Have a Meal Before You Go Chapter 2 Part 1 Release

Translated by: JSmith

So few things to say. Firstly got rid of that annoying ad blocker notifier as the percentage of people who used adblock decreased so I thought I don’t need it anymore so cheers to all you guys who’ve disabled adblock:)

Secondly I’m going to try release half a chapter a day as Pip has suggested and I’ll try to consistently release but there are just so many things I want to do as year 12 is now over. 2 Days 1 Night, League, Society Game, League, Game of Thrones, League, reading, league, Genius, league, runningman and the list goes on. So I’ll try my best but no guarantees. Also go check out the new novel Death is the Beginning which should be releasing half a chapter daily as well. Cheers and Enjoy:)

Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapters owed: 3.5

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