Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 81: [ Xue Ling ]

Allen was currently leading the two women through the forest.

At first, Raya was against the idea of following Allen but because of Allen’s ‘gentle’ persuading that didn’t ask for any refusal, she was reluctantly dragged away.

“Allen, you stupid idiot! I’m a monster race; do you really think that I would be alright in a human infested city?” Raya angrily roared.

“How would I care? If someone bullies you, kill them, not like I would care. Furthermore, if anything really happened, I’m still here. So you can just relax.”

“… …” Allen’s indifference startled Raya.

 Kill them? Aren’t you also a human?

How can you say that to your kinsman so casually?!

“But Allen… in the first place why am I going with you? I’m fine staying here…”

“Because I say so.”

“What?! Who are you? My mom? Why do you think I would follow your words just like that?”

“Because we’re friends~” Allen flashed a strange smile with the corner of his lip, then turned around to face the girls behind him. His expression was if saying; ‘Isn’t this natural?’

“And that’s logical?! Just where the heck did you cultivate your sense of reasoning?!”

Although Raya was saying this, however, she was actually still obediently following Allen.

It’s already been less than an hour since we left the cave and ever since then she never stop complaining. Tang Yu who was following quietly behind them couldn’t help but complain inwardly. Raya was always complaining and yet she was still following them as if it was natural, what the heck is wrong with this woman?

If not for Allen, Tang Yu would have already exploded her fuse and scolded this noisy woman to shut up.

Just why is the Young master so tolerant on this girl? Did the young master like her?

No, no, that’s impossible. But Tang Yu shook her head. She knows her master too well.

If he likes someone, he would always treat her nicely just like with Sister Xue Ling. Not like this… treating as if she was just his noisy little sister pestering him.

Thinking about this, a trace of sadness flashed in her eyes.

Truthfully, she envied Xue Ling. Among her sisters, she was the only one who her master really loved. He gave her everything, protected her, and even doted on her. When someone bullied her, Allen would always go mad even if it was the president.

Tang Yu knows that Xue Ling wanted to be of help to him but was unable to.

She was a crippled.

Because of an accident, her lower body was completely paralyzed. Forget about walking, she couldn’t even feel her legs.

Normal healing magic and spells are not enough to cure her.

In addition, at that time, even HP potions are extremely rare and healing type ability was scarce. Only the people of the church possess strong healing type abilities such as [ High-Level Healing ] and [ Angel’s Prayer ].

Because Allen was treated as a demon and an enemy of the church, he couldn’t ask them for help. Even if he begs, they will only laugh at him and ridicule Xue Ling, treating them as monsters and demons.

Xue Ling also knows this so she never allowed Allen to ask for the Church’s help even if it meant her death. She always warned him that she rather died than see him lower his head to someone because of her.

She always liked the aloof and prideful Allen and no matter what happens, she would never allow him to drop on his knees and give up his pride!

This was also the reason why Allen spared Tang Yu at that time and made her his servant – only to take care of Xue Ling.

Every night, when Allen left she would be crying for her helplessness and in her sleep, she will always apologize to him. Allen might have already known this but he was still pretending as if he never knew, always treating her normally.

But even so, Tang Yu always longed for her position. Even if she became crippled and wouldn’t be able to move her hands and feet, that was fine as long as there was Allen sparing no effort to please her and protect her. As the servant who took care of Xue Ling, how could she not see how Allen loved her?

When Xue Ling was killed, she witnessed how her master gone crazy and almost annihilated two martial sects. Even the country’s president almost wet his pants when Allen rushed through his palace through blood and death. If not for the Heavenly Cloud Mountain Sect’s holy woman stopping him and pleaded for mercy, Allen would have continued his killing spree until the end of Xingzhou.

She was also sorry at that time because of her inability to protect Xue Ling, her ability to protect her sisters and especially her inability to stop Allen from madness.

If she had the ability, Allen would never face the scrutiny of an entire country and let his reputation be tarnished.

Tang Yu clenched her fists and bit her lip in frustration. In this lifetime, she must become strong, stronger than before! She will be the one to protect Allen and not anyone. As his servant, this is her right! Even her sisters shouldn’t have that right.

As his servant, this is her right! Even her sisters shouldn’t have that right.

It’s hers and hers alone.

That is her pride!

At this moment, Raya finally noticed something weird. The woman who was following behind them was unexpectedly very quiet to the point that she almost forgets that there was also a third person in their group.

What’s the matter? This woman shouldn’t be mute… right?

“You, you okay?” Raya asked curiously.

Although Tang Yu was one of the people who tried to kill her before but seeing that she was Allen’s person, she didn’t try to haggle anymore. She was not a narrowed minded person, as long as she’s okay then it’s fine. Besides, she was certain that if she tried to hurt her for revenge, she will certainly anger Allen.

And that is something she would never dare to do!

As for why, Raya didn’t understand or maybe it’s just because Allen’s power was just too terrifying and she’s scared of him?

“Yeah,” Tang Yu faintly responded.

She was looking straight at Allen’s back with a fervent gaze. Her eyes were filled with firm determination and will.

Tang Yu could understand Raya’s words even without any skill similar to her senior brother though not as fluent. As a personal servant of someone who was once known as the beast king, Tang Yu had met various races of humanoid monsters and even stayed with them. At first, she could only speak Mandarin but with Allen and Xue Ling’s teaching, she managed to learn Filipino and English fluently.

As for monster race languages, Tang Yu could understand several; Huli Jing; the infamous fox spirits, the troublesome Daji ( a malevolent fox ), Changcheng race, Arachne, and some beast men language. Although not fluently but still can understand and can even exchange conversation with them. All of these were skills taught by several of Allen’s trusted friends to her.

Although Ward was not from the Black Widow Tribe, however, she had once said that even if the Arachne race was divided into several tribes, the language spoken was still basically the same with a slight difference. So understanding Raya was not a problem.

 “Tang Yu, did you see Xue Ling?” At this moment, Allen’s voice rang out pulling her out from her thoughts.

“I’m sorry young master…” Tang Yu deeply apologized. “… I just left the Tang Sect so I still haven’t gone to Flower Demon Valley Sect and see the young miss…”

“I see…” Although the two women couldn’t see Allen’s expression at this moment they could still induce his present expression from his voice. The voice seemed indifferent but it somehow contained disappointment.

“Who is this Xue Ling? Lover?” Raya slowed her speed and went to Tang Yu’s side.

If she says that she wasn’t curious about this Xue Ling, she would be lying. Allen’s expression already said everything. This girl certainly has a place in his heart and not just an ordinary place…

“… Young master’s beloved person.” Tang Yu answered.

Xue Ling.

She was Flower Demon Valley Sect inner disciple and was also the only daughter of the Snow Family which was rank second of the [ Thirteen Aristocratic Family ]. In other words, she was a princess.

From what Tang Yu remembers, Xiao Ning once told her that Allen and Xue Ling met in an auction. At that time, Xue Ling wasn’t a crippled and was still called as the Genius of the Flower Demon Valley Sect. She has everything; Appearance, wealth, admiration, love, and family.

She was treated as the family’s only princess. Men who pursued her could almost cover an entire city, including young masters from the [ Thirteen Aristocratic Family ] however, no one could enter her eyes. She was the envy of all women.

Truthfully, she wasn’t arrogant and was extremely amiable. She despised those who only know how to bully the weak and especially those young masters who only know how to use their Family’s prestige to act arrogant.

But one night, at a party she met Allen. She was curious about Allen’s identity since he never given any care to the people in the place.

At that time, Allen was wearing a mask. His identity was unknown and this caught her attention, dubbing him as a mysterious young man.

But unbeknownst to her, Allen is only there at that time to steal a blood jade bracelet that was called a treasure.

She only had known his identity when Allen reveals it after taking the blood jade. He was actually the notorious [ The Monster ] and [ Black Demon King ] Ye Wushuang that once terrorized several big foreign countries, including China.  

Together with the other geniuses of the [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] and powerful experts from the [Thirteen Aristocratic Family ], she fought against him.

However, even with their power, they were defeated one by one by only three people.

The infamous [ Black Demon King ] Ye Wushuang.

[ The Scarlet Dancer ] Si Ning.

And lastly, the infamous killer [ Blood Ghost ] Sun Lingling.

With those three, the people could only watch them leave with the Blood Jade. Even the Heavenly Cloud Mountain Sect’s Holy Maiden who’s called Goddess by young men could only sigh and watch Allen leave.

Only one person didn’t give up and still tried to find Allen’s group for revenge; Xue Ling. She chased him wherever he went.

Seeing this woman, Allen was intrigued. He teased her whenever they met and even enter her room; the Snow Family where he shamelessly eats and sleeps. After a few months, much to the discomfort of Si Ning and Sun Lingling, they fell for each other.

However, one day, someone tried to harm Xue Ling because of envy. They tried to kill her to the point of even using the extremely rare [ Corpse Corroding Poison ] that not even high-level healing magic could help. Allen successfully rescued her but with the poison’s lethality, her lower body was abandoned. She became a crippled.

With her like this, her once warm Family was disappointed and started ignoring her. Even the Flower Demon Valley Sect expelled her mercilessly. Truly, kicking people even when they are down.

Xue Ling was then reduced to nothing but a political tool for her family.

After knowing all this, Allen was angered and kidnapped her, taking her away from there. Even though she didn’t want it but Allen didn’t care and ignored her complaints.

Because of this event, the Xue Family together with the [Thirteen Aristocratic Family ] and the [ Ten Martial Sect ] labeled Allen as a lustful demon for kidnapping Xue Ling and was persecuted.

However, at the end, Xue Ling died together with Sun Lingling who desperately tried to protect her. Because of this, Allen almost becomes a true mad demon.

Xue Ling is someone who’s not only special but extremely special to Allen. Not even Sun Lingling and Si Ning could compare to her.

“Young master, what are you going to do? Are you going to go the Flower Demon Valley Sect?”

“No, this time I will let nature takes it course…”


Allen stopped and turned around. With a smile, he looked at Tang Yu, “The reason that I lose Xiao Ling and the others before is that I’m weak. This time, after I found Ah Ling and Xiao Ning, that is the time I will see Xue Ling. With our current strength coupled with those two, I will not only make those idiots fear me but make them fear me enough that they wet their pants just upon seeing me…”

Allen’s expression became sharp and intense killing intent covered the entire area.

Raya and Tang Yu suddenly felt the temperature turned cold and shivered.

“… Let me see if they are still brave enough to touch my people!”

I need to make it so that they won’t even dare to think of such things again.

Allen’s eyes turned sharp for a moment but calmed down immediately after.

Hearing Allen’s words, Tang Yu tightly clenched her fists. This time she wasn’t too late. She was the first one to meet Allen, not Sun Lingling nor Si Ning but her.

Although Allen seems to be still in love with Xue Ling but this is alright. Allen’s fickleness, who knows more than her?

Allen is impossible to merely focus on one woman. She had seen how fickle her master was so even if she wouldn’t become the wife, being a concubine is enough for her. Even if she wasn’t a concubine, being a lover is also fine as long as she could get her beloved master’s affection, she would be satisfied!

Before there was Si Ning and Sun Lingling but this time she took the first lead. She would be a complete moron if she wouldn’t use this advantage!

Her unrequited love for Allen, this time I will certainly make it true!

“No matter what you want to do, young master, I will 100 percent support you. Even if I lay down my life, I will certainly protect you this time!” Tang Yu spoke with resolved. Her eyes burning in determination.

Raya looked at Tang Yu with a strange expression. She didn’t understand what the two are talking about because they are using human language and she wasn’t used to it but with their expression, Raya could still understand some things.

Tang Yu right now seemed to be taking an oath to Allen. Looking at her eyes, she seems to be in love with him; even an idiot could see that. Haa~ how envious, if only my constitution isn’t like this, I might also do something like that.

But she understands her position. She was just a freeloader, at worst a noisy servant.

Who would like a woman who could only be seen but not touch? Even someone as inexperienced like her could guess that being a relationship means giving everything that you have to someone or else it would be incomplete.

… That’s what my mom said so she always warned me not enter into that kind of dangerous relationship.

When you love, you lose.

Everything will be taken away from you; your heart, your mind, your soul and even your body. It’s a very dangerous thing, especially to repugnant humans who could speak lies like eating breakfast. They will promise you anything but the moment they finally got what they want, they will immediately leave you… leaving you crying with a broken heart.

I don’t understand anymore… Raya sighed bitterly.

Allen listened to Tang Yu’s words and couldn’t help but smiled mischievously. “Are you proposing to me?”

Allen felt amused. If he remembered right, in their previous life, he only spared Tang Yu because he wanted to have someone who could accompany Xue Ling. Sun Lingling isn’t good, Si Ning is also not good.

Sun Lingling is a natural born psychopath who found pleasure only in killing and fighting. Si Ning, on the other hand, was a good girl but she wasn’t obedient. If Allen wanted to describe Si Ning, it would be an aggressive girl. She always fights with Xue Ling, like oil and water, they are irreconcilable.

But even though Allen knows this, he couldn’t scold her. He wasn’t an idiot or dense, he knows why Si Ning always tried to compete with Xue Ling. So he could only let them be. Besides, when a crisis appeared, Si Ning was always the first one to defend and protect Xue Ling even without Allen saying it.

The only one left was him but of course, he was certainly not good. There are things a woman couldn’t let a man know, no matter how shameless they are.

Allen doesn’t have any choice but to find another person to accompany her and at that time, he found Tang Yu who was one of the people from Tang Sect chasing him. He killed everyone and spared Tang Yu because of her obedient and seemingly kind personality.

After a long time of being with them, she slowly got used to Allen and the others and become one of them. But even if Allen was a womanizer, he never touched Tang Yu or feels anything to her. It’s not like she wasn’t beautiful but it’s just that, although Allen was a womanizer, he still had his principles.

At that time, Xue Ling needed his complete attention so he never looked any woman other than her- though with the exception of Si Ning and Sun Lingling since both of them have already some kind of physical relationship with him since before meeting Xue Ling.

With three of them, why would Allen find anyone else? In addition, for him, Tang Yu was just Xue Ling’s servant, nothing more.

So Tang Yu confessing her love to him, Allen found it unexpected.

“… …” Tang Yu didn’t respond but with a red face, she slowly nodded her head.

With this simple gesture, everything had already been expressed. Tang Yu loves Allen.

Looking at her, Allen only smiled before turning around and continued walking.

This action caused Tang Yu’s disappointment but she still followed him.

Raya wore a complicated expression.

After almost an hour of walking through the forest, Allen and the others finally saw the forest’s end.

Walking out the forest, what greeted them was a group of people who were looking at them with a surprised expression.

In front of the group, stood one man and three female.

The siblings; Sun Yueli and Sun Yingyun, as well as the mother-daughter pair; Ye Yueshing and Ye Shishi.

They were wearing some kind of outdoor clothes with big bag packs as if they were ready for a long journey.

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