Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 83: [ World Movements ( part 1 ) ]

Allen opened the door and immediately entered the house.

“Young master, is something wrong?” Tang Yu worriedly asked.

“Allen, what happened to you Ah? What is this? How did you become like this Ah?” Ye Yueshing also asked.

“I don’t know.” Allen shook his head. With a wry smile, he continued: “… I don’t know everything, but they did say that when puberty hits, you’ll change, right~”


Ye Yueshing and the rest were dumbfounded.

“Maybe these were just secondary characteristics appearing because of puberty?” Allen said with a mischievous smile.

Are you in puberty? Besides, that’s some change you got there!? All the women inside the room unconsciously retorted inside their minds.

 “Are you telling me to believe that?”

“It’s the truth.”

Although there is also the possibility of there being an overflow of power, causing me to change like this, physically. But this is a moot point right now. Allen really wanted to freak out but for some reason he doesn’t know, he felt as if this change was completely… normal.

Just what is going on with me?

What have I become?

… what will I become…?

He wasn’t like this in his previous life. Aside from having supernatural power, he looked like a very normal human. Not like this, his current appearance was similar to that of higher ranking demons known as ‘Devils’.

This situation is completely incomprehensible! 

… but, oh well, there’s no point in wrecking my mind about it. Even if I work my brain out, I’m certain that I would still be unable to understand it. Let Time explain it for me~

If Allen couldn’t understand something, then he won’t think about it — that’s his motto.

Allen relaxed his serious face which seemed to be a farce and smiled without worries.

 “I am sure that it won’t cause any problem.”

It was strange, but, he wasn’t bothered by it, or interested in this situation. 

“Fine… let’s just keep it at that.”

Everyone wasn’t buying Allen’s explanation wholesale and had a deeply confused look. They felt something wasn’t right and didn’t know how to express it — In that awkward atmosphere; the one who moved was Raya.

“But Allen, wouldn’t that appearance cause a problem?”

Raya knows what humans are. They despised something that is completely different from them.

This was what her mother had always reminded her so that she would never trust a human completely – though Allen seems to be an exception.

Allen smiled like usual when he was asked– But Tang Yu, who understood him and Ye Yuesheng who had some vague understanding knows that Allen’s pitch black eyes contained unusual passion, confidence and the will to challenge the norm.

And as he expected, Allen nodded strongly in agreement.

“That’s a given. Humanity’s mortal enemies are demons and the appearance I currently have is almost similar to them. But that won’t be a problem. If anyone comes up, I would just send them flying to the moon~”

Facing Allen, who was cutely tilting his head as if joking, no one gave a response. Right now, a terrifying silence was controlling the whole place. It might sound silly but for those who knew Allen, these words are certainly not just a mere joke!

“Whatever~” Raya simply shrugged after hearing him reply so confidently.

Seeing Allen’s carefree expression, everyone was thinking the same thing: It’s useless to say anything now.

“Well… wait, who are you?!”

At this moment, Ye Yuesheng who finally relaxed her tense nerve suddenly noticed Raya and Tang Yu, especially Raya.

“You, you, you…” She stuttered in shocked. This also caused Ye Shishi to notice the two women and her eyes widened in shock.

“H, Hello~” Although the mother –daughter pair couldn’t understand her, Raya waves her arms awkwardly.

Tang Yu, on the other hand, didn’t have any change in her expression and still silently stood behind Allen.

“They are friends…” Allen laughed for a while, and, then reverted to his serious expression.

He then walked towards his room (formerly Ye Shishi’s room).

After a few minutes, he walked out while bringing a white colored plain mask. Under the women’s eyes, he put it on his face and in an instant, the mask seemingly integrated with Allen’s face and turned into his original appearance. But this time, the horns, the black linings and the tail disappeared.

This was the rare item; [ Mask of thousand faces ] he had always carrying inside her black parka. It possesses an ability to transform the user’s appearance and impersonate others to a high degree of success.

Allen doesn’t know how to change back and so, he has no choice but to revert to his original appearance by using the [ Mask of thousand faces ]. With this, no one should know that he transformed into a devil!

Aside from the people present at that moment, no one knows about Allen’s transformation aside and what it brings to the world in this warring state.

However, outside of Allen’s knowledge, all the people who returned like him were already doing their own movements…

— —

In a certain snowy mountain, a certain tribe of beast-men lived quietly in the cold.

But on this day, something had begun while covered by the veil of shadows…

“Princess! We had caught him!” A rough voice rang out.

“What are you doing to me?! Do you know who I am?!”

A ragged man with white hair was kneeling on the ground, screaming while being surrounded by several people.

They looked like a group of humans but the only difference was that on the top of their heads were fluffy looking animal ears and wolf tail wagging behind them.

They are the Snow Wolves Tribe!

In front of the group were a beautiful woman with a long waist length white hair, wolf ears, and tail. Her eyes were beautiful but it radiates a cold piercing light as if it could freeze those whoever was reflected on it.

“It’s you! You vixen! Do you know what you are doing?! I am the son of the former king!” The man screamed in rage.

“Abirtous Iceroar.”

The woman looked over at the man kneeling on the ground with a cold gaze.

The white haired woman just stood there, all around were snow falling and swaying due to the gentle wind.

The white haired woman stood with her long hair swayed by the wind adding an aura of otherworldliness.

“Do you know your sin?”

The man stared at her with his eyes wide open in shock. What sin?

“What are you talking about?!”

“I guess you don’t know, but that is fine.” The woman said with an indifferent tone. “… Well then, let me say it for you. In the near future, you will raise a rebellion and force my father out of the throne by killing him. You will then kill my brothers and sisters and capture me. Then after, you will force me to marry you. But you will fail…”

The white-haired woman clenched her fists. “… However, your greatest and unpardonable sin is that you used the whole pack to chase my beloved husband to kill him! Because of you, most of the tribe saw my husband as an enemy! That alone is something I cannot forgive!”

“Husband? What the heck are you talking about, Mireya?! I didn’t…”

“Call me Princess you mongrel!!” Mireya growled and out of nowhere, a sharply pointed icicle appeared from the ground and pierced through the man’s abdomen.

“Gyaaaah!!!” Abirtous cried out in pain.

Mireya ignored the man’s painful scream and continued to stare at him with cold eyes as if she was looking, not a living person but a corpse.

“You! You can’t do this to me! I’m the son of Bargus Iceroar, the former king!”

“So what? In my eyes you are nothing!”  Mireya raised her hand towards Abirtous.

“For my beloved husband’s suffering, I will exact my revenge on you. Die!”



Several sharp meter long icicles appeared in the air and rushed towards Abirtous under his panic gaze.


Five to six ice spears also appeared from the ground and pierced through Abirtous defenseless body.

“You will pay for this, Mireya!! You will pa–!!”

Abirtous body fell on the ground without life. His untimely execution seems like an illusion since his eyes were still wide open and were filled with intense hatred. If not for the blood flowing through the snowy ground, it would seem as if he was still alive, glaring hatefully at the Snow Wolf Princess.

Mireya sneered. “Clean this up and make sure no one knows about this.”


Three wolfmen immediately carried Abirtous corpse and left.

“But Princess, if his majesty knows about this, he would certainly be enraged!”

“I know, that is why make sure that no one knows that we killed Abirtous!”

The Wolfman hesitated for a moment, “… how about the Iceroar clan? They would surely investigate Abirtous disappearance.”

“Leave them for now. Iceroar clan still holds a huge influence among the snow wolves tribe and if they rebel now, even if we might be able to win, it would still cause the entirety of the tribe to weaken. That is something we must avoid!”

Mireya looked at the horizon. Her ice cold gaze gradually softened, “The stronger the tribe become, the bigger the help I could give to my husband. I can’t let it became weaker, even the little bit.”

“… …” The man beside Mireya couldn’t help but frown. He’s really starting to get curious about this so-called ‘Husband’ Mireya was talking about.

He had served the Icefang clan even before Mireya was born. He had even witnessed the ascension of Lobo Icefang, Mireya’s father to become the next Snow Wolf King.

However, he had never seen or heard Mireya getting closed with any men in the tribe. So who is this ‘Husband’ she was referring to?

“Uncle Bregan, for the Icefang clan’s stability, we need to develop things slowly. We need to bit the Iceroar clan’s influence little by little until it can be swallowed in one gulp. But we can’t let my father knows about this. He hates schemes and plans and prefers head-on battles, so he would only be falling to the Iceroar clan’s palms.”

“… …”

“My father trusts you the most. I’m also the same that is why; I will leave this plan in your care.”

“It’s my honor to serve the clan!” The wolf man called Bregan bow in respect.

“… What are you doing next, princess?”

Mireya fingers her long white hair, showing a bright smile on her face.

“It’s simple.”

Her smile is astonishingly beautiful.

“I will find my husband… but before I do that, I need to see some old friends—”

She mutters till this point, and turns her face away,

“I’m guessing they were either preparing to find him or still staying on their rotted nest, not remembering anything.”

Her tone is extremely forceful, just like a queen.

“Although I prefer if they just disappeared so that I can solo my husband but winning like this left a bad taste in my mouth. Especially that fire brain idiot, I prefer to win honestly and see her tears in defeat.”

She looks really happy.

The sun was half hidden behind the clouds, the rays shooting in all directions. However, it still highlighted Princess Mireya’s white clothing to be more bright and beautiful and coupled with the constant falling white snow, it became more aloof and out of the world.

This moment was like that. Mireya was not doing anything but standing there.

But even so, that part of space seemed, unlike the surroundings, almost holding a type of supernaturally indifferent grace.

As expected of the most beautiful woman in the snow wolf tribe! Bregan couldn’t help but feel at awe.

“Just like what I had promised that I will find you in next life…” A slightly cold voice passed gently into his ears, “… No matter where you are right now, I will certainly find you… my husband.”

— —

In a place not far away from Mireya and the others, behind a huge Alpine tree was a dark silhouette, quietly watching.

“What is my dearest sister planning this time?” the silhouette faintly muttered.

“She actually killed Abirtous. Although that felon is certainly a detestable Wolfman that could even be considered a shame for the prideful Snow Wolf Tribe, however, sister should know what this action dictates. This could lead to a war between the tribes and even father would surely go on a rampage if he knows about this.”

“… In the first place, killing a tribesman is a very serious crime and could lead to execution if it was known! Just why did sister do this sort of thing even after knowing all of this?”

The silhouette couldn’t understand Mireya’s intentions. Even if Abirtous did something unforgivable to her sister, but according to Mireya’s character, she would just endure it and kept quiet about it. As for the reason why, it’s because she was scared of creating a rift between the tribes, especially in these unstable times.

But Mireya unexpectedly did something like this without hesitation and she was even planning something against the Iceroar clan…

When did her sister become such a person?

At this moment, the silhouette suddenly thought of something: “… this should be connected to that ‘Husband’ she was talking about…”

But who? Just like Bregan, she had never seen her sister became close with other men before.

“I need to find out who this ‘Husband’ is …”

The corner of hiding silhouette’s mouth curved up slightly and in the eyes that were looking at Mireya, there seemed to be a hint of laughter. “Things are getting interesting.”

— —

In another part of the world…

“… In other words, this Mark and Daniel is recreating the [ Dawn Alliance ] you told me about. The Bianchi Family led by the divination princess… this Mia Bianchi was also another factor…”

A woman wearing a white priest robe sighed.

The woman stared at the pile of English documents in her hand. This had just been delivered from her subordinates scattered all over the world.

“… But as expected, the most troublesome one is still this Allen Bando.”

“… …”

“Just like what you wanted, I had ordered my subordinates in the Philippines to look for someone named Allen Bando. But how could I say this, if what is reported was real then he’s really something.”

More like, he was terrifying…

Recorded in these documents were the terrifying results of the investigation about Allen Bando. His abilities, his powers, his character, his history, and his personal connection, all of it were recorded in the documents on her hand.

“As expected of the church’s power, you sure are efficient and quick~” A woman in her early twenties smiled while drinking a cup of tea.

“Are you being sarcastic, Maria?”

“Nope, you misunderstand me. After all, I’m still a devout believer. That is why even now I still kept my status as the Holy Maiden~” The woman called Maria answered.

She was one of the Ten Kings, Maria Earlstein; the Church Holy Maiden.

Maria and the woman in white robe were sitting on wooden chairs in the garden beside a huge church, surrounding a round table.

They were currently in the garden of the largest church located in Vatican that would become the center of the Church ascension in the whole world.

“… still huh, is that why you planned the Archbishop Louis?” There was a sharp tone of the voice. “When did you become a schemer? Such character is unbefitting for a servant of God much less a Holy Maiden like you, Maria!”

“Maybe… but sister Tacia, you have known me ever since I was adopted by the church. I respected the church and treat it as my home but sadly, the Archbishop would ruin everything. He touched someone who shouldn’t be touched and almost cause the annihilation of the entire Vatican. This stupidity weakened the church, reducing it into a mere third rate influence.”

Maria shrugged her shoulder. “What I did, is just protecting the church~”

“Are you talking about this future you have mentioned before?”

“That’s right…”

The white robed woman stared.

“This someone is that Allen Bando who you wanted me to check up on…?”

“… …”

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