FiLI Chapter 1 Release

As an avid reader of the author, I’d like it if people would support author Park Soo Bong.

Of course, the contents do not belong to me due to copyright issues and so forth. However, I would like to receive credit and recognition for the translations under the name M1K2.

Furthermore, because every chapter in this webtoon is accompanied by a guitar instrumental which is consisted of in Jang Beom June’s recent 2nd album and matches the atmosphere of the chapter’s mood, I would like to recommend the readers to open the raw chapter with the music in another tab and let it play while they read the translated version.

This is the link for Falling in Love Immediately:




Okay , so a big round of applause for our knew TLer of webtoons M1K2:D


As he said, please do go to the raw and put on the chapter 1 music which I have linked you. All you have to do is click on the 1 화 and click the play music button

Here is the adfly direct link


And here is the adfly link which gives us like 100 times more money (from like 0.05 cents to like 0.5 cents or something:P) And thanks so all those once again who waster their precious time to support us.



Also the donations for this webtoon will be at half price as celebration for M1K2 joining at $15 for only 1 week

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