Have a Meal Before You Go Chapter 1 Part 1 Release

Translated by: JSmith

So another part of a chapter is out. I really don’t understand how CKtalon and Rainbow and Chamber can just whip out chapters. This one took me 2-3 hours of straight translating and asking Chamber for help with a little bit of translating in between league games. Also as the comment said $60 is too much for such a bad and slow quality translation so I have decide to close off all donations and click for extra chapter thingos until I have a stockpile or something. The 3 chapters owed will still be owed and I’ll try my best to release it. Please forgive my really slow speed as I’m trash at korean. The same page will be updated once I’ve finished part 2 so you can try your best f5 sect or just wait until I post an announcement for part 2. Enjoy. Also as I started in the middle of the last week I’m just going to get rid of the extra regular chapter and start fresh… Sorry for my laziness

Chapter 1 – Part 1

Chapters owed: 4.5

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