Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 82: [ Sudden Transformation ]

“What are you doing here?” Upon seeing them, Allen asked as he slowly walked towards them.

Sun Yueli, Sun Yingyun, Ye Yuesheng and Ye shishi was looking at Allen with wide open eyes. They looked as if they were looking at a ghost.

In fact, they thought that something happened to Allen since he didn’t come back last night. The eastern forest was a very dangerous place that not even them, dared to venture it alone. In addition, the commotion that had happened yesterday…

Allen never returned last night meant something bad had happened. But unexpectedly, Allen suddenly appeared leisurely in front of them. Who wouldn’t feel surprised?

“Hey…” Allen once again called out but before he could say something, he was suddenly pulled into an embrace.

Ye Yueshing who was stunned just now instantly regained her senses upon seeing Allen and rushed towards him, embracing him.

Allen noticed Ye Yuesheng’s body was trembling and she looked like she was crying.

“Allen you idiot…” She softly muttered as her embrace became even tighter.

Looking at this scene, forget about Raya and Tang Yu, even Sun Yueli and the rest became shocked. Ye Shishi’s brows furrowed and a complicated expression appeared on her face. However, she didn’t stop them and instead stood without saying anything.

“… Didn’t I tell you to come back early yesterday? Why did you just come back now?”

Allen wore a wry smile and circled his arms around Ye Yuesheng’s waist.

“… I was really worried, you know…”

“Yeah… sorry… I’m really sorry.”

I can’t make any excuses when you look at me like that…

Allen smiled bitterly while scratching the back of his head. “… I couldn’t help it, some things happened. Though I apologize for missing your fried rice…”

“Hmm…” Ye Yueshing shook her head before separating from Allen. “I can cook it again…”



Ye Shishi coughed awkwardly: 

“Mom, you have a look, there are many people in the surrounding.” 

On this call, Ye Yuesheng finally realized the people around them. She was so excited just now that she forgot where she was at.

“Ah!?” Noticing their ambiguous position, Ye Yueshing jump like a startled cat. Her face was as red as a tomato. She could only hang her head down in shame. She remembered a moment ago, she and Allen in an intimate position in front of these many people, she was suddenly embarrassed. 

On the other hand, Ye Shishi had a wish that, just a moment ago, she was her mother hugging Allen, but unfortunately she was not.

 “Beast King, we are glad for your safe return.” Sun Yueli ignored Ye Yueshing and walked towards Allen.

“Why are you here?”

Sun Yueli cast a look at Ye Yuesheng’s way and then replied, “Miss Ye asked our help to look for you. In fact, we are already preparing to enter the forest,”

Allen smiled warmly.

To think she’d care for him to this extent…

Why does he find this so incredibly moving?

He didn’t return for only a night but then this little girl immediately becomes restless…

Look at her fidgeting, Allen cannot help but become absent-minded.

He felt as if he had returned to his former life. She was the first woman he first met in China that treated him nicely. She even suffered so much because of him and yet she never condemned him and still desperately tried to protect him which caused her, her life.

Looking at her appearance that was almost the same as in the past, Allen suddenly felt inside of him turned warm.

Xiao Sheng is really good.

In our former life, I owe you a debt that I could never possibly repay. In this life, I will make sure you will live life happily and without a problem. It’s the least I can do…

Under the beautiful crimson dyed sunlight, Allen smiles brightly. In his eyes full of happiness and tenderness…

Seeing this expression, all people looked silly. Most females couldn’t help but become enamored on this smile. It was too charming…

Unfortunately, the woman who these eyes are being directed to hadn’t seen since she was still lowering her head, looking on the ground as if afraid to see any people. She was still embarrassed on her actions earlier…

Tang Yu who saw Allen’s gaze bit her lower lip in frustration. She doesn’t know who this woman was but she certainly held a very enviable position in Allen’s heart. And here I thought I’m the first one. No, second or third is still good!

Raya, Ye Shishi, and Sun Yingyun, on the other hand, felt sour. They really envy Ye Yuesheng…

However, at this moment, Allen suddenly felt as if something inside of him was cracking. Alarmed, Allen immediately closed his eyes.

However, what greeted him was,

— —

“How many times… should thou disobey me…?”

… …

“I have already said this… long ago, thou need to leave. This… place isn’t… a place for someone like… thee will only die.”

… …

“Is seeing… mine smile… worth thy life?”

… …

— —

… A blurry image suddenly appeared inside Allen’s mind. Like a broken movie, it was blurry and fuzzy that even Allen couldn’t clearly see it.

— —

“I have already said it long ago but thee doesn’t listen… look at thou pitiful self…”

Although the image was blurry and unwatchable, however, Allen could still see the beautiful girl with an icy expression that seems to be made from ice looking down on the boy sprawled in front of her.

“Are you… itying me?” the dying boy asked with a smile. Something was corroding his face as it started to slowly crumble…

“… Thou were cursed… it would take a miracle for thee to actually survive it. Usually, a mere human’s body and soul will not be able to take it….th…oing to lose…self…art…ampaging…then…thou wilt be thrown in…the eternal…yss…”

“…then why…are you…rying…?”

— —

The image slowly faded and gradually disappeared. At this moment,


A blinding explosion of light occurred with Allen as the center. The light was a strange mixture of gold and silver.

“What is it now!”

“What is happening?!”

“Don’t tell me this light is…!” Sun Yueli widened his eyes. “… His leveling up? But isn’t this a bit too much?”

Usually, Superhumans who broke through their limits and level up would never have this kind of flashy event. Normally, they would just shine with almost unnoticeable dim light but now, Allen himself was emitting light from his body.

While everyone was panicking in this strange phenomenon,

A sound explosion rang out inside Allen’s mind and his body suddenly swelled up.

Those veins resembled like big earthworms crawling on top of his arm and back. His body transformed in a split second as his flesh on his arm, head, as well as the muscles on his back, all resembled as if they had expanded due to power overflowing.

He could even hear his bones and joints issuing out a ‘ka ka’ voice.

Allen was frightened; he didn’t know what had happened, as he had never met this kind of matter. But he made a great effort to keep his mind calm because he felt that at the time his joints were issuing huge sounds, his power was also growing by many folds.

After a while, the swelling stopped and gradually reverted back to normal. A ‘Ding!’ sound resounded inside his mind and it was then followed by a familiar sound like ringing bells.

[ Congratulations Mister Allen Bando. Your physical level increased to Lv5! ]


This development started Allen. Level up? Why? How?

Isn’t my experience still a bit lacking…?

And not just that… Did he just jump levels? What’s happening here?

However, it was still not finished as another prompt rang out with a ‘Ding!’

[ Congratulations to Mister Bando for reaching the initial threshold while possessing a profession. You acquired another class specific ability; [ Monster Sensory Synchronization ]! ] [ Monster Sensory Synchronization ] – An ability that enabled the user to taste, feel, smell, see and hear from the tamed monster’s senses. It allows the user to experience the world as their tamed beasts would. Current range – 10 meters. 

Currently, Allen’s entire body was surrounded by a golden yellow light. There were even sparks appearing from time to time, like golden playful snakes dancing around him.

This change shocks the surrounding silly. What’s happening?

When the golden light faded, Sun Yueli and the others mouth all turned into an ‘O’ and some even stepped back in fear.

On Allen’s head was a pair of curve horns situated above on each of his ears. It was around five inches long and with thumb sized thickness, pointing in front of him. A wavy black line that looked like a tattoo could also be seen running on his neck and his skin color became paler.

Most importantly was the long slim black pointed tail with the tip in the shape of a trident swaying behind him.

Seeing this changes, forget about the people behind Sun Yueli, even Raya and Tang Yu who knows Allen far better than they were shocked to the core.

The Allen in front of them looked like a devil in legend.                

What’s happening?!

But that’s impossible, Allen is a human. Then the only remaining possibility is that this is a skill?

[ ShapeShifter ]?

[ Demon Morph ]?

When the people started guessing, Allen finally opened his eyes. His originally brown pupils were now dyed pitch black.

Allen looked down and his eyes widened upon seeing his obvious transformation.

What happened to me?

What is this?

He was just feeling happy and warm just a while ago and yet, why did this happen?

Just what happened to him?

Allen racks his brain but he couldn’t think of anything. When he tried to use his mind, he suddenly suffered an intense headache as if something is breaking his brain. He couldn’t even remember the scenes he had seen a while ago…

Very painful.

What is that?

But after the pain subsided, Allen suddenly himself, “Quite comfortable.” … feeling wonderful.

Allen closed his eyes again and started enjoying the new found feeling. 

His cells were so active that it perplexed even him.

But in contrast with that,

Allen discovered that there was an unusual strength flowing inside his body and started nourishing his every muscle.

 “I felt that I was suddenly full of strength. I had gotten even stronger” Allen grasped his fist.

“… Beast King?”


“Do you actually have the legendary skill [ Demon Morph ] ability ah?” Sun Yueli couldn’t believe it.

[ Demon Morph ] skill is something only heard from legends. This kind of skill is said to be one of the god-level fiend type abilities.

In his previous life, someone said that there was once a person holding this kind of skill and almost conquered a whole world. Of course, this didn’t happen on Earth but in another world.

When the Demon King Army appeared and the appearance of Demon King was proven, some of the outworlder ( people who came from another world to seek asylum ) liken him to the legendary figure of their world. This person was said to possess an ability to transform into different kind of extremely powerful demons. He was a legendary figure.

But this skill’s existence was doubtful.

No one appeared that possess this kind of skill and some well-known people even doubted that Silver Crystals would possess such overpowered ability.

Only inferior skills like; [ Shapeshifter ], [ Animal Morph ], [ Plant Morph ], [ Insect Morph ], [ Dragon Morph ], [ Chimera ] and even Allen’s current skill that was obviously better than the one mentioned; [ Monster Morph ] was still slightly inferior compared to [ Demon Morph ].

All people look at Allen. They then noticed that his imposing manner had changed drastically.

The people immediately held themselves together since the moment Allen’s eyes turned towards them, they almost had an impulse to throw down and kneel. If they really did that, they will certainly lose face.

Such presence was really way too aggressive. 

This strange phenomenon shook all the people present. 

“[ Demon Morph ]?”

Allen had heard about this skill. He heard it once in his previous life.

There were even many experts who went to Demon Forest and Demon Island to seek this kind of skill. They thought that if this skill is real then it should be in the Demon infested lands.

However, they found nothing. The worst is, eight out of ten people who went to those places end up dead. After all, it was the Demon King’s domain. Going there is just suicide!

“… I don’t have that kind of skill…” Allen denied.

“But…” Sun Yueli didn’t believe Allen. If he didn’t have it, then what is this?

He certainly looked like a devil.

After listening to Sun Yueli, suddenly, Allen realized a major problem.

He couldn’t revert back!

“How’s this possible?!”

No matter what he does, the horns, the tail, and even the tattoos won’t disappear.

Did he actually become a genuine demon?

“Kyaaah!!” At this moment, Ye Yuesheng finally noticed something wrong. However, the moment she raised her head, she was greeted by Allen’s strange appearance.

“I, an illusion?” she couldn’t believe what she was looking. However, no matter how she shook her head and pinches her skin, Allen’s appearance never changes.

“W, what happened to you?”

“… …” Allen could only smile wryly. He also wants to know the answer to that question.

What happened to him? How did he become like this?

“Young master?” Tang Yu warily walked towards Allen. She noticed Allen’s dubious expression.

Is something wrong?

“It’s nothing. Let’s go back first,” After saying that, Allen took Ye Yuesheng’s hand and started walking away.

If he stays here, someone is bound to discover something. Worst is, they might reach a very troublesome conclusion; Allen is not humanity but a demon!

And if that was spread, the church and other religious organizations will certainly spell with him. Labeling him as a demon is not enough…

All the church forces will chase him to the ends of the world, saying he is a real demon. And a devil-hunt similar to witch-hunt would surely happen while using this pretense to rally their influence!

Ye Yuesheng were dragged by Allen but she didn’t say anything and only focus her attention on Allen’s pair of horns and tail. She thought that those effects are kinda… cool…

About the consequences that these things would bring, not once crossed her mind. Well, they did say a woman in love will always turned into an idiot. This might be a prime example of that saying~

Tang Yu didn’t say anything again but only followed Allen. She already noticed something odd. Why did Allen transform into a demon? Did he have this skill? However, in her previous life she never know that Allen possess this kind of ability.

Looking at Allen’s dubious expression, something is definitely wrong!

On the other hand, no one minded Raya’s existence. The entire crest wave was focused on Allen’s amazing transformation.

Sun Yueli frowned but he knows that some things are not meant to ask. Surely this thing is one of them.

There are definitely some stories behind this!

However, he never suspected Allen to be a demon because he knows who Allen was. Even if he was called the [ Black Demon King ], that was just a title. Besides he was the Beast King. An ally and savior of humanity and hope of the entire world!

Him, a demon? Impossible!

Allen disregards the surrounding people and silently walked towards Ye Yuesheng’s house when he suddenly remembered something. He then stopped beside Sun Yueli.

“Although I don’t have any proof but I think the monster attack you’re preparing for should not happen this time.”


“… There will be no monster attack, so you can rest assured now.”

After saying so, Allen continued to walk away, leaving the dumbfounded Sun Yueli.

No monster attack?


Sun Yueli couldn’t believe it but it was Allen who said it so it should be trustworthy. Did Allen already eliminate the danger? But how did he achieve it?

In the first place, what is the cause of the monster attack?

He didn’t know that Allen successfully chased away the culprit of the monster’s panic. So without that terrifying monster, all the monsters inside the forest have no reason to leave their habitat. Thus, it could be said that the city was now safe.

And even if that’s not the case, the Lightning Qilin was still alive and well. The Qilin has life-saving graciousness to Allen so it would certainly protect the City which Allen wanted to protect. 

Now, it could be said that the city acquired a good guardian!

— —

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