How To Upload

1st Step: Send an email to on the Name of your novel (Translated/Original), Author, Category, Tags, Alternative Name, and Synopsis. Also the ID you would want (the pass will be automatically 1234 so you can change it whenever)

2nd Step: Log in on this link:

3rd Step: Click the Pages on the left and you should find you novel looking like this and click on it (Using Dungeon Seeker as an example.)

4th step: You should get a page that looks like this (Fill in the details and add a cover image with the “Set Featured Image” button) (Also you can make the Table of Contents page look like whatever you want. (Use this page to help create links) This is just the standard template I use:

Step 5: Once done hit the publish button. Then go back to the “Pages” page and underneath you should already have chapter templates made by me. When you’re about to run out of templates. Just clone the ones you have left, but always clone them with yourself as the author and in “Draft” mode otherwise it screws up or something.

Step 6: Once you open the template it should look like this:

Step 7: You fill in the title with the appropriate title chapter name such as “TDS Volume 1 Chapter 2” Or “R8CM Chapter 5” or “DWP Volume 1 Epilogue”. The title in bold below it is the actual title of the such as “Unexpected Hero (1)”. Inbetween the lines is where you copy paste the chapter.

Step 8: We already have buttons for next and previous chapter links as you can see (The Next Chapter Link is cut off but meh) so you just have to insert the links to your previous and next chapter. The link system in Novels&Chill is very simple. Using The Dungeon Seeker as an example the link for chapter 1 would be, (The first part is the site, the second part is the parent page or the name of your novel, and the last part should be your chapter/page title. If you called it TDS Chapter 1 the link will look like the link shown just then. So the link for chapter 2 would be the same thing except the number at the end would be 2.

Step 9: After that’s done you want to post your chapter as a post and to do that you go to the “Post” button on the left and click “Add new” underneath that.

Step 10: You name the post with whatever chapter and novel it is. (For example Example Novel Chapter 4 Release) You should also add a category so it shows on the right sidebar. You can create one by clicking the “Add New Category” button and if its a Korean novel make the parent category “Korean” or “Original” if it’s an original novel. After that just tick that category whenever you post.

Step 11: That’s it. Send me an email at if you have any questions.