Have a Meal Before You Go

Alternative Name: 밥 먹고 가라etl
Original Author:  Go Du Yul (고두열)
Category: Modern Fantasy, Fusion
Tags: None
Status: Ongoing in Korea with 115 Chapters/No Translation
Schedule: Twice a week
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Novels&Chill (Jsmith)
Source: Munpia


Becoming this world’s strongest person and returning in 30 years.
What is this world? The Earth I returned to is in the Era of Raids!
However, I’m now tired. I’ve retired and I want live while having a restaurant.
In the most “ordinary” way.




  1. Where do I begin…
    Why not the title? You know, the thing people read before they even click on the story.

    The title should be “Eat before you go”… the current title of “Eat Then Leave” implies the MC wants the guests to leave, when in fact in Korean original its asking the guest to stay a bit more (Opposite implication). This is already a red flag; you guys already FAILED to translate properly.
    The translation quality starts off terrible, and gets worse. Every sentence that was translated is basically direct translation with little to no thought or effort.

    Let me give an early example that typify the translation quality throughout the prologue. I picked the 7th sentence in the story because by the 7th sentence, it was already the 2nd run on sentence.

    “However, the dilemma that even Dragons couldn’t solve was the Devil King from the Devil World who came through a crack in space to invade our home land.”

    Please read that out loud. Does this sentence even make good sense? “Dilemma (…) was the devil king?”

    And there are THREE parts to that sentence. In any proper translation of that sentence, it should have been broken into 3 parts.

    However, there were things even Dragons couldn’t do; kill the Devil King(?). Devil King(?) emerged from a tear in space and launched an invasion to our world.

    I put the question mark on the Devil King because I believe it misleads the reader (wrong interpretation of the original word).

    The original in the raw is 마계의 마왕. In the contemporary translation and novel writing, this is most often translated to Demon King from the Demon World. It is not translated as Devil King. Devil King (redundant, as Devil is most often a single being rather than race) is written in Korean as 사탄 or 악마. Demon King is a more correct interpretation and translation of the original than Devil King, and it fits the story and genre better.

    And after all this, the sentence in quotation actually manages to MISS the main purpose of the original sentence. In fact, There are TWO Major plot/story changing mistranslated parts in this one sentence.
    The original says that ‘There is a Calamity not even dragons could prevent’. 난제: Disaster, calamity, era of destruction. The translated sentence completely missed that word and now you, as the reader, are not informed a critical piece of information this sentence was supposed to convey to you. Instead, they used the word “Dilemma”. HOW DID 난제 TRANSLATE TO DILEMMA?.

    Here is the “PROPER” translation of that particular sentence.

    “But, there was a calamity not even dragons could avert; The threat from the Demon World. The Demon King tore apart the veil between our worlds and launched a massive invasion into our realm.”

    And I hope you noticed the second major mistake. The part about INVASION.

    It is hilarious that if you read the English translation by this group, you get the feeling that the Devil King came alone and fought singlehandedly. In this sentence, this 7th line from the top, where the word “INVASION” was written, the original is 대륙침공. Direct (machine) translation of this word is ‘Continental Invasion’. If you look at the Novels&Chill’s version, it says the ‘Devil King (…) Invade our homeland’. This part, and all subsequent parts of the prologue basically reads as if the ONLY enemy is the Devil King himself. Again, this completely changes the story.

    I read the original work, and the story is unique (it is quite an excellent read) But here we go. We got Novels and Chill’s completely fucked up version of it.

    Remember, this rant is about one sentence and one title; I could make a wall of text about mistakes the translator made for EVERY LINE OF TEXT in the translated version.

    And they want you to pay 60 dollars per chapter to release faster than 2 per week.
    60 dollars for what? What justifies that price point? Translation quality? Speed?

    Don’t let them murder a perfectly good story. Don’t finance literary crimes against humanity. This translation is a disservice to the author and the readers alike.

    Avoid at all costs.

    1. Author

      Mate, I’m sorry my translation does not live up to your standards. Please help by applying for a translator position so you can translate it better. I’m an Australian born Korean who can only talk in korean. I’ve said this when I first started out I use a dictionary for literally every single word. That is one of the main reasons why the translation is direct. I went to naver dictionary and they said 난제 is dilemma or crux or problem or sth. Check it out if you want. Also with the 60 dollar donations its coz its so bloody hard for me to trasnslate. My translation speed is literally 1 chapter in a day if I concentrate my hardest without doing anything else. And I’m serious pls help me by applying and translating or even just TLCing it. Once again I’m not asking people to read but this is the best I can do. I’m sorry for being a bad translator:/

    2. Hey… One question… Why not do it yourself? At least the author is having the initiative to actually translate something he/she is beyond the capabilities of doing so yet haven’t failed to convey the story itself. true there may be some mistakes that you have noticed but have you stepped in the shoes of the author itself? Money afterall is another problem when someone is taking precious time and space to translate . You understood what it says right? I know cause I do. Devil or Demon whatever… I understand… Do you?

      No offense but if the author’s moral is lowered due to inconveniences and avoiding other people to read it… I suggest you avoid reading it yourself and don’t drag novel devotees down. I myself is one of the many people who read every small novel that has potential and reads it for free and I am grateful for that.
      😊 I am only a passing reader and I think there are no good or bad translators but only Learners and Experienced translators.

  2. my first time appreciating a Korean novel! thanks!

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