Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 89: [ Beast Armament ]

“[ Lightning Storm ]!”

“[ Thunder Bolt ]!”

Deafening echoes of an explosion rang out one after another.

“Brother, what’s happening?!”

“Mom, what is going on?!”

As Sun Yueli and the others watch the battle with extreme concentration, two voices and several footsteps sounded behind them.

It was the [ Long ] group who had just finished evacuating the people to safety as well as the new members who just came from their training from the forest with Ye Shishi and Sun Yingyun.

During their usual training session, suddenly a sound of explosions rang out causing them to immediately halt their activities and the moment they rushed into the city, they were greeted by a very unbelievable scene; the whole city seemed to be in the middle of a terrifying thunder storm!

 “Xiao Shi!”

“What’s going on here?” Ye Shishi asked anxiously.

“It’s Allen, Allen’s fighting right now.”

““What?!”” the two women subconsciously cried out loudly.

They raised their heads and looked to the place where Ye Yuesheng was pointing and as what she had said, they saw Allen with a very strange appearance fighting some kind of majestic looking monster.

The body that received their dumbfounded gaze was flying in the sky using some kind of butterfly wings as it swayed, dodging lightning strike coming from the dark clouds hanging over them.


“…… Ah?”

They saw it.

Then, they froze.

That shining monster covered with intense lightning brandished its destructive claws and tail and its every wave gushed out an explosive shockwave, like a raging wind in a stormy night.

It looked ethereal and breathtaking, showing its impressive beauty and dignity. As if the moment you laid your eyes on its form, you feel like worshipping it.

On the other hand, the man with a strange yet bewitching appearance moved gracefully even while being swayed by the raging wind and storm. The strange horns and tail mixed with the golden light shining on his body somewhat created a new charm. He looked heroic yet somewhat devilish.

The strange horns and tail mixed with the golden light shining on his body somewhat created a new charm. He looked heroic yet somewhat devilish.

The heated battle was as if it came out straight from those movies on big screen.

Both sides refused to retreat a step and were carrying out a fierce battle.

 “……… Ahhh?”

The sound of the violent thunder and explosion completely rang in all directions.

Even the people of the [ Long ] group behind the two women who came with them had already lost their senses watching such spectacular battle. They were rooted on the spot and almost forgot to breathe, afraid to overlook any detail.

Nobody was able to believe, and could only stand staring at the battle between a human and a monster.

— —

“Wha…” Sun Yueli had already lost his voice. This is the power of the Beast King….?!

Sun Yueli and the other’s faces were serious. For some, there were even a few drops of cold sweat on their noses.

What incredible tension! I ain’t never seen such an amazing battle… no this isn’t just a mere battle! This is a duel!

A duel between two powerful beings!!

“Allen smiled like he was having fun in the midst of the battle…” He faintly muttered as his eyes catch a glimpse of a smile on the black clothed youth’s face. His pitch black eyes were shining as if he was enjoying the fight.

His pitch black eyes were shining as if he was enjoying the fight.

“Huh? Really?” Ye Yuesheng who was standing beside him asked but she never took her gaze away from the fight.

Just a few months ago, she had never imagined that this kind of fight would come into reality. This battle could only be seen in movies and read in books but now, in front of her, such a thing was happening in all of its beauty and glory.

It was truly a very breathtaking scene that she would never be able to forget in her entire life.

“… It reminded me of him in the past,” as if muttering to herself, Mia unconsciously said out loud.

The people’s attention was robbed and concentrated on her. They were interested as to what she was going to say, especially Sun Yueli who was once a member of the [ Dawn Alliance ].

He had never known the Beast King well and seen this kind of fight. 

Unlike the Beast King, his king, Daniel was like a conductor of an orchestra, waving his arms as if dancing in the midst of battle. He never tried engaging an enemy in a close combat as much as possible.

Remembering the past, a smile appeared on Mia’s face, ”… getting excited when his back is against the wall. Like a kid playing, his fight full of life and energy.”

As if, yes… “… As if we can hear the sound of his heart, drumming out of control.”

“I know what you mean,” Sun Yueli replied back. “I give, these two monsters facing off is just too much for me to handle….”

“I give, these two monsters facing off is just too much for me to handle….”

“I wonder, where does my body get all this sweat…?” Sun Yueli said while wiping his forehead with his hand.

“Although I had already expected it… who would know that he was this strong…?” Raya mumbled in shock.

“So this is his power…” standing behind Sun Yueli, Sun Yingyun faintly muttered.

Her eyes as if bewitched couldn’t take away from the youth’s figure.

She was enamored by this scene.

— —



A cry exploded outwards.

The battle still continues.

The Monster and Human clashed head on and continued the battle of power and speed.

Allen and the Qilin frequently exchange each other’s positions.


The huge explosion separated the two monsters away from each other.

The Lightning Qilin’s body had already suffered several wounds while Allen’s clothes had already turned into a ragged and worn out. Several bleeding wounds could be seen in his arms and legs.

Even though in the clash a while ago, it should have used up enough energy to destroy a whole city, but still… unlimited power is impossible!

Allen thought inwardly.

It might have looked favorite to him but in fact, that fight a while ago was his loss. He was put more and more on the defensive and subsequently, he was retaliating less and less.

Once it starts, that’s what you’d expect from an elite sacred mythological beast…

The inexperienced newbies might not be able to notice it but for the veteran in war such as Sun Yueli, Tang Yu, and Mia, this point was blatantly obvious to all of them.

That’s a sacred mythical beast for you, with divine speed, he continues to destroy him without giving a chance to recover or counter-attack. 

This monster is undeniably, impossibly powerful!

… Even stronger than Allen himself.

Allen had shifted much of his attention to the sacred mythical beast who was smiling in a relaxed manner.

That total confidence in its smile was like a predator playing with its newfound prey. Allen’s instincts told him that if he acted rashly, a bite from that beast would instantly put him to eternal sleep.

Allen’s instincts told him that if he acted rashly, a bite from that beast would instantly put him to eternal sleep.

Even though I’m now a Lv5 Superhuman and with my [ Goro Goro no Mi ] and transformation, even without changing into [ Lightning God ] form, I can still show a power comparable to a  Lv9 peak superhuman but even with that it is still insufficient!

“Huhuhu, that’s a great expression on your face, filled with determination, human king!”

“Shut up, Qilin and wait there obediently! I will surely put you in your place very soon!”

“Hahaha, I’m waiting for it. Besides, you still have a trump card, don’t you? Why don’t you show me that giant form of yours just like your battle with that red dragon before?” The Lightning Qilin taunted.

Heh, you said it so don’t regret it later on – is what I’d like to say….

But if I could do it, I would have a long time ago… forget about destroying this city, this map will surely disappear in the surface of the world!

Thinking about the beautiful lake being reduced to a complete wreck after his battle, Allen couldn’t help but grit his teeth in frustration.

Mia, Ye Yuesheng, and the others are still standing on the ground. While there will be no problem with Mia, the other weak people will certainly be swallowed in the midst of battle.

He can’t do that!

Besides, that kind of form is too exhausting and the destruction it left is too much. That power should be left as a final trump card.

That power should be left as a final trump card.

“… That’s not necessary; I still win in the end without using it.”

“Hmph, too much confidence will only make you look like a fool.”

“Really? But I think I look very handsome right now~” Allen flashed a cocky smile.

“Hmph, glib lips. I should think you don’t have time to play ‘Wait-and-see’…” The Lightning Qilin shook its head and pouted its lips while baring its fangs.

As if it was trying to say “Don’t get carried away!”, anger began to surge through its entire body and at the same time, it recovered the wild beast-like instincts.

With a savage gaze, it brandishes its horns and made repeated snorts as if about to sprint forward while stamping its right foreleg, like an animal preparing to charge.

“The Monster Kings are far stronger than me and with that kind of power you have will never be able to reach them! Human King, this is your test!”


“Don’t think that just because you had a bit of ability, you can show off!”

“Come and give me everything you’ve got… so I can pulverize you once and for all.” The Lightning Qilin laughed coldly.

As soon as Allen heard those words, the color of his eyes changed. His hair and fingertips began emitting a pale golden-white light.

In order to reduce the risk of me losing even a little, there definitely has to be meaning in fighting like this…!

Allen pointed with his fingers and summoned his Summoning Grimoire.

A wave of golden light burst into view from between Allen’s fingers and out of nowhere, a bronze book materializes in front of him.

Seeing this book, the Lightning Qilin couldn’t help but halt his actions and stared at Allen with a confused gaze.

Oh, from one thing to the next… how troublesome!

Just how many secrets exactly is he hiding…?

“Then Qilin, let me show you why they call me the Beast King!”

Well… if you want to play like that, it’s interesting in itself… I wouldn’t mind playing.

Allen’s hands flipped the Grimoire, flipped the page and pressed his palm lightly on it. “Summon Lightning Mouse.”

Golden light brightly shone out of the pages through his fingers, dazzling all those who were watching.

From the page, a yellow furred hamster-like mouse emitting golden sparks appeared and landed happily on his shoulder.

“How have you been, Lightning?”

“Chu! Chu!” Lightning happily jumps on his shoulder and then rubbed its cheek against his.

“With that little thing…? What can you do with that weak animal?”

Allen waved his hand and the summoning grimoire disappeared. He raised his head and stared directly at the Qilin, “If you go and make a fool of Lightning, I will really get angry.”

He raised his head and stared directly at the Qilin, “If you go and make a fool of Lightning, I will really get angry.”

Even though his face shows his usual smile but his tone was ice cold.

“… …”

Staring at the Lightning Qilin, Allen took Lightning with his hand and muttered, “Although I can only do this when my skill reaches at least Lv4. However, because of the huge power surging inside of me right now, I can do it albeit forcefully!”

I’m limited to only weak beast right now though… At least Lv2 is the maximum for me…

“[ Equip ] skill, [ Beast Armament ]!”


Lightning was on his arm in a second, merging and extending. Crackle! Sparks of lightning danced around him as Allen’s arm shone a blindly beautiful golden light.

“What is he doing?” On the ground, Ye Yuesheng asked Mia while watching Allen’s actions.

“[ Beast Armament ]” Mia answered. This was Allen’s most famous skill and could even be said to be his greatest ability.

This was Allen’s most famous skill and could even be said to be his greatest ability.

[ Beast Armament ]. He can transform any beast he had to any kind of weapon and used its abilities.

So Allen managed to regain his [ Equip ] skill? Well, that’s not surprising since she was also able to regain her special ability.

But from what she knows, Allen should only be able to use it after the [ Equip ] skill reach Lv4 and above…  so how can Allen be able to use it now? Don’t tell me his [ Equip ] skill is now at least Lv4?

That can’t be possible! Even her ability is still Lv2 and raising it up is very difficult and tedious. Special skills growth tends to be advancing in a turtle speed growth even if you exert a great deal of effort on it!

“[ Beast Armament ]?”Ye Shishi and Sun Yingyun’s voice overlapping. This was the first time they heard this name.

Tang Yu who was keeping her silence up until now flashed a proud smile and said, “That is right. It’s young master’s amazing ability. No matter what beast or monster it was, he could transform them into a weapon for him to use. No other beast tamers out there could do this.”

“I have heard about this before…” Sun Yueli added.

“Sword, armor, gun, young master could borrow any monster’s power and turn them into weapons and use it for battle. The stronger the monster is, the stronger the weapon it produced.” Tang Yu explained with a devout expression. “Truly, the strongest monster tamer in the whole world.”

“Truly, the strongest monster tamer in the whole world.”

“That’s not all,” Looking at Allen’s transformation, Mia suddenly muttered.

All eyes turned to look at Mia then.

 “Allen’s ability doesn’t merely stop with borrowing a beast power and turned it into a weapon. If I possess an innate ability of [ Hyper Intuition ] then Allen’s ability is that of amplifying a monster’s power to his own. However, this ability is not listed in the status plate since he is not aware of this skill himself, though he is able to use it to the fullest potential.”

In the previous life, Mia and the others speculated that Allen possesses this kind of skill. If not, turning a beast into far greater power than its normal state wouldn’t make sense. A Lv2 monster could blast away a Lv3 and even Lv4 enemy in a gun form, He could slice them easily in a sword form and could even withstand an attack in an armor form.

Although it’s not noticeable but as if something within Allen pulled out the beasts hidden potentials. This was Mark whose mental power is the greatest of them, had thought after noticing something strange when he watched Allen using the [ Beast Armament ] for the first time.

Though this still remained a speculation and was not research further. But all the Kings believed this proposition since all humans who had reach King Level are people with special power. Reaching a King rank isn’t an easy thing to do no matter how hard you train.

Every rank up has its boundary and especially, the boundary between a Hero and the King which difficulty is many times harder than crossing from Superhuman to Hero.

When a Hero reaches a King rank, he/she have a chance to awaken his/her hidden potential or talent in the form of skill.

… But out of all the Kings, Allen was the only one who didn’t have such thing!

Mia and others thought of two reasons why… Did Allen already awakened it already before reaching King level causing nothing to appear or something is restraining Allen’s ability.

“… This is the reason why we called him, the Beast King.”

A king that could utilize the power of his people to their utmost potential. The monarch of monsters!

Mia’s statement caused Sun Yueli to nod his head in understanding while the others seem to be getting it and not getting it at the same time.

One thing is similar and that is all their gazes returned back to Allen’s figure.

As the wind around Allen became even stronger, his pitch black colored hair was lifted by a gust of wind making it look like beautiful satin.

At the sight of his healthy physique, every girl’s heart could not help but flutter.

— —

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