Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 87: [ VS Lightning Qilin]

After hearing Allen’s question, the Lightning Qilin’s gaze became as sharp as a sword while it stared straight at Allen.

“Don’t tell me…” The Lightning Qilin looked at him seriously, “You’re planning to overrule the Monster Kings rule?”

Allen nodded and replied, “Probably so. I wanted to become the strongest and to do that, a day will come when our path will cross. And now, after listening to your words the chances of this happening increased.”

“This is a very stupid decision!” The Lightning Qilin’s roar has a deep voice.

“… Monster King’s power encompassed almost the entirety of the Monster world. If you declared war against them, you’re not only going to face them but most of the monsters in the whole world will certainly become your enemy! I don’t think this is a good decision on your part.”

“I know this is not a good path. I also know about the danger. I am also sure that once I put myself on this path I could die at any time without a place to bury my body. But even so, I still must take it.”

Allen looked at the Qilin and said, “To protect the things I wanted to protect, I can’t stay as I am now. I have already seen and experience what will happen to them if I am weak.”

If I’m not strong, I will lose everything!

The Lightning Qilin looked straight into Allen’s eyes and saw, in the depth of his eyes, pain mixed with longing.

This type of deep emotion even affected its deepest feelings!

“I once had fought someone and I was defeated without even being able to fight back. She told me I couldn’t change anything, that all things have already been set in stone. No matter how I struggle, I wouldn’t be able to save anyone.”

“At that moment, I realized how weak I was and how small I am. Of course, I accepted that weakness. However, also in that moment, something inside of me changes as I wished for power. ”

Allen looked at the sky as he continued, his voice softened and gradually turned solemn: “… Even a friend told me, I’m not a Hero. I am not superman and no matter what I do, compared to those monsters, I am just an ordinary human.”

“But is that really alright?”

“Is it really fine to stay like this and still crawl on the ground like a bug, trying to move a boulder?”


“… Because of that weakness, I once lost everything!”


“But that can’t happen again! I can’t save every people but at least I can save those around me! And so, I decided, I will turn everything upside down if necessary. I will strive to become the strongest!”

“You are crazy.” The Lightning Qilin’s gaze was sharp as a sword and cold as ice. But as the pensiveness in its eyes increased, that sharpness also slowly disappeared.

“Do you know what will happen if you do that? You will cause a war!”

Allen scratched his head and with a smile, he replied, “That is inevitable. But even if I won’t do it, war will still happen. So why am I afraid of starting one?”

The Monster Kings war will happen without any warning a few months from now. Although Humans didn’t directly intervene, it will still affect the human world tremendously and caused further destruction.

Several countries will be destroyed and split apart and casualties will skyrocket.

That war will last for a couple of months before ending suddenly.

Then several years later, the Demon King appeared and once again causes another war.

“… War is nonstop, fighting and killing goes on without end… this is that kind of world now…”

War! That is the law of the world.          

In the fight for supremacy, to distinguish who is right or wrong and to know whose justice is stronger, all of it was decided between one who wins and one who loses!

One who kills and one who is killed! 

One who stands and one who kneels!

All the strong are absolute!

That is what decides who is superior!!

“To survive in this nonsensical world, I will stand above them…” Allen declared. 

He then lowered his gaze and looked at the Qilin, “… So, what will you do Qilin? Will you stay in this small world of yours or come with me… it won’t be a soft ride but I assure you, it would certainly be an interesting one.”

If a devil appeared in any story, it would probably give off this feeling.

A beautiful appearance whispering sweet temptations in your ears, luring you away from the straight and limited path of the world—Looking at Allen’s brilliant smile, the Qilin couldn’t help but sigh in an exaggerated manner.

“So, what will you do?” Allen asked but suddenly his eyes narrowed.

The Lightning Qilin moved and his claws thrust towards Allen without warning.


A bluish lightning run through the Lightning Qilin’s arm and covered its claws. Due to attacking without warning, Allen was unable to move even an inch and could only watch as the Qilin’s lightning covered claws pierced through him.

Due to attacking without warning, Allen was unable to move even an inch and could only watch as the Qilin’s lightning covered claws pierced through him.

The Qilin had expected for Allen to scream in pain but it suddenly noticed something strange.

The Qilin’s claws only pierced through Allen’s body without a bit of resistance. It’s as if Allen’s body was nothingness.

What’s going on?!

 “This is?” The Lightning Qilin didn’t even feel the slightest bit of the resistance when its sharp claws pierce through the youth’s body.

Surprised, the Lightning Qilin noticed Allen’s body flashing with a golden light, and with a flash of lightning, he disappeared from his original location.

“What is the meaning of this, Qilin?” Allen appeared not far away from his former location and asked with a very sharp tone while looking at the Lightning Qilin.

Seeing the strange event that happened just a while ago, the Lightning Qilin’s reaction was a bit slow. And only after Allen’s voice was heard, the Lightning Qilin exclaimed in panic and turned its head towards the black clothed youth.

“How did–”

“Even if you are a sacred mythological beast but you cannot defeat me. So give it up. Your element is lightning, and I am lightning itself!”

After speaking, Allen’s whole body released a mysterious golden colored lightning light.


Allen changed into a golden colored thunderbolt and advanced towards the Lightning Qilin.

“[ Thor’s Judgment ]!”

“[ Thunder Bird ]!


Golden Lightning bolts struck at the place where the Lightning Qilin was standing.

Alongside the loud explosion sound, the stones at that place of the courtyard were completely scattered.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Violent explosion sounds were still unceasingly ringing.

“Lightning Bolt!” A voice echoed in the whole place.

This was not Allen but the Lightning Qilin. In a blink of an eye, a huge purple colored lightning bolt struck the ground where Allen was standing.

However, “Didn’t I say that it won’t hurt me?!”

Seeing that the Lightning Qilin was floating mid-air after the explosion on the place had stopped, a cold light flashed in Allen’s eyes. Then leaving behind the afterimage, he rapidly dashed towards it.

His hand flashed a moment and transformed into a huge black colored scythe.

“[ Insect Morph; Mantis Scythe ]!”

But just before Allen reached the Lightning Qilin, it disappeared.

“I admit, lightning cannot hurt you.” Allen turned back and saw the Qilin watching him from behind. “I don’t know what kind of body you have but even with that, although it’s difficult, but not impossible.”

“What do you mean by doing this?!” Allen’s eyes became sharp as a needle, “… If I didn’t remember correctly, I thought you came here to give thanks. Is this your way of doing it?”

“Of course not.” The Lightning Qilin growled. “… but after hearing what you are planning, I change my mind.”

“Do you want to stop me?”

The Lightning Qilin took a deep breath and replied, “No. What you want to do is none of my concern.”


“… But, I just want to see if you really have the power to back up that idiotic confidence of yours. If not, then I’ll just crush you here to stop that stupid dream of yours that might involve the innocent!”

“… …”

The Qilin hesitated for a moment, “… Besides, if you can defeat me, I might consider your proposal…”

“So be it,” Allen smiled.

— —

“Hm? There seems to be some kind of clamor in that direction.” Somewhere inside the city, Sun Yueli was directing the construction of the wall.

Sun Yueli suddenly heard some explosions and looked at the direction where it was coming from.

“I wonder what it’s about…” Ye Yuesheng who was standing beside him also looked at that direction. At this moment, she realized something.

“Isn’t that direction to my house?”

“Eh?” Sun Yueli’s eyes widened and his gaze immediately turned back to that direction.

Black clouds gathered in that area and terrifying thunderbolts would strike from time to time as if the area was having a thunderstorm. But that should be possible! It was snowing just now!

A thought struck not only on Sun Yueli’s but also on Ye Yueshing.


“Beast King!”




Thunder bolts exploded one after another as if the heavens are angry.

Without hesitation, the two immediately run towards Ye Yuesheng’s house.

— —

Houses and trees had already started to burn.

People run in panic and fear as numerous Thunderbolts struck the whole place.

Bluish Lightning strike bombarding the whole place indiscriminately, destroying and burning everything it hits.

Among these people was Tang Yu who was out for shopping was standing while looking at the dark clouds looming in the sky.

It was just snowing earlier and yet, this sudden development greatly alarmed Tang Yu.

“Young Master?!”

She couldn’t hear the screaming of the people panicking around her as her entire attention was caught on the direction where the darkest of the clouds and powerful and terrifying lightning gathered.

Allen’s (Ye Yuesheng’s) house!

She could hear terrible howls rising above the explosions.

“Young Master!!” Tang Yu dropped the shopping bags she was holding and bolted towards her young master was.

— —

As you’d expect of a sacred mythical beast, the precision of its power isn’t diminishing at all…

Allen thought as he dodged the incoming attacks of the Qilin. The Qilin was using big moves after big moves since a while ago that even Allen couldn’t help but continue dodging it.

“Rooooooooaaaaaarrrr!!!” A shockwave came from Allen’s mouth as he let out a roar akin to a beast. The shockwave deflected the incoming lightning strikes.

“Tsk!” Allen clicked his tongue as he rotated his body mid-air.

Although he wasn’t scared of ordinary lightning attacks, for some reason, Allen felt something wrong with the Qilin’s attacks for some time now. It gave him a chill as if just one attack would give him a serious damage.

“… Your attacks, what’s with them?”

“Ho Ho, as I expected, you don’t only possess incredible power but you also possess a terrifying intuition…” The lightning Qilin’s voice was like a thunder reverberating through the sky.

“So there really is something…” Allen frowned as he once again dodged while somersaulting in the air.

His pair of black butterfly wings flapped crazily causing a strong wind to blow.

“I realized I can’t hurt you with normal lightning so I put some of my willpower on it. It’s called [ Lei Gong’s Sacred Lightning ]. If you got hit on it, even if you’re okay from lightning, your spirit will still get heavily injured…” The Lightning Qilin responded as it sent again another bolt of purplish lightning.

“… I have seen your battle with the dragon and learned that you are invulnerable to physical attacks but weak in soul-based attacks, isn’t it?”

Tsk! Allen clicked his tongue.

“… Did you know, human king? There exist three types of ‘attack’, physical attack, mental attack and spirit attack.”

“When a physical attack is deemed useless the mental attack will be used. And if all fails, the spirit attack which is the most special among the three will be brought on stage. But against a human like you, a mental attack is sufficient.”


“Humanity’s will and spirit is fragile compared to us, especially a sacred existence like me. As long as I hit you with a direct attack, even if your physical body is okay, I doubt your mind will be left unscathed.”

Despite the fact that Lightning Qilin wasn’t the strongest species, but as a sacred mythical beast, it was no joke that its spiritual power exceeded that of normal beings.

The Lightning Qilin’s laughter resounded through the dark painted sky, “… I’ve been fighting for centuries compared to you, human. My strength is unlimited and I cannot be defeated by a human like you. What have you got?”

A smaller ego, Allen thought, but he said nothing.

Allen’s face felt a little warm due to the Thunderbolts dancing in the sky, but he managed a smile.

The Qilin has strength.

But that’s all it has. Even strength has to how to wisdom sometimes.

Humans may be weak but it still wins in terms of intelligence. A mere beast could still not be compared to a human being!

Another purplish lightning strike at his head, but Allen was already not there.

You’re not the only who had fought countless battles!

His body thought for him. His instinct cultivated through numerous battles moved for him. The wind around them seemed to push him into the air as he turned into lightning and catapulted over the Qilin.

The wind around them seemed to push him into the air as he turned into lightning and catapulted over the Qilin.

“[ Insect Morph; Mantis Scythe ]!” Allen’s two hands transformed into black colored huge scythes, slashing at the Qilin’s huge body, as he came down.

But the Qilin was just as quick. It turned into a flash and disappeared. Allen twisted his body with the scythe’s momentum and turned around, just the time the Qilin reappeared.

It came at him like a whirlwind.

Allen’s instincts once again took over. He dodged and slashed and rolled, but he felt like he was fighting a hundred beasts.

Allen was hit by an impact.


Though Allen felt as if his blood was flowing in reverse and the broken blood vessels caused him to taste blood in his mouth, he continued to clench his teeth to suppress the pain…

Relying on his instinct and experience cultivated through numerous battles, he twisted his body to lash out at the Qilin with his leg.


The unexpected counter attack caused Lightning Qilin to gasp in surprise.

Being directly hit by him, who would have expected that he not only survived the strike but was still able to give a counter-attack? That in itself was a big surprise for the elite sacred mythical beast.

However, the force still sends the both of them flying backward like a cannon ball.

“Ugh!” Allen sprayed a mouthful of blood as he felt his body crashed to the ground.

Feeling the pain, Allen immediately looked down on his body, as if checking if his abilities disappeared.

But there’s nothing wrong, Allen was then struck by a realization as he cast his gaze towards the Qilin. “You coated yourself with lightning…?!”

 “You said that you are the lightning itself,” The Qilin smiled. “But what if a stronger lightning collided against a weaker lightning, what will happen then?”

“Smart ass,” Allen snarled. Who said that beast couldn’t equal humans in terms of intelligence…?!

“But even so, it’s getting harder for me to think of you as a human anymore…. What in the world is your body constructed from?”

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