Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 88: [ Difference ]

“That’s my line, you moron!”

Allen used the back of his hand to wipe off the trickle of blood from his mouth as he finally got to his feet after some trouble.

A crack spread in both directions, circling the whole place. Xiao Shing’s going to scold me for destroying her house…!

Allen looked at his surroundings. Because of the dim lights caused by the black clouds accumulating in the sky, it looked like nighttime but Allen could still see things clearly.

Houses were burning and electric poles had been hacked down. Trees and the street were blasted to splinters. It looked like someone had attacked the city with a giant Weedwacker.

“Man, why is all this happening whenever I fight? This destruction will be put on my tab again…” Allen bitterly smiled.

“Whatever, [ Thor’s Judgment ]!”


A huge pillar of lightning struck the Lightning Qilin and exploded.

When the dust cleared, the Qilin’s figure could be seen. “Did you do something?” It sneered.

This as*hole!

Allen’s attack was useless. It could be said that the Lightning Qilin is at a disadvantage in this fight since Allen was a lightning human but at the same time, Allen was the same way.

The Lighting Qilin was a pure lightning type monster so the lightning attack was also useless against it. So it now comes down as to who’s power is superior.

And at this aspect, even though Allen was already a Lv5 Superhuman but against a monster possessing a power comparable to that of a Rook ranked monster or at worst, a mid-rook rank, it was still insufficient.

At this moment,

“Young Master!!”


“Beast King!”

One after another, Tang Yu, Raya, Ye Yuesheng and Sun Yueli had arrived.

“You guys?” Allen’s eyes turned towards the three.

Tang Yu and the others hastily rushed towards Allen but, “Stop.” Allen raised his hand.


“Idiots, don’t come here! You’ll get pulled into this!!” Allen’s tone was calm yet serious.


““Wha?!”” Sun Yueli and Ye Yueshing finally raised their heads and saw the incredible form of the monster Allen was fighting and couldn’t help but raised their voice in shock.

It’s the first time that they have seen this kind of monster. Even Tang Yu who had seen many kinds of monsters before due to following Allen has still never seen such monster.

It exudes a magnificent grace and awe-inspiring form that seemed to be a beauty that came down from heaven.

 “A Qi… Qilin!?” Sun Yueli never saw a Qilin before but he had heard legends and stories about it.

“What did you do to make it mad!?” He screamed towards Allen and his usual polite speech disappeared without a trace.

A Qilin for Chinese people is a sacred and very important being. It could even be said that they are like Gods to them. 

Their respect for them is immeasurable.

“… …”

“A Qilin is a very special and sacred creature for us, but you, how did you anger it?!”

“That is none of your concern,” Allen nonchalantly said as he stood up and his scythe-like arms reverted back to normal.

Crackle! Crackle! In a flash, a huge electric current sprang out from Allen’s right hand and then it runs through his arm towards his whole body.

“Now then ladies, please stand back. From here on in, the following scene is not advisable for minors.”



“Young Master!” Tang Yu and the other tried to step forward but with a mere gaze from Allen, all of their movements immediately froze and stopped.

With just a gaze, it’s as if all of there will be crushed. “I said stand back, don’t make me repeat myself.”

Allen’s tone was low but it radiates an overbearing pressure.

… A chill…!?

The four people including Raya fell on the ground and their eyes widened in shock.

What was that…? Something is different about Allen…!!

Ignoring them, Allen faces the Qilin who was floating in the air and a smile crept on his lips. It was just watching them while they were talking with a silent gaze…

What is this… confidence?

What an arrogant monster.

As Allen was preparing his attack,

“Then, why don’t I join in since I’m already an adult~”

A familiar voice which Allen hadn’t heard for a long time echoed.

Sensing something, the Qilin turned into lightning and disappeared but on its former position where two, three western looking swords. If it hadn’t disappeared, the Qilin would have been pierced through by it.

“So many interlopers.” The Qilin growled.

“Beast, you’d better off leaving if you don’t want to be in for some pain.”

“Those words, right back at you little girl!”

Not so far away, Allen saw a familiar girl with a short blonde hair and beautiful pair of blue-eyes that looked like gems.

“Oh really” a beautiful ornamented sword suddenly appeared in the hands of the blonde haired girl but before she raised it,

“Mia,” Allen called out.

 “Ciao! How have you been, Tesoro Mio? ♥” Mia greeted with a smile.

Allen… it doesn’t look like he’s injured…

“You came…”

“Of course, though on my way here, the weather suddenly turned bad and my plane almost crashed from these annoying lightning…” Mia responded while walking towards Allen. The sword on her hand disappeared as if it was just an illusion.

“So, why are you here fighting that kind of monster…?” Mia circled her arms on Allen’s neck and embraced him. Her eyes stared at him lovingly and filled with affection.

“Mia, I will tell you it later but this is my fight. You cannot intervene.” Allen said with a smile while stroking her beautiful golden hair. Unlike a while ago, the tone he was using this time was like someone coaxing a child. Gentle and serene.

“If I want,”

“You can’t. Besides, this Qilin isn’t an enemy however we have some issues to settle with… isn’t that right, Qilin?”

“That is right, this is between us. Humans should stay away from this!”

Boom! A lightning struck down the ground.

“Mia, stay with the others.” After talking Allen turned around and faced the direction where the Lightning Qilin was.

“You are a formidable opponent indeed, Qilin. Facing a sacred mythical beast is certainly too much for my current strength and although I don’t want to admit it, there’s no other way for me to win…”

No, even though I haven’t fought a dangerous opponent of this degree since my reincarnation, I have already fought and killed far more dangerous guys before it.

That is why I can’t give up…


“… In order to incapacitate you, I had no choice but to use this power.” As soon as Allen finished speaking, he raised his hand and put it on his face.

Allen took off his ‘face’ no, his mask and the moment he did, Allen’s entire body give off a dim light.

Small curved horns and tail once again appeared and strange marks run down from Allen’s cheeks, neck then towards his shoulder to his arms.

Seeing his current appearance, Mia’s eyes widened in shock.

“Wha-!? What the heck is that?!” Mia almost cried out.

Allen’s strange appearance shocks her tremendously. Her gaze immediately turned from Allen to the people behind her; Tang Yu, Raya, Sun Yueli and Ye Yuesheng.

Their calm behavior told her that they have already seen this appearance of his.

What is this?! Her gaze seemingly questioning them but because the three girls didn’t know her and in addition her intimate actions with Allen just a while ago, they completely ignored her.

Only Sun Yueli who was once a part of [ Dawn Alliance ] had known her but even him who didn’t know anything could only avert his gaze awkwardly.

These actions almost exploded Mia’s fuse and anyone could see the veins throbbing like heartbeats on her temple due to anger.

Something like this had happened without her knowing?!

She silently clenched her fists and turned back her gaze to Allen.

Mia wasn’t the only one surprised about Allen’s transformation. Lightning Qilin was also similar. Although it had already sensed something inside of him the moment it saw him a while ago but it never expected this kind of transformation.

What is this?!

“… I really don’t want to do this since I feel strange whenever I exposed this kind of appearance but…”

“Ouuoooohhh!!” Allen let out a deafening cry as if energizing himself. Invisible power, like a shockwave, exploded from within him.

He looked like a certain sai*an race when his aura exploded but fortunately, his hair didn’t stand up and didn’t change into a golden color. There is also no golden aura around him.

But even so,


This… terrific surge.

The Lightning Qilin was still daunted by this pressure.

“What the hell is this!?”

The Lightning Qilin’s body trembled.

This human… when it comes to raw energy output, he might almost be approaching my level. If he puts all that into one single attack… this is bad.

The swirling wind blew past Allen’s black parka, generating a flapping sound.

His wavy black hair danced hysterically with the wind. His handsome youthful face was very stern and his pitch black pupils emitted rays of light as sharp as the sword.

At this moment, Allen’s lofty and unfaltering figure was deeply carved into everyone’s mind, and with his horns, his meaningful-looking tattoos and tail, he was not a human but like a monster, no, a demon!

Allen’s facial expression was sharp and ice-cold. Sounding like a demon, he said: “We aren’t done yet, this was just for starters!”

His eyes looking bloodthirsty.

Allen then felt a bloodlust that he found difficult to suppress rise up in him, but he was still able to contain his thoughts.

And furthermore, he could intuitively sense that his body was filled with power!


Just like when I leveled up to five, I currently felt invincible. Allen thought as he clenched his fist.

Endless power seemed to surge through his body as it rose. It was as though it were flowing through him like blood, pulsing through his veins in a rhythm!

The next thing, a painful howl followed soon after, “Roaar!”

Allen actually appeared into the sky just behind the Lightning Qilin, he jumped more than ten meter high, his entire body was throbbing with golden lightning as he swept his right leg across, and actually struck the Lightning Qilin’s exposed back!

Bang! At this time, the Qilin was the one who was sent flying to the ground.

That was too sudden, nobody ever thought Allen could actually be that fast, it almost seemed like he teleported. In an instant, he actually sent a mythical beast flying with an only bare leg.

But even so, those scales are tough!

Allen frowned as he felt that even though he landed a direct hit, it seems like the Lightning Qilin wasn’t as hurt as he imagined. And just like he expected, the Lightning Qilin stood up as if it was nothing.

However, this power and speed still left the people including the Qilin in awe.

Dark shadows emanated from Allen’s body as a thick killing aura condensed around him. His expression was sinister and filled with the utmost cruelty.

It was as if he was a demon from hell, having endured millennia to break through his shackles and arrive in the world of humans!

— —

Mia and the others were absolutely shocked by Allen’s current appearance and aura. They sub consciously ceased their movements and looked at the somewhat unfamiliar Allen.

His specs have skyrocketed… Mia who was watching the battle thought as she looked at Allen’s full figure. Although anyone would be happy to see this kind of strength, for some reason, Mia wasn’t feeling that at all. Instead, her worries had deepened.

The Allen she know and the Allen battling in front of her right now seems to be different people

The current Allen’s presence and expression were all much too malevolent. He was simply too different from usual!

Between him from when he was during the [ Dawn Alliance ] and the him right now, something was different. But Mia couldn’t understand what that difference is.

Just what is this feeling… I wonder?

And then, what caused her to be surprised more is that,

“Who are you?” The Lightning Qilin asked.

This is strange… The smell of him is undoubtedly human……

As the Lightning Qilin thought about this, something seemed to be out of place. Its instinct as a sacred mythical beast told it, he had missed something. In order to recall what that was, his eyes fell on the boy in black clothing once again, and suddenly he got his answer.

Horns, tail that no human should have and those eerie yet meaningful looking marks on him, something like that can’t be classified as mere ability. And what’s more important, the dark aura he was releasing was extremely intense for a mere human being.

But if he’s human, how would he get this kind of body…… No. It’s not only for humans. There shouldn’t be any living thing in the world that is born with this kind of power except for those dark beings…

Allen was stunned. Why did he suddenly ask for his name while they were having a nice battle?

Allen took a deep breath in and slowly repressed his aroused desire for blood. A slowly stirring urge to engage in slaughter was slowly calmed after a few deep breaths.

“What are you talking about Qilin?” Allen smiled mysteriously and shrugged his shoulders as he answered carelessly before it turned into a piteous appearance as if he was suffering injustice.

Under the gaze of the Lightning Qilin and the others, Allen’s original distant and bloodthirsty appearance started to slowly revert to normal after he took in a few deep breaths. The cruel dark aura all slowly disappeared until he returned to the form they were familiar with.

“… We are already fighting for a long time now; it’s vexing to have you ask who I am at this moment in time.” Allen revealed a faint smile when his mindset returned to normal.


“I’m Allen Bando, of course,” Allen’s smile widened and the electric sparks around him sparked intensely.

I wonder of it is because my opponent is a mythical beast that I have this drive to fight….

This urge to win is beyond my control!

“What are you smiling at?” Irked by Allen’s expression, the Lightning Qilin muttered. “Do you think you have won? Then surely you are underestimating a mythical being like me!”


The Qilin roared in anger!

He’s really loud… even if he was a normal animal, it could pop an eardrum…

“If you can still yell at me like that, then you’re certainly fine.”

Those attacks had an effect… yet it doesn’t seem like it’ll end anytime soon. It’ll take some time to exhaust all that strength…


On the other hand,

He’s unaffected!? The Lightning Qilin widened his eyes. A normal human would be stopped dead in their tracks by the immense pressure….

How can he still move..?

Just a while ago, although faint but Allen was indeed affected by its pressure but now…

 He’s overwhelming me… not to mention his high spirits…

— —

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