Hooray To My Life


Alternative Name: 내 인생 만세/Bless My Life
Original Author: Jan Young JY (잔영JY)
Category: Supernatural
Tags: Time Travel
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 79 Chapters/No TL
Schedule: None
Translator(s)/Translation Group: JSmith (Novels&Chill) (Prologue) – if interested in translating this here contact me at issthno1fan@gmail.com 🙂
Source: Munpia



What kind of life would you live if you could go back into the past whenever you want?

Receiving a God-like ability, Choe HyeonSeung’s splendid life story starts!

Synopsis by FudgeNouget:

After having his company stolen by a competitor, the MC comes upon an old man who makes him the focal point of Time. What does that mean? It means he is immortal and can go back to the past whenever he wants! The MC chooses to go back to his last year in high school, from which he begins his world domination… through technology! Watch out Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Samsung, and others.



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