Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari

Alternative Name:

The Different World Exile Story Where One Book is Enough

Original Author:

Yuuki Karaku
結城 絡繰


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Seinen


Adventurers, Books, Demi-humans, Elves, Firearms, Gods, Interspatial Storage, Magic, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Overpowered Protagonist, Reincarnated Into Another World, Reincarnation, Ruthless Male Lead, Summoning Magic, Sword And Magic, Technology Gap


In progress

Translator(s)/Translation Group:

Paichun Translation




An unfortunate high school student who died from an accident, Misasagi Ryou (陵陵). With God’s whim, what he got from reincarnating to a different world, was one old book――taking in all kinds of books, it was the 「Unlimited Summoning Book」 that is said to be able to materialize all creations. Legendary Brave Equipments, Sub-Machine Guns, Artificial Humans……using weapons that are taken out from the book, the young man tramples the different world!! The different world Battle Fantasy of a young man that loves books!

Table of Contents:

Volume 1

Chapter 1 – Hobby is Reviving People?
Chapter 2 – Wandering That Had Started
Chapter 3 – Unchanging Hobby
Chapter 4 – Fortress Within the Forest
Chapter 5 – Residents Within Books
Chapter 6 – First Quest Complete
Chapter 7 – Caravan and Adventurers
Chapter 8 – Scarlet-Colored Lightning Helper
Chapter 9 – Out of the Fry Pan……
Chapter 10 – Labyrinth Exploration (Part 1)
Chapter 10 – Labyrinth Exploration (Part 2)
Chapter 11 – A Sudden Insight
Chapter 12 – The Skills of a Seasoned Warrior
Chapter 13 – Magic Sword and Magic Weapon
Chapter 14 – Scenery Branded in the Memory
Chapter 15 – Return and Departure
Chapter 16 – Encounter with a Noble
Chapter 17 – Tragedy in the Mansion
Chapter 18 – Five Guardsmen
Chapter 19 – Guardsmen’s Loyalty
Chapter 20 – Rampage of the Instinct
Chapter 21 – Hidden Room and Subjugation Rewards
Chapter 22 – Late Night Fight
Chapter 23 – Hill Where People Gathers

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