Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 80: [ The premonition of a dangerous faction ]

“… …”

There was a long and deadly silence.

The strain Between them was a most palpable thing; it hung heavy in the air.

Eventually, Mia spoke. Pinning her eyes on the two men in front of her, she said, “… At first, even if he loved monsters and trusted them more compared to humans but he always had limitation. When push comes to shove, he will always think of Humanity’s survival first just like when the Demon Army appeared. But now, even though he still hasn’t given up and was trying to change destiny with all he’s got, I don’t know why but I can feel some change.”

This time was also the same! He acts as if he doesn’t care about the betrayal anymore but it must have been eating him all this time.

All his anger, pain, sorrow, sadness and fear… he threw it all into the in the darkness of his mind so that he won’t be hurt and could still act as if it was nothing.

But this caused something inside of him…

“What change?”

“I don’t know but I can feel it. Something inside Allen is beginning to come out and that something is certainly not necessarily a good thing?”


“You remembered in the [ Forest of Grief ], that fear, that power… I think you should have felt ‘something’ on him.”

‘That’?” hearing the [ Forest of Grief ], Mark and Daniel’s brows furrowed. It was the time when they were chasing Allen just after the Vatican’s incident.

At that time, he was deemed missing. However, he suddenly appeared in the middle of the war.

That war was caused because of the church’s weakening due to what had happened during the ‘Demon’s Purification’ incident and an enemy who hated the church decided to strike when the iron was still hot. But who would have known that the infamous demon would appear there all of a sudden?

Alarmed for his return, almost all the organizations in the world work together to eliminate the evil. But when they found him, they noticed he was currently unstable.

Was it due to his injuries that have yet to heal?

Or maybe the loss of someone important to him?

Whatever reason was, they really came at a very bad time. They were almost annihilated; Allen’s strength at that time was inconceivable. What’s worse, he became ruthless and cruel… without the slightest bit of humanity.

“That shouldn’t be the case. Ever since we asked him to join us to fight the Demon Army, he had changed.”

“Are you an idiot or you are just pretending to be one?!” Mia screamed in rage. “… What you have done, do you think he will still be able to hang on?! Even I myself almost went crazy from your betrayal and thought of killing all of you if not for Allen!

My only salvation is that he was also the same as me, betrayed by you and got killed by his trusted friends!”

“… …”

“… Ah, I’m not alone! Allen was there. He was feeling the same thing I felt. And that thought became my salvation!”

“But do you think he is the same? Allen has never been the simple person contrary to what we see. He was more complex than a thousand pieces of a puzzle! He could change spots depending on the circumstances.”

“… He was a person with an overflowing sentiment but once that was destroyed, it would be almost impossible to repair it. At now, I can feel that he didn’t completely trust me… though he seems to be not aware of it, I believe!”

“… that shouldn’t be the case, Mia. You know that Allen’s affection was extreme. If he considers someone as his person, even the world wouldn’t be able to move her.”

“… yeah, do you think I don’t know that?” Mia remarked in an icy, contained voice. “But even if that is real it’s already meaningless if deep inside of him, he couldn’t trust anyone. It would only be a one-sided sentiment.”

In his past life, Allen died because of the people he trusted. This betrayal had always stifled his heart.

Allen valued friendship greatly! He did not have many friends but the moment he acknowledges one, he would trust them completely!

But this trust was betrayed and so even if he doesn’t acknowledge it, deep in his heart, he was scared to trust anyone again.

Even if these people were his closest friends and family, there would always be a distance…

For example, Lerina…  Mia suddenly thought of her conversation with Allen through the VIT communicator.

It might be just like what he said. He couldn’t show himself to him because of his sins and that he was afraid that he might hurt her. But if one thought about it carefully, isn’t the opposite also true?

Allen couldn’t trust Lerina. He doesn’t trust her that she would be able to accept him for what he was and what he became even though it shouldn’t be possible knowing full well how Lerina loved and cherished him….

He should also know that truth.

As if Lerina would just cast him away when he was her only brother? Just because of some changes? Sins that had yet to happen?

Is Mia an idiot just to believe his words?

Therefore, Mia could not easily forgive the people she once thought as friends for their betrayal! It affected something very important not only to Allen but also on her entire life.

“… …”

Mia gritted her teeth and let out a low growl, “… Inviting Alkrasha without telling me about it was also an example for that…”

“What?!” Hearing Mia’s words, Mark and Daniel’s eyes widened in shock.

Alkrasha? Could it be…

“The Insect Queen?!”

A look of shock was exposed in the two men’s eyes.

“Shocking isn’t it?” Mia said with a touch of pride. She looked like a proud mother boasting about her son’s achievements.

Of course, who wouldn’t? Alkrasha was one of the scariest demon generals in the Demon Army but now, she was actually conquered by a human. Even an idiot would know what this represents in the upcoming war!

Truthfully, although she was acting like this, inside of her she was extremely uncomfortable. Allen doing this without confiding to her beforehand was already expressing that he was doing things again… alone.

Thinking about this, Mia couldn’t help but sigh…

She fully trusted him and could give everything to him as long as he wanted it and although she didn’t ask him to do the same thing but still experiencing something like this was still uncomfortable.

Allen not telling her some important things like this meant only one thing; Allen doesn’t fully trust her yet. But even so, as a friend, as his lover, Mia has no other choice but to endure it. This was love.

This was love.

This was her affection…

Mia looked coldly at the two men in front of her, “… You should know the Insect Queen’s brutal nature. She killed many of our comrades and driven us to despair numerous times. There were also several people who were close to Allen that was killed by her personally but Allen forgave her and befriended… what did this imply?”

What did this imply…?

Mark and Daniel’s body seems to have been struck by lightning.

Mark and Daniel simultaneously changed color with shock. Since the beginning, they were acting casual. Even when Mia counting their sins and telling them about Allen’s current condition, their gazes only flashed a little emotion. But after hearing these words, their countenance immediately changed.

“Did Allen… want to join the Demon Army?”

Mia’s eyes fixed on Mark, then she said coldly, “Don’t speak on a venture Mark. My Allen isn’t someone like you.”


“… but indeed, Alkrasha’s existence holds several meanings…”

Is Allen building his own force?

Did he want to change fate by gathering powerful beings whether they are humans or not and confront the Demon Army?

… Or does he want to change fate by conquering the world personally?

“… but all of it still remains as conjectures. But one thing’s for sure is that whatever he did must have its own reasons.”

After hearing Mia’s words, the two men’s’ gaze became as sharp as a sword while they stared straight at Mia.

If what she said is true then, as of this moment, Allen holds the greatest power that any organization couldn’t possibly contend.

If they aren’t mistaken, as of now, various government and organizations will start appearing one after another. Mia’s [ Bianchi Family ] is the current leading superpower, followed by the State, Russia, Britain, Japan, China and other countries.

But this won’t be for long…

After a short time, all of these countries would slowly be divided and transformed into a new one. For example, United Kingdom would regain its monarchic characteristics. The state would be divided into different organizations and the insurrection of the Pope, creating a very strong cult organization.

United Nation or other treaties will be nulled and each country will start amassing power to conquer and control the world.

They will be fighting for power, in the light or in the shadows. And all of this will happen without them knowing that danger is coming…

The Demon Army!

Various kingdoms and empires will appear. Who doesn’t want to be a king? To be an emperor?

The modern world will be infected with the fragrance of the medieval period once again!

Welcoming the new era.

This should’ve been the course of history.

The inevitable path of the world.

… but now, things would be different!

Mark and Daniel frowned. If what Mia said was real, just with Alkrasha’s power and authority alone, Allen would be holding the current greatest force in the world.

Then what about the various monster clans that Allen allied with in the previous life?

In fact, even without Alkrasha, Allen’s circle of monster friends is something to be admired and at the same time something to be feared. It could even be said that he was leaning more to the monster side than the human side.

Who knows some of them might have also been reincarnated after death.

Snow wolf Princess, Salamandra, the six headed Hydra, the aloof elven queen, and even the former demon general; witch queen of the north whose love for Allen was too extreme that it’s scary!

That mad woman who destroyed her huge kingdom just to let Allen survive. And in the end, she died fighting [ Halloween ], [ Insect Queen ] and [ Poison Fang Scorpion King ] inside the Demon King’s castle.

They had seen her last moment because they were there. They were fighting Celty and the other Demon Generals when ‘they’ came. Led by the [ Witch Queen of the North ], Alma together with the last of the [ Dawn Alliance ] forces and many monster tribes came and attack the demon castle. It seems like she had heard about Allen’s capture and wanted to save him but it was already too late.

Led by the [ Witch Queen of the North ], Alma together with the last of the [ Dawn Alliance ] forces and many monster tribes came and attack the demon castle. It seems like she had heard about Allen’s capture and wanted to save him but it was already too late.

When she had heard that he had already died, she became crazy and burned the entire castle along with her eerie but sorrowful laughter that seems to be crying at the same time, echoing in the whole place.

In short, she was scary!

If she really reincarnated here, then isn’t it became even more dangerous?!

Anyway, these were all just a small part of Allen’s circle and what’s more, each of them holds terrifying power and influence!

“… Allen is dangerous…” Mark muttered but anyone could feel something from it.

With those words, Mia’s gaze became even colder.

Lieri was similar as her eyes already shone with extreme killing intent. One word, they were waiting for just one word.

If Mark says something even if it’s only a word, the two women would certainly wage war without any hesitation.

“… Are you just going to let him do what he wants, Mia?” Daniel clenched his fist and asked with great gravity!

Allen was even more dangerous than before. And now she just said that Allen was getting unpredictable?

Is she insane?

“That goes without saying,” Mia answered nonchalantly. A smile suffused on her beautiful face. 

“Allen is a double edged sword and you just let him be? This isn’t the Mia I know!”

“Me? Huh, Daniel, the Mia you know of was already long dead and you’re the one who did it so don’t come clean moron!” Mia snorted.

“I’m already sick of being a two goody-shoes and just let Allen be hurt. This time, all of you should stop thinking of hurting him again or else I will certainly kill you no matter who you are. This is not a threat but a warning…”

Mia finished her words while showing her firm determination.

In the previous life, I struggled against the heavens and go against fate because I wanted to protect the world but now, I will only do so not for this world but only for you.

I couldn’t be with you in the previous life and so I’m prepared to suffer anything just to be with you in this one!

She would patiently wait for the time when the ice will melt and the snow stop falling. When that time came, surely, Allen would respond to her feelings.

How wonderful would that moment be…

To compensate for all your sufferings and things that I should’ve but didn’t do, causing you to be hurt and felt alone, I will become your sword and shield if need be…!

Gods or whatever, I would flip the earth and overturn the heavens for your sake!

“Mia, are you really certain?” Mark asked with cold gravity!

“I am. Whatever he turned into, a demon or a hero, a conqueror or a liberator, I will always stand beside him.”

Listening to Mia’s words, Mark and Daniel couldn’t help but feel annoyed. This is clearly a blind love!

“… Mia where is Keneth? Is he here?” feeling helpless, Mark tried changing the topic.

Mia snorted and said angrily, “He’s gone, I killed him.”

Daniel’s eyes open in surprise but on Mark’s face was just indifference. He was already expecting this outcome.

If Mia knows Keneth’s betrayal, she will surely not let him off even if he was her lover. Though, the affection she had for Allen was way out of his expectations.

That brat’s luck in women is too heaven-defying! Did he accumulate billions of karma in his previous life? Or maybe he was some sort of cupid in his last life?

Even so, his luck in love is really too enviable.

“Haa.” Mark let out a deep sigh. “We’ll stop on this for now. We didn’t come here to fight but to forge an alliance. For the upcoming war, we need to stand together once again…”

Mia snorted. “You don’t need to, I refuse.”


“Shut up Daniel! You really have a thick face for asking after all that what had just said.” Mia glared at him. “Now then get out of here or else don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“… …”

“As a respect for the time we fought together, I won’t kill you but that doesn’t mean I’m forgiving all of you. Don’t test my patience or else I might forget the past friendship.”


Daniel wanted to say something but he was held by Mark.

“Princess Mia, we won’t give up.” Mark’s expression was firm. “… I hope that you can reconsider. I also think that sister Maria and the others will also contact you in the near future, at that appointed time I hope that you have already changed your mind. We really need to work together to change the world’s fate. This isn’t the time to struggle and fight each other. I hope you will understand that.”

“Hmph! Give it up Mark, I will be stupid if I still trust all of you again. Now get out!”

“… Then so long Princess Mia. We will stay here for quite some time and wait for your good response…” After speaking Mark turned around and drags Daniel away.

He knew that Mia had already lost interest in further conversation upon seeing her expression and posture. But still, he can’t give up. Currently, Mia holds the greatest influence that would greatly help their goal.

As for Allen… Truthfully Mark still doesn’t know how to deal with him.

If he says he isn’t scared of him, then he isn’t. His status as a King was after all not just for show.

Comparing in power, he holds the bigger advantage.

However, if he says he’s scared of him, then he would admit that he was. Who wouldn’t? Out of all Kings, no one isn’t afraid of Allen. His personal power might be a bit inferior compared to them but the force around him is overwhelming.

He could conquer a country or two without any problem. And in the Monster Clan’s eyes, he was a friend, a benefactor, a savior, or even a family! With just one word, several big clans would move without hesitation.

But unbeknownst to Mark, this evaluation is already outdated. Allen’s personal power right now could already be considered one of the tops in the entire world!

For now, although we can’t let Allen roam free, we had no choice. If we fought against Allen, forget about Mia’s retaliation, Sister Maria would surely not help us. At worst, she might stand on the opposite side.

Judging from her heavy sentiments, her guilt on what we did would push her to atone for it. That’s the kind of person she was…

We can’t risk it.

But even so, with the Insect Queen, the world’s power would certainly become unbalance. What’s worse, the Insect Queen sided with the most dangerous human in the entire world. We can’t let this slide…

If what Mia said is real, the moment Allen became black, he would certainly be terrifying comparable to that of the Demon king.

Ah!! Here I thought that it would become a lot easier after we returned back in time, thinking that we possess cheats. Who knows the hard mode actually changed into Hell mode?! What the heck is this?!

Not long after Mark and Daniel left, Mia suddenly propped her body in her chair and took a deep breath. Only after a long time did her complexion regained its calm.


“Lieri, clearly monitor those two bastards every action. I don’t think they will just sit there and do nothing…” Mia said while obviously controlling the sound of her voice.

Mia’s expression was still fierce but her voice slowly became tranquil. Although the look somewhat is as before confusing, but actually restored the original brilliance.

… However, this kind of calm seems to be like that one before the arrival of the storm.

“As you wish my lady.” Lieri’s beautiful eyes instantly turned cold and overflowed with murderous intent.

If someone could see Lieri’s eyes, they would certainly discover that deep within was a gaze similar to a hungry vulture looking at its food.

Whatever those eyes landed on, whether it’s living or not, all were corpses. That’s what her eyes were expressing.

That clearly is a terrifying murderous intention that would never fade.

Her master’s enemy is her enemy. No matter who they are, she would never show any mercy!

This determination refused to budge forever.

Besides, Allen’s gratitude and grudges were mixed in the fun so this mission is very important for Lieri. Even though Lieri was a loyal member of the Bianchi Family, however, there is only one person who she actually gave her loyalty to and that is none other than Mia.

But now, aside from Mia, Lieri also added Allen in the list. Just with Mia’s affection for Allen, it’s already enough for him to earn that regard.

 “Good… go” Mia said no more after this sentence. She closed her eyes, seemingly bathing in the sun.

My actions and love might cause hatred and results in hell….. then hell, here I come!

But, Allen must live safely!

So, what are you going to do… Mark?

… I hope you don’t do anything foolish…

— —

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