FiLI Chapter 2 Release

Here’s the Sunday Release of FiLI and TSM will out in like 34 horus as EvilArmour is being lazy:/

Thanks for reading, enjoy and thanks for the support:)

Chapter 2
(you click chapter 2 of the raw [2화] here and click the play button so you can enjoy the full experience. Listen to this while reading as it’ll give you a better experience:D)

M1K2 wanted to add adfly links to the TOC page because he was desperate for some ice cream (hes 40 cents short of one at the moment:P)

Anyway I said no because its rude to our reader (more like I was being lazy…) so please do consider clicking the Adfly link here or on the chapters when navigating as M1K2 is desperate for some love (but mostly desperate for some ice cream)

Here’s the Adfly link for all those ice cream lovers who want to help us fulfill our dream


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