HMBYG Chapter 2

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 ­ The Strange Restaurant (2)

After pouring the oil on the pan which was heated up, he grilled it. There might be some people who say you would get indigestion if you have meat in the morning but the man was not one of them. His theory was that people must eat meat.


Together with the sound of the meat cooking, and around the time a delicious smell comes out, he crushes the garlic and puts it in the frying pan. It is also good to rub the garlic on the surface of the meat.

(TL Note: This novel so far has often switched point of views from what the man is doing and third person to what is recommended like a cooking show or first person or what he is thinking so please excuse me if the tense and such is a bit wonky and weird)

After cooking either sides like that, if you have spices you rub it on the meat. It’s nearly complete once both side are cooked like that.

The man put the meat from  the frying pan onto the chopping board. You had to wait a few minutes like this. That way the meat would taste better.

At that moment.

Koong Koong Koong

A knocking sound could be heard. The man glanced towards the door.

“Is Kang CheolHo-ssi here?”

(TL: just decided to add and stick with the typical oppa, hyeung, nim, ssi honourifics/names or whatnot as most of you guys know what it means.)


As the man opened the door, a male wearing lanky uniform faced him.

“I came from the Awakened Association. Are you Kang CheolHo-ssi?”


“It’s nothing much but a surprise attack came from the Velto Muli yesterday near the vicinity. Luckily it was cleaned up quickly but you must have been quite alarmed.”

“Ah, yeah. Well, it’s like that. Isn’t that everyday life?”

“Haha, they say society nowadays has stabilised but sometimes these kinds of things seem to happen. I came out to inquire if you had taken any damages. Luckily, because the neighbourhood in the vicinity is undamaged, the damages are satisfactory. Oh?”

All of a sudden the male sniffed with his nose.

“A delicious smell is coming out.”

“Firstly, this is a restaurant.”

The man, CheolHo, smirked and replied simply. From the man’s stomach, a Goloolook sound could be heard.

“By any chance, is your store open?”

CheolHo nodded his head at the male’s words.

“Yeah, well. It is.”

“Then could I perhaps have one serving of breakfast? I’ve been going around since dawn so I haven’t had a single meal.”

“You should.”

CheolHo replied simply and received the guest. The male whistled at the simple tables.

This meant that he found it fun to sit in a bar style table.

“Could you give me the menu?”

“Ah, we don’t have a menu. We’re the type that cooks depending on what is supplied day to day.”


The male nodded his head.

“It’s like some kind of restaurant drama. What is today’s menu?”

“The menu today is Velto Steak. Some fresh Velto meat came from the market. It must be those guys from yesterday?”

At CheolHo’s questions, the male nodded his head again.

“Velto…… It must be. The amount of guys from yesterday reached ten. Luckily Magic Spearman-nim resolved it and it looks like he went straight to the market.”

“It happened just at the right time. Please sit.”

CheolHo went to the kitchen and while looking at the completed meat, smacked his lips. However, it was right to give it to the customer now that he was here.

The oil remaining on the frying pan used to cook the meat. At that place he poured the milk of a ‘Cow Hol’.

You couldn’t pour too much, but moderately splash enough to mix with the oil.

So, a Cow Hol’s size was tremendous. You can see it as a monster that is like a huge dairy cow. It is a suitable ingredient for cooking as it is more oily and savoury than milk.


Strong flame.

You mix it evenly on the frying pan like that. Even if you’re lazy, if you forget to stir it then it will quickly get burnt and stick to the pan. Sprinkle a bit of salt and gently sprinkle in some herbs as well.

The sauce is complete.

CheolHo giggled and poured the sauce generously over the meat.

Now. Complete!

Velto Steak


The male’s eyes opened wide. A steak from a shabby restaurant. After carefully cutting the meat and having one bite, the male was once again surprised.

“It’s really delicious.”

“Well, for steak, as long as you cook it is enough.”

CheolHo smirked and went back into the kitchen. The male kept mumbling it was delicious and cleared the plate cleanly.

Towards when CheolHo was completing a new steak and coming out, the male stood up and got ready to leave.

“Boss, how much is it?”

“I don’t receive payment from the first customer.”

The male’s eyes opened wide. Right away he shook his head.

“No. It was too delicious.”

CheolHo shrugged his shoulders. It was manners to receive money if they offered even when you said you wouldn’t accept.

“Then just give me 10 dollars.”

“Ah, yes.”

The male took out a dollar bill from his pocket, handed it and bowed his head.

“Thank you for the good meal.”

The man who was about to leave the store, turned around and stared at CheolHo.

“Ah, by the way.”


The male scratched his head and added.

“Be careful. In the current era, it is an era where it is hard to live for non ability users such as you, boss and me. The next time monsters appear near here run away. Ah, this is my card. If by any chance there is a problem call this.”

CheolHo, who had received the card the male had handed out, stared at him and then nodded his head.

“All right.”

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

The male disappeared in a hurry. CheolHo looked down at the card he had given.

[Awakened Association]

[Patrol Team]

[Choi JeWoo]


“An era which is hard to live for non ability users huh…”

CheolHo nodded his head while brooding on those words. Indeed, to those people CheolHo would be categorized as a non ability user. That was more convenient and wouldn’t stand out.

The Earth to which he had returned 30 years later was a world where monsters strided around.

The monsters he had seen when CheolHo was summoned to another world and spent 30 years there, the monsters he had seen while fighting the Devil King, these types of monsters were now found roaming the world.

(TL note: This was really badly translated as it was meant to be one whole sentence but I split it up into three as I’m bad. Deal with it.)

(ED note: And I shrunk it down to  one sentence again :P)

(Tl note: I love crackaz)

The current time he had returned to.

There was no real good reason for CheolHo to come out. The people of Earth were going forward and protecting the world with their own respective rules and methods.

That was the type of era that was created.

Shortly after that, he took his fork and knife and touched the meat on his plate. A late breakfast had started.

All of a sudden, he remembered the male called Choi JeWoo.

He wasn’t bad person. Eras like the current one were called turbulous times. And, in CheolHo’s experience, kind people die first in turbulous times.

“Live for a long, long time.”

CheolHo, who had finished his meal, took out and bit on a cigarette.

I’ve got to do some grocery shopping and come back

(ED note: this TLer is too good at editing. I’ll be out of a job soon. 🙂 Less than 20 edits…)

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