Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 85: [ World Movements ( part 3 ) ]

“You mean that fairy tale?”

“Yeah, although I have never been there before, I had heard some stories about it. Naturally, no one had managed to go that place, after all, it’s a place personally ruled by the Twelve Monster Kings themselves.” Suddenly, Maria remembered something causing her smile to become stiff. “… Ah, I think except for one, that is~”


“My little brother, Allen.”

“Really?!” The woman exclaimed in shock. How can it be him again?!

“Yeah, although it’s not certain, however, Allen did mention that he had visited Bremen before. He said that it was located on a small island and it’s a nice place but a very dangerous one. Monsters are everywhere and most of them like to discriminate humans. If you’re not strong enough to protect yourself, you will certainly die. However, if you are extremely strong, you will be acknowledged as a friend.

Strength means everything in that place, after all.”

“So a place from Grimm Fairytales also exists?”

“Not just a place but also character. The Ginger Bread man, the sweet house in Hansel and Gretel and the infamous Pied Piper of Hamelin. They are all real.” Maria answered Sister Tacia’s mutterings. She then turned her gaze towards Salamandra.

“Why are you going there? Is Allen there?”

“I don’t know but there should be someone who knows about the Insect Queen’s kingdom there. If not, I would just look for the Monster Kings directly. The snake and I should be enough to hold a monster king in an equal level~”

Salamandra answered proudly. She seems to be confident on her strength, though if she could really stand against a monster king on an equal footing is still extremely doubtful.

“One last thing, who is this snake you’re talking about?” Maria was curious as to who has returned from the future.

If it’s a snake monster, then the hydra is the possible answer. But if that’s the case, why did the Hydra manage to return back in time when Salamandra couldn’t?

Maybe it wasn’t the Hydra?

There were also several snake type monsters Allen had tamed before. So which of them was it…?

But contrary to Maria’s expectation, Salamandra’s answer was different.  “It’s Ava, a Medusa.”

“What?!” Maria’s mind short circuited.

A Medusa?

When did Allen have a Medusa? She doesn’t know any Medusa from Allen’s tamed beasts…

“A Medusa? Are you sure?”

“What is wrong with you?” Salamandra frowned while looking at Maria’s shock expression.

“Allen didn’t have a tamed monster like Medusa…” although that is as far as I can remember.

“What are you talking about? Ava is not a tamed monster but Master’s lover. You sure are really rude.” Salamandra showed a very displeased expression. “If Ava heard what you said, she would certainly turn you into stone.”

“Lover? What do you mean?”

“Although I’m not quite sure, I know Ava is master’s lover. She appeared in one of my dreams even her death, though unclear and a bit fuzzy.”

“Ava…?” Maria really didn’t know about this Ava.

“I really wondered why Master loves her. From what I can see, she had a very hideous and ugly face, although apparently it was just an illusion made from a goddess curse on her race and it seems like the master, for some reason isn’t affected by the curse and can still see Ava’s real appearance~” Salamandra unconsciously murmured.

“I wonder what’s her real appearance is… anyway, I need to go. Good bye may fate let us meet one day, humans~” after leaving this line, just like how she appeared, Salamandra was enveloped by darkness and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Maria and Sister Tacia was left in the garden, both wearing a very troubled expression.

Salamandra’s come and go as well as her power alarmed the new archbishop of the church; Sister Tacia. If Salamandra’s power is already this terrifying then just how strong is their master supposed to be?

Just how powerful is Allen Bando…?

Maria, on the other hand, realized something, there are still monsters Allen had that she hadn’t met or known. And it seems these monsters are not simple either, for example, this Ava.

A monster from the Medusa’s race.

One must know that Medusa is a very rare but terrifying monster. They belong to the monster tribe of Gorgons and it was said that their ancestor was the Medusa who was killed by the Hero Perseus.

They are monsters said to be cursed by the Greek Goddess of wisdom, craft, and war; Greek Goddess Athena.

Though this is still doubtful after all, the existence of the Hero Perseus and the Goddess Athena is still questionable itself since no one had ever seen them and was only heard in legends.

But there is something that is certain. Medusas despised humans. They don’t like humans especially men!

… But for Allen to make a Medusa his lover. Just what the heck is that guy doing?! In the first place, how did he do that?

She had never heard about this!

At this moment, she finally kneeled on his little brother’s womanizing ability. She was completely defeated!

As expected of [ Dawn Alliance ] Don Juan! He’s a real and alive Casanova!!    

Don’t tell me, there is still some that she doesn’t know?!

Maria had never thought that Allen has provoked these many women unexpectedly, whether they were human or monsters.

This little bastard of a brother is really fickle. As she thought of this, Maria also wonders that Allen really had a mysterious charm on him, always make women found appealing.

Maria who is self-proclaimed as Allen’s big sister was now worrying something completely different.

However, because of these strange worries filling her mind, there is one thing Maria had overlook.

Salamandra’s arrival without memories is the proof of it. There is a monster out there, gathering Allen’s forces.

Walking forward, slowly gathered under one banner.

If Maria was still on her right mind, she would have noticed this very important issue that would affect the whole world.

A group that would become the most powerful force in the world is now slowly being created without the man himself.

Allen without knowing himself was slowly walking towards the center of the world.

— —

“The wind feels nice…”

In the balcony of the mansion standing proudly in the top of a hill, a woman with a head of slithering snakes was looking down on the world. Her slit eyes were gentle but it hides a ferocity that would cause anyone to feel a chill crawling down their spine.

“I wonder what he’s doing now…”

She was wearing a long fitting green dress like a princess from fairy tales. On her wrist was a beautiful silver bracelet that looked like a snake eating her tail.


“What are you doing in this cold, Ava?” breaking the silence of the night, a red haired girl with a single horn on her forehead appeared behind her.

“Did you find him, Salamandra?” without moving, the woman named Ava kept on looking at the dark night, as if longing something, as if waiting for something.


“Then keep—”

“But I know where he is~”

“… …”

“… But there is a problem. Alkrasha, the new Insect Queen took him.”

“What?!” Ava frowned as she turned around and looked at Salamandra. The snakes on her head that were usually playful was now glaring at the red haired girl in front of her. It looked menacing.

“That is why I will go to Bremen to see if there is any news about him and Alkrasha. Maybe I might also find her kingdom’s location there~”

“Is that so, then go, you must find him immediately!”

“Yes, yes… I’m stronger than you but still, why are you so bossy and commanding. Should I grill you?” Salamandra showed an annoyed look.

“Whatever you say, it’s still a brute force after all. You need to use your brain sometimes not just brute force…”

“Hmph! Whatever, in any case, I’m still curious about this supposed to be master of mine. I wonder if he is stronger than me. If not, I won’t consider him as my master~”

“I warned you, Salamandra. If you do anything to him, I will consider you an enemy!”

“What wonderful eyes, but… don’t worry, I know my limitations. Especially since he seems to be my master, I have breaks. But…”

Salamandra’s red eyes turned even redder and her tone became even more forceful!

“… Snake, you should not forget. Us Dragons don’t bow down to creatures weaker than us! You said that he was my master and I’m still a bit doubtful about it, I need to clarify it first!”

“Salamandra, did you forget our original objective?!”  Sskkkhhhh, snakes bared their fangs towards Salamandra, as if threatening.

“I remember it veeeery well~” Salamandra put her hands on her waist and her tail wagged like a dog behind her. “… It’s to bring the dark side of the master out on the surface. Isn’t it?”

“Correct…” Ava turned her gaze on the dark forest outside the mansion. Her hold on the railings tightened. “… Allen was always hurt in the previous life because he was too kind and merciful. He was too good for his own good that this world shamelessly took advantage and hurt him time after time. That is something I cannot forgive!”

The temperature around the area instantly turned cold like a world of ice.

“… …”

“If the world is like this, then they should just bow down under our feet! We will not give them an opportunity to raise their own heads and took advantage of him. There is only one way to achieve that, and that is for him to become this world’s ruler!”

“… …”

“And for that to happen, we need to change Allen’s thinking and bring out the darkness that is quietly hiding inside of him.”

“And do you really think that such darkness, exist?” Salamandra couldn’t help but ask.

“I do. I once had an opportunity to witness it. Back in the ruins of the flying island; Laputa, we met a terrifying king whose power could control gravity easily. We almost died back then but Allen, because of anger from the king’s words was enveloped by a strange shadow.

A dark silhouette of horns, wings and a tail appeared. After this strange transformation, Allen easily defeated the tyrant king. But Allen has no recollection of such event, so we decided not tell anything about it.”

“A horn, wings, and tail? If he’s not a dragon then he is a demon, isn’t it? Is he really a human?” Salamandra was skeptical.

She doesn’t remember such things and there are no similar events in her dreams. In conclusion, she wasn’t there, or maybe it was an event before they had met.

“I don’t know.” Ava shook her head. “Allen is always a strange human that we never completely understood. We hid that fact because we are terrified by it but now, in order for him to become happy, it seems like it is necessary to bring that darkness once more. For that, I will turn my heart to stone and do it.”

“… Truthfully, if possible, I don’t want to do it. Even ‘they’ would surely stop me if ‘they’ know about this but this time… it’s unavoidable.” Ava’s slit eyes turned red and a killing intent overflowed from within her. The snakes on her head hiss as if they were enjoying it and excited about it.

“I like your killing intent…” Salamandra smirk. “… I feel like I’m finally seeing the real you, Princess Ava.”

“Don’t call me Princess. I have already cast aside my identity as one of the Medusas tribe after choosing this path. How about you, your sisters, as well as mine, will surely try to stop us if they know what we are planning. Do you still want to go on?”

Salamandra shrugged her shoulder, “I have no intention of following anyone’s opinion. I have followed your plan because I have my own motives of doing this. I’m a dragon and at the same time a demon. Both of my races revere powerhouses, and so, if my master can become the most powerful in the world then I have no qualms about it, in fact, I’ll welcome it.”

“But by doing so, Allen will certainly change… that change might not be to your liking.”

“The only constant in this world is change. If change is necessary then why stop it? Even if he became the next demon king or even turn into even worst, that itself is also interesting.” Salamandra smiled as if such thought gives her thrills and excitement.

“As expected, I really don’t like you Salamandra.” Ava sighed. “… I really wonder why you follow Allen in the previous life. Although before my death, I can feel your love, however, you have something hidden behind your scales…”

“I don’t know, you shouldn’t ask that to me but to the Salamandra, you know of. Even if you tell me that we are similar but for me, she and I are different people. I don’t want to be compared to a ghost, even if it’s my other self. It’s unpleasant!”

“… …”

“… My element is darkness, there’s no value in my existence other than power and death.”

Listening to Salamandra’s murmuring, Ava couldn’t help but sneer. “Even if you say that, for me, it just looks like you reverted back into a brat.”

“What did you say?!” Salamandra’s tone became sharper and threatening.

“Then let me convey what Allen had responded before to that darkness nonsense of yours, ‘Darkness doesn’t only mean death. For me, it’s also a kind of healing because darkness sooth me both physically and mentally. That is why people needed sleep and drown themselves in darkness.’” Ava looked at the glowing crimson colored moon as if she was reciting a very wonderful poem.

Salamandra found herself enamored by this magical scene.

“… ‘It is beautiful at the same time comforting. In fact, it gives light a value so darkness is in a way, very important.’” Her eyes were gentle and soft, she looked like a fragile glass that could shatter easily.

With those words, Salamandra was shocked to silence. She remained standing there without moving.

Looking at her, Ava couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. “I will try to remove all the obstacles in the way, so you better do your part and find Allen immediately. You’re the only one who can teleport in long distances after all…”

After leaving those words, Ava went inside the mansion. Only Salamandra remained in the balcony, quiet and solemn. As if she was thinking about something, she hangs her head down.

In the mansion veiled by darkness,

… A terrifying plan was put in action… !!

— —

Just like what Allen had expected, there was no monster attack happened even after a few days had already passed. Aside from several monsters appearing, it was extremely peaceful.

Sun Yueli, Ye Yuesheng, and the others took this time to fortify the whole city as they continued to build high brick walls.

While several Superhuman newbies including Ye Shishi was led by Sun Yingyun and captain of [ Long ] group; Tong Fu entered the forest to gain experience and train their newly acquired abilities.

Of course, this isn’t the same forest as the one Allen went to. That forest is a very dangerous place even for Sun Yueli. Creatures never before seen and levels higher than the current levels of Superhumans in the world could be seen loitering inside it.

As for additional information, aside from a certain abnormal someone, the highest level currently achieved according to the ordinary standard and time consideration is only at Level 3 or 4 at best. And this is already the fastest level up, three to four times compared to the previous world since there was an existence known as returnee who’s leveling is already beyond that of a genius can do.

Tang Yu was staying at Ye Yuesheng’s house and was acting as Allen’s personal servant. It even went to the point of snatching Ye Yuesheng’s duties inside the house. Cooking, Housework, Chores, Cleaning, Laundry and much more.

She went all out and did all of it, greatly showing her seriousness and pride in her status as Allen’s personal servant.

As for Raya, she occasionally went out to play but she spends all her time to stay in the house and do anything she could think of. At first, all the people were scared of her but no one dared to attack her since Sun Yueli announced her as harmless and a friend and that whoever lay their hands on her will be punished personally by him.

She was Allen’s friend after all ( though he always believed that she was Allen’s Tamed Beast ), so Sun Yueli gave her an at most importance.

At first, it was awkward and stiff but after two to three days of seeing her, the people seemed to have been already used to her presence and some even went and try to communicate via hand gestures especially the little children.

Their simple yet funny gestures and those innocent smiles somewhat ease Raya and made her extremely happy. She never had once expected this moment that she would be able to mingle and interact with the humans and that she would be accepted like this. Although the atmosphere is still a bit strained and there are still some prejudicial gazes directed at her but there was nothing serious.

For her, this was fine. This was natural. To be able to live like this is already amazing enough and could be considered as a miracle itself.

And she knows why she was able to enjoy this kind of things. All of it was thanks to that unpredictable and strange human(?), whatever he is…

As for that strange human, Allen was spending his time in rest. After returning from the forest, Allen seemed to have enveloped by a strange fatigue. Although his entire is full of life, however, his mind seemed to have given in.

After some thoughts, Allen guessed that this was because of his fight with the Elder dragon where he exhausted his all just to fight it. Although his body and strength had already recovered, the mental strain hasn’t.

And maybe his strange transformation too also greatly contributed to it.

It was just another day for Allen. Normal and perfectly at peace, but for once Allen wasn’t in the middle of a fight, betting his life on the game of death.

Allen was currently resting while leaning lazily against a rock with snow and withered moss on it. His both hands were crossed behind his head and his eyes were closed as if sleeping.

It was a nice day to just kick back for a change, lounging and doing nothing. Especially, the weather is perfect for doing such thing.

It was currently snowing.

Two days after Allen and the other left the forest, snow started flowing. Before it was just in the middle of summer but now, it was already the beginning of winter.

This was strange and completely unheard of. The people inside the city were even alarmed of such sudden development, calling it global warming and climate change.

But for Allen, this was just normal.

Because of the changes in the world after the Apocalypse started, the weather became extremely unusual. The season, as well as the weather, became extremely volatile as they can change without any warning.

It was difficult to predict but if you got used to it like Allen, then season changing is nothing~

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