FiLI Chapter 5 Release

Translated by: M1K2

Edited by: M1K2

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Sorry to all readers as I was moving site (which I rcommend not to do… 99% of it was done by AmeryEdge….fine 100% of it was done by Amery… Anyway go to his site and check out his magazines if you want and give him a big old cheers for me : )

So an update for all novels… EIF&EIFP… Ash is busy so it’ll be random…. TSM coming back on the 18th or sth coz Evil Armour is busy…. TMoS… my TL peed is too goddam slow and I’m busy… same with TTM although I’m nearly done with chapter 1 like half way through but I did enjoy the story up to like chapter 30 so chuck e ome questions about anything you want to know and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities… FiLI will be updated up we finish co me and M1K2 are lazy bums…. ah and me and M1K2 finished TLing a new romane ebtoon so look forward to that (just waiting for M1K2 to edit and scan and do webtoon stuff) Also on the 13th a new TL will join and we’ll have a new novel (YAYY) It will be a sports one that got popular recently so look forward to that as well.

That’s it for the news… I think so keep reading&chilling 🙂

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