Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 86: [ A Visitor ]

Allen’s Obsidian colored hair and black parka contrasted sharply against the deep greens and pure white of the ground and surrounding.

The temperature was below freezing, but because the snow was still quite thin, it was perfect for sightseeing.

As Allen was lying, snow was already piled up on his body, almost burying his legs and feet as well as his abdomen. Only his chest and upper were not as it levitated a bit by the rock.

On a second and third person’s point of view, it looked really cold, in fact, it’s really cold but for some reason, Allen wasn’t the least bit feeling cold.

Allen opened his eyes and looked at overcast winter sky.

As expected, my body is not the same as it was before.  What Allen referred to was his body before and after his strange devil transformation.

Right now, even with only the parka on, he didn’t feel any discomfort or cold. It’s as if his body is automatically heating up to counter the cold, giving him comfort and bliss.

More importantly, even if he was now a Lv5 Superhuman, he could as feel as if his strength is beyond that.

Truthfully, Allen did not know how strong his physical strength right now. However, he knew that his physical strength must have reached an astonishing stage. At least for the ordinary Lv5 in the Superhuman Realm, it was an unimaginable height.

Talking about standards of strength, a Lv1 Possess enough strength to lift over twice one’s own body weight.

A Lv2 could crush a fist sized stone into fine dust and a Lv3 could bend steel easily.

A Lv4 could lift a motorcycle and cars without a problem.

A Lv5 could lift eight or ten wheeler trucks, buses, and large boulders. But Allen could feel that his strength right now far exceeds that of a standard Lv5.

Though I can’t say that this is bad…

Ever since his transformation, Allen realized that he had become odd. Not only did he have baffling horns, marks and tail, his strength far exceeded a normal Superhuman on the same level.

Allen knew that it was not an illusion or just his mere delusion, but because his physique had undergone a baffling change. And the most obvious manifestation was how Allen could still clearly feel the tail on his back even though it had already disappeared since he had worn the [ Mask of thousand faces ] and disguised.

But he for some reason he could still feel the tail, as if it slightly wiggles whenever he moves or walk, like having another limb behind him.

… I am not a human… anymore…

Thus, Allen couldn’t help but conclude. What happened to him isn’t a skill since he didn’t have that kind of thing. Although it was certainly strange to say that since he was just a normal human a few days ago but what happened to him can’t be explained otherwise.

What happened to him isn’t a skill since he didn’t have that kind of thing. Although it was certainly strange to say that since he was just a normal human a few days ago but what happened to him can’t be explained otherwise.

There’s no clue that will lead to him on a different answer, whether it was in the previous life or in this life, he never turned something like this before.

Then what is it…?

Was it really an overflow of power just like what I thought before?

But he never became like this, not even once in his previous life. Not to mention, he was without a doubt more powerful in the previous life compared to right now since he was just a Lv5 Superhuman and his previous rank was that of a peak mid-grade King rank.

So what is going on with him?

Forget about those powers, this appearance that is similar to demons… will I become like ‘them’ in the future?

Thinking like this, he had no way to deny the guess— Allen sigh bitterly.

Well, even if he doesn’t want to, he has no choice but to accept it. Besides, being a human or not isn’t really a problem for him anyway.

Allen rolled his eyes towards the roof and said with a tone of indifference, “Since you’ve come, why not come down and join me?”

“Since when…?” A familiar voice responded back.

At that moment, Allen suddenly felt an invisible energy surge from every direction, as though he was being surrounded by hard boulders. It felt like that they would crush him, fortunately, Allen is not an ordinary human anymore as it only lasted for a moment. This kind of pressure was only a bit heavy.

However, if it’s a normal human, they would have been crushed into meat paste by it. Of course, an ordinary Lv5 couldn’t also bear this kind of pressure but Allen wasn’t just a mere Lv5.

He was the Monster King, possessing a Lord rank Class and had become a true Monster Monarch. In addition, his transformation just a few days ago also strengthened his body, power, and will.

This pressure is already nothing for him.

Then a familiar figure appeared out of nowhere. Its scent like sweet grapes and its scales and fur is filled with sacred grace.

The Lightning Qilin.

“Oh!” A voice with a hint of admiration and surprised rang out from its mouth as it directed its eyes at Allen.

 “Since a while ago,”

Allen noticed it ever since it arrived. Although he didn’t particularly saw it with his own eyes, he was never lax on his surroundings. His sonar was always activated. Furthermore, as a monster king, his vigilance and perception that could be likened to sixth sense were extremely high!

“Do you need something? Qilin…”

The Lightning Qilin walked gracefully towards where Allen was at. It then stopped a few meters away from him.

“I just came to say hello.” The Lightning Qilin spoke, a smirk playing across its thin lips. “… Since my wounds have already healed, I came here to give my thanks for helping me before~”

Allen rose up in a sitting position and turned his head towards her, “When did prideful creatures like you know how to be so polite?”

A subtle flavor of amusement and interest in his young voice.

Mythological creatures such as Qilin and Dragons have their pride itch on their every bone and would rather die than yield to any lower life forms especially humans. They would never allow themselves to lower their head and give thanks…

“Don’t mock me, I’m noble…” The Lightning Qilin answered, sitting down in front of Allen. “…gratefulness after a good deed is done is only normal. Raising one’s head after everything, only egoistic fools do that, not a real noble existence like me.”

“… …”

The Lightning Qilin went on, “… besides, I don’t see you as a normal human…”

With a smirk playing on his face, the Lightning Qilin seemed to be hinting at something.

“Oh,” Allen’s smiling face was friendly and calm, “Do you think so?”

“Fighting a dragon and survive, do you still want me to think that you are a human. Furthermore, you are not affected by my presence. If it was another human, they would feel suffocated or worst kneel in front of me in fear and respect. In addition, the power you have shown before, something like that is impossible for a human being, at least…”

Allen smiled.

“… And now, I haven’t seen you for just a few days and you have changed into something else, though I don’t know what but I can feel…” The Lighting Qilin spoke, frost clinging to her breath. “So tell me, what are you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m what you can see and perceive…” Allen replied. “… Did you really just came here to give thanks or asked me about this?”

“… Did you really just came here to give thanks or asked me about this?”

“I did but you can’t blame me for being curious. If you think yourself as a human, then why do you have the same destiny as a Monster Monarch in you?”

“There are only twelve beings possessing such disposition and this twelve beings ruled the monster world, achieving the title of [ Twelve Monster Kings ]…”

“… …”

“Then why do you have one when you are a human? Why do you have a destiny of a Monster King…?”

“Destiny?” Allen’s eyebrows pinched slightly.

This was the first time he was hearing something about this.

Destiny of a Monster King… Is this related to his Lord rank Class; Monster King…?

“You don’t know? I guess that’s normal… do you know about the [ Twelve Monster Kings ]?”

“Of course I know about them, twelve beings standing on the summit of Monster World.”

Alkrasha is one of them. Bearing the title of [ Insect Queen ]!

From what Allen know, the title of Insect Queen is a very special position even among the Twelve monster Kings. This title was the only title that could be passed down, immediately being crowned as one of the twelve Monster Kings the moment they took the throne of the Insect Monarch.

“Although I haven’t met them, I had heard that each Monster Kings bear a great destiny that no other monsters have. It was said that even if you never met them before but the moment you laid your eyes on them, you will know that they are different.” Lightning Qilin continued with reverence.

“… Standing above others, looking down upon the world and gaining respect to every creature that lay their eyes on you… that is the kind of destiny a Monster King possess.”

“Then do you think that I have that kind of destiny…?”

“It’s faint but yeah…” The Lightning Qilin replied while laying itself onto the snowy ground, “I can somehow felt it. You are different from other beings I’ve met before. It’s not power but as if it can induce sympathy, awe, and intimacy…”

“I’m not sure and I don’t have any proof but I’m certain of it. I can feel it as if it was my instinct telling me, that destiny they are talking about… but why do you have it when you are just a mere human?”

When the Lightning Qilin was finally done with its explanation, it looked up at Allen.

The Lightning Qilin might have seemed calm, but it was astonished on the inside the moment its eyes turned to Allen… Since beginning to end, this young man was surprisingly calm. Even though he was being told on something very surprising, his eyes never flinched.

Certain expressions like “Shock, surprised, interest, emotional…” that normally appeared during situations like this, were not shown in the eyes of this youth!

Possessing a destiny similar to the twelve monster kings, just what kind of matter was that?

Twelve Monster Kings, they are the existences in this world that held the status of being the strongest!

If it was another human, they would have been surprised!

True to his words, he simply listened as if he was listening to a fairytale. Everything was so very ordinary.

The Lightning Qilin could not avoid being aghast. Such state of mind, was this really just a young man?

Now the Lightning Qilin is certain, Allen wasn’t a human and even if he was, he was certainly not an ordinary human being!!

“Is there really such thing as the Monster King’s destiny?” Allen seemed as if he was thinking about something. When he asked this question, he looked a little preoccupied.

“… and what would happen if I really have one?”

On the other hand, the Lightning Qilin was currently trying to figure out this black clothed youth’s identity.

Looking at his demeanors, each time he lifted his arms, moved his legs or cast his gaze seemed to carry an air of a superior being. As if giving orders was a normalcy for him. Plus his whole body seemed to exude an innate elegance.

If he was a monster, he would have probably been a descendant of some royal family, or at least of royal blood. He might have even been carrying one of those oldest and sacred bloodlines.

The strange thing was, how could a human being possess this kind of thing? No matter how he looked at Allen, he was a human. There were no characteristics that would reveal that he was just disguising himself as a human.

Before, the Lightning Qilin wasn’t that certain. In the past, it only had one chance to see a real Monster King. A month ago, when it was resting beside the lake, there she passed by. All monsters kneeled in reverence.

It doesn’t know who the female monster was but the Qilin for some reason felt a close kind of intimacy and worship as if something inside of him was telling it that it should kneel in respect.

When she left, the Qilin asked the other monsters and then learned that it was one of the legendary Monster Kings.

But now, for some reason, although it’s extremely weak, it still felt the same thing coming from Allen’s body. It then reached a conclusion that Allen was also a Monster King and even if not, he would possess the same kind of destiny!

However, this was still unbelievable. In the first place, having a human possessing a monster monarch destiny is a very shocking matter. If the Twelve Monster Kings know that one of their kind was a human, what would their reaction be?

That would be simply hilari – I mean dangerous!

How very odd!

“… I don’t know the significance of having that kind of destiny. But I had heard that if a monster possesses that kind of destiny then he would one day stand on the side of the Monster Kings. Of course, I’m talking about power but not a side. There was a saying, a monster king can only be killed by another monster king. But you are certainly weak right now so I’m guessing that if the other monster king knows of your existence then they would surely move to kill you.”

“… …”

“The current Twelve Monster Kings could be said to be standing in equilibrium. But if you, the thirteenth suddenly showed up, it would without a doubt break this balance even without you doing anything. So you better be careful…”

Those two eyes clear as autumn water now turned cold and looked at Allen. But it was really speaking out the words in the Monster King’s mind.

The Lightning Qilin’s intelligence can’t be underestimated. It was called a sacred mythical beast for a reason!

Right now, although the Monster World seems to be tranquil on the surface, however deep in shadows an underlying war is currently ongoing. And with Allen’s appearance, this war would surely change!

“I guess that’s natural. Whether it’s in the Human world or the Monster world, fighting for power is always the norm. Especially for Monster world that’s strength is deemed everything…”

Allen crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled as he said. “…so you’re telling me, even if I won’t do anything, they would still be hot on my tail.”

“Probably, but the chance of that happening is extremely high…”

“… Qilin, why are you telling me all this? You seemed to be giving me a warning…”

“You have saved my life and I owe you for that. I just can’t let you be killed without doing anything, right?”

“Killed? Me?” Allen smiled.

At this moment, a ferocious smile appeared on Allen’s face.

The Lightning Qilin instantly felt an icy killing aura locking on him.

These words of the Qilin were like a ball of explosives that broke Allen’s levee, and intense pressure flooded into the room like a rushing tide!

Although it’s not as strong as the Qilin’s pressure, however, it’s at least not inferior. Compare to that of the Qilin, Allen’s aura was much more potent. A human against one of the sacred mythological beasts, and not even a little deficient!

 “There were many people wanting to kill me but no one had yet to succeed. Even if they were the Monster Kings, they are still insufficient…”

Allen carried a breathtaking air, but he was also perfectly calm at the same time.

His killing aura covered the whole place making it seemed like an ice cave. That chill even spilled out into half of the street in front.

Allen’s eyes were bright with a light that exposed a body of someone who undergone many tribulations, his killing intent had been concentrated to the max…

But the main reason was that Allen’s devil transformation had given him a huge change not just physically but also mentally. A great thirst for blood, dark aura akin to a devil or a Fiend Superhuman.

It’s not intentional but subconscious. It’s as if, after hearing those words, something inside Allen was enraged and wanted to slaughter. Fortunately, it was only a moment before Allen managed to regain his senses.

At this moment, Allen realized that he would occasionally have thoughts of rampaging around killing everything in sight albeit weak, though thankfully he was not an ordinary superhuman and was a peak-mid grade King Superhuman in his previous life and this strengthened his fortitude.

In Allen’s eyes, he did not care how powerful the opponent or his position was. Because, to him, the world is always the same world.

Whether it’s the Monster Kings or the Demons, he would still confront them in the future if he wants to become the strongest even if he didn’t want to.

Forget about Kings whatever, so what even if it was an Emperor?

Who cares about consequences; if you people make one move, I will kill you!

The Lightning Qilin stared at Allen with great surprise and raised a low growl. An intense killing aura also surged from its body, counter-attacking Allen’s killing aura.

When the two auras almost collided, Allen flashed a smile and took back his own aura.

It’s not like he was scared but if their aura’s collided, the whole place would surely get destroyed and he can’t allow that. This is Ye Yuesheng’s house after all; it would be shameless if he destroyed even a part of it.

The moment, Allen took back his aura; the Qilin’s aura disappeared as well.

“I don’t care if they are Kings but as long as they block my way, they are my enemy.” Allen faintly muttered. He was just sharp and ferocious a moment ago, but now he seemed to keep everything in check.

The Lightning Qilin might have pulled back its killing aura, but its eyes still carefully watched Allen. The fact that such young man like him was able to emit such a powerful killing aura made it stunned!

Although the Lightning Qilin’s aura is stronger, still the potency can’t be compared to Allen’s. This only shows that Allen had killed far more than the Qilin. And that dark aura… was it just its imagination…?

“Very good!” The Lightning Qilin praised, but it did not reveal whether that praise was for Allen or his aura. Afterward, he turned back to Allen and spoke slowly, “… But even if you show that to me, Monster King’s power is still not something you can contend.”

“… …”

“You certainly are confident in your abilities, but in this world, there are some things where just confidence is not enough.”

“Maybe so,” Allen didn’t deny.

Allen had once fought two of the monster kings in the previous life. One of it was Alkrasha who possess a Bishop rank strength.

And certainly, he was outclassed. Alkrasha and the other Monster King’s power were on another different level.

But Allen wasn’t the least bit scared. He was not the same as in the previous life. Here, he had power and abilities far stronger compared to him from before.

So, “… what about you Qilin? Why don’t you join me?” Allen smiled.

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