m quite, no, I know that I can fight considerably well because I did much better than what you would expect for that kind of request. Now the range of my actions will extend considerably」

However, comparing the growth of all the classes, It has not changed at all that my parasite class continues being the strongest.
But if I want to obtain stuff and money, I don’t have other choice but to accept requests, however, it’s good that now I know that I can complete them quite easily.

【Parasite 19→20】

Oh, the level has risen. It was because the experience that I have received from the Cocytus Wolf was a huge amount?

【Skill Parasite・Gold has been acquired】

Moreover, a new skill.
…But, the name of this skill, it can be that.

I used the appraisal lens to see the details of the skill.
Although the lens broke down easily, but, I no longer cared more about that.

You can obtain money that the parasitized person has obtained.

And the need to obtain money through request has disappeared!

If you are asking me about how I can earn money with this skill, I was able to understand it the next morning.
When I woke up the next morning, I found money piled up beside my bed.
At first I thought about what happened, but then I recalled that it was because the skill.
I was able to get the money that they had earned during the whole day of yesterday, from the people that I had parasitized.
If I want to say it more accurately, with the Parasite x3 power, I can earn three times what the parasitized person is earning.

I can roughly estimate that I will earn nine times the income with three people parasitized, and I’ll keep earning it while I sleep.
Now I don’t have any need to continue accepting request, yes.
Now, I can spend all my time in being lazy.
Let’s stay in this inn to my heart’s content.

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  1. It makes no sense that he makes 3 times the money then the person he gets it from, first of all the skill SPECIFICALLY said three times the EXPERIENCE not anything else so author make up your mind in the description of the skill.

    1. And I quote from Chapter 7
      “【Parasite x3】
      You can parasitize up to three people touching the other party. You acquire three times the amount of experience of the people who were parasitized.”

      1. I’m guessing new skill new description

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