Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 79: [ Reunion with former comrades ]

In the afternoon, Mia was reading a book on her office as past time when she suddenly put it away and stood up. She squinted, looking towards the front door.

Three people entered through the door consisting of two males and one female.

Two male was rather good looking English men; one with a natural gentle aura while the other was like a raging wave, fierce yet calm.

The only female didn’t look very good. She has fierce looking expression while glaring at the two men as if she was ready to attack them at any moment.

“As I thought, you two are the ones behind this [ Dawn Alliance ]…” Mia said with a cold voice.

“Princess Mia, it’s been a long time …” one of the two men bowed while greeting with a gentle tone. He seems to be ignoring the suffocating and dangerous atmosphere lingering inside the room.

“Mia, can you tell this girl to calm down? She’s been glaring at us ever since we arrive~”

“Good, good, Mark, Daniel you sure have guts to show yourself in front of me! Do you know what I want to do right now?” Mia roared in anger as she stood up.

“I ache to give the two of you the biggest thrashing of your life!”

A light flashed; out of nowhere five small daggers appeared beside her.

Mia waved her arm and the five small daggers immediately flew towards the two men.

However, before the daggers reach them, water suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocks the daggers before falling into the ground.

“Calm down, Mia! We’re not here to fight.” Daniel said while waving his arm. He then turned around and looked at the woman behind them.

“You too Lieri, kill that flame off.”

“Daniel, don’t go too far!”

Katchank! Two machine guns once again appeared above Mia and pointed it towards them.

“Stop!” At this moment, Mark finally spoke. He stepped forward and faced Mia directly.

“Mia, I know that we did something unforgivable but at that time we have no choice. We won’t ask for forgiveness but at least hear us out.”

Mia laughed coldly. “No choice? Hah! Do you think I care? Do you know what I have felt, no what our companions felt when you turned your swords against us? No, you will never know because of your selfishness!”

Disgust and revulsion swamped Mia as she continued to observe the two English men with a steely gaze. “I wonder how you’ve been able to look me in the eye after all this time, knowing the terrible things you did, knowing how you betrayed everyone to protect your own skin. You two are despicable!”

“Mia, we only did it to gain the demons trust and infiltrate their ranks. We want…”

“Shut up, Mark!” Mia gritted her teeth, and, with burning red eyes, she said, “… Excuses, excuses! If what you said was the truth then why didn’t you told us? Is killing us also a part of your plan?”

“… no, I wanted to tell you but we learned something. Keneth’s betrayal…”

“… …”

“… at that time, will you hear us out? We didn’t even know if you are his accomplice or not, he’s your lover after all?”

“He isn’t my lover! My only lover is Allen! No one else!”

“What?! Mia, what are you talking about? Allen is…” Daniel frowned.

Keneth isn’t her lover? Who would believe…

In the [ Dawn Alliance ] Mia and Keneth are always together. In missions or raid, even in a fight, they were defending each other’s back.

Hearing Allen’s name, Mia’s expression somewhat softened. The two machine guns that were floating above her gradually faded and disappeared.

“Nothing is really going on between us. But yeah, we had history but that is long in the past. Keneth and I are just friends; however, Celty told me that she loved Allen very much… so I compromised…”

She loved Allen for a very long time. But because of her responsibilities and obligations, she tried hiding her feelings to focus on something more important… that is winning the war.

At that time, Keneth came to her and told her that he liked her. Thinking about Celty and Allen, her heart ached and so she tried to cover up it by accepting Keneth’s confession. Although not long after she realized how immature her decision was.

She broke up with Keneth but still keep a friendly relationship.

But during that time, Celty made her move towards Allen. Always sticking at him whenever possible.

Afraid to break their friendship, she kept her distance and made a compromise by giving her blessings to them.

Then some things happened. Allen killed her only brother and she was torn between hatred and love. Although she knows why he did it but even so, Leon was still after all her only little brother. Her only family in this crazy world.

She could still not forgive him, no matter the reason.

Thus, the distance between her and Allen became even wider.

Who knows she actually made a very idiotic decision in her entire life by giving Celty a chance to hurt her most important person.

Mia grieved in her heart. If she hadn’t done so if she hadn’t chosen her friendship over her feelings…  

If I had been a little calmer back then, I might have been able to save Allen.

When I think about that, my chest hurts…

If she had chosen her happiness rather than other people, she could have saved him!

She could have protected him!

That was why she hated them! She hated the people who she once thought as friends!

This time, she wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt Allen!

She could kill to protect him!

“… I was stupid but this time I’m different! If you intend to hurt him once again, then all of you might as well die!!”

Mia declared with every sentence.

Hearing the sudden revelation, Mark and Daniel was stunned in place. They never thought such a thing was real.

Just why is that brat so lucky in love…?

Him being fickle enough is already mortifying and now, is his charm so big?

Don’t tell me he was actually the secret lover of the Goddess of Love?

Damn that brat! One of these days, I would certainly punch him in a pig head! So enviable!

An image of Allen with his drowsy-eyed appearance suddenly appeared on Mark and Daniel’s minds. Just how is that guy so popular with women? The world is really strange~

The atmosphere inside the room suddenly turned awkward. Mark and Daniel, they didn’t know what to say.

As if not affected by her sudden revelation, Mia was still calm but her voice was murderously soft. “That is why, I will never forgive you, all of you.”

No one spoke.

“Even if what you did was the greatest self-sacrifice or for the entire humanity’s sake, I won’t. If I’m forced to pretend like I’m magnanimous and gracious, disregarding all prior issues such as killing us cold blooded and betraying our trust, and only looking towards the future, I would rather this world be damned!”

That was how painful she felt when she was betrayed and killed.

“… …”

“… Even if Allen forgives you, I won’t. You don’t even know what you have done, and what your actions had caused!”

“… We know and we aren’t asking for forgiveness…” Mark sighed.

“But we’re here, given a second chance to correct our wrongs. Even if you hate us but for the survival of humanity, we still need to cooperate with each other.”

“Our time slip back to today was probably no coincidence.”

“We are at the crossroads that will bridge time and decided our fate… maybe this time will be able to change the destiny—”

“Hah! Don’t give me that noble gibberish you have, Mark. Correct your wrongs? Don’t make me laugh; do you think you can do that?”

“… …”

“Mia, just what do you want to say?” Daniel furrowed his brows as he couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Of course, they could do it. Everything is back to the beginning. This time, they haven’t done any irredeemable mistakes yet!

“Then what about Allen!?”

Mia angrily slammed her hands onto the desk, speaking louder and louder, “What can you do to change Allen right now!?”

“Allen? What are you talking about?”

“You should have known, since childhood I can tell a person’s character just by looking at them and hearing their voice! Whether they are crooked or not, whether they are good or not, I can tell it by intuition. This is my innate ability that I personally had even before this world gone crazy!”

This kind of sense was not one that an ordinary person would have. A person with this ability, if given the chance to develop, would definitely be a powerful figure!

This was the so-called sixth sense!

“… …”

“… and I could induce that Allen right now is unpredictable! He could change from white to black in an instant, with just the slightest stimulus!” Although he doesn’t know it himself, he doesn’t trust anyone.

“… His sword, he could turn it against humanity without hesitation if he had given enough reason. And do you know why? Because of what all of you had done; you and Celty!” Mia’s arms trembled with rage.

Her hands were clenched tightly at her sides, her knuckles shining white in the pale morning light.

He might be thinking sometimes; humans don’t have the right to be saved.

Why would he save all of them?

Why would he risk himself and the people around him just for them?

Protect? Maybe monsters and demons are better in ruling the world. Why would he give all he has, just to save a pathetic and weak race like humans who thought themselves infallible?

Thinking about this, she had the urge to ram her fist into their face and smash it to a pulp until it was unrecognizable. But she resisted the impulse, hung on to her self-possession with a masterful control.

“… Tell me, why should I forgive you?” Mia shot back with ferocity.

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen for a second!

Mark and Daniel went quiet. Even Lieri who was standing vigilantly beside the door suddenly turned solemn and felt a slight pain inside of her.

She doesn’t know nor remembers anything but when Mia said those words, she felt as if she was stabbed in the heart. This caused her hate and disgust towards the men in front of her to deepen.

If she wasn’t in front of her master, she would have rushed towards Mark and Daniel and attack them now.

After a few moments of silence, Daniel drew upon his energy reserves and spoke with a forced smile. “Isn’t he always like that? Even with the slightest grievances, he would take his revenge.”

 In the time that he had interacted with Allen, how could Daniel not know about Allen’s characteristics? He was an absolutely lawless person; but, even more than that, he was certainly one to take revenge!

“… If someone touches his person, he would travel to the end of the world and extinguished their family and even burn a whole country.”

Not one compromise! Even if it was with… a king, a president or even an emperor!

This was Allen’s greatest pride!

“He’s always that dangerous…”

Mark didn’t say anything but the emotions reflected in his eyes showed his agreement. He wasn’t called the [ Black Demon King ] or [ The Monster ] for no reason.

He was even called the [ Ruthless Overlord ] because of his unreasonable nature. Kings and Emperors could only kneel in front of him and a president of a huge state could only cower.

He was the most dangerous man in the world!

He was the unfettered monarch who crosses both worlds with flames raging under his feet. He was extremely popular in the world of human and the world of monsters!

“That’s not what I meant!!” Mia roared.

“Allen’s actions always had its limitations. Burning a city? Terrorizing the populace? Don’t tell me you don’t know what’s the truth? Allen never did such things and even if he was, there would always be a reason for it!”

“… …”

“Besides, the numerous cities destruction is always the result of the fight between Allen and his opponent. It was never his intention to destroy cities; he was just protecting himself, that’s all. However, he was always being falsely accused of it.”

Mia slapped the desk again in anger.

“… Such as the case with the Church’s ‘Demon’s Purification’ that destroyed almost half of the Vatican, even though it was the Templar’s magic that destroyed half of the country they would all just put it on his head.”

Of course, Mark and Daniel know this as well, after all, they were also involved in that fight when they were chasing Allen.

To kill the infamous [ Black Demon King ], together with all the different forces from different countries, they rampaged without thought of the surrounding and added further destruction. But after all that, all the blame went to Allen.

The destruction, the death, the terror and the fear… all of it was credited to him! Not one drop was splashed to the government and the church.

In fact, isn’t Mia also involved in that fight?

… But girl, you shouldn’t paint Allen’s actions at that time into white.

Who was the one who attack the church first just to save one woman and called hundreds of monster into the city and shoot out one after another of extremely strong magic as if he was an anime character in a final Boss fight?

Who was the one who call two behemoth class beasts into the brawl and killed dozens of Superhumans and Templar Knights in an instant? Even demolishing the entire church in the process?

Who was the one who had servants such as a dragon-demon hybrid woman named Salamandra and a six headed Hydra whom because of one hole on Allen’s stomach from the sacrificial attack of an Archbishop and almost killed him, gone insane and burn the whole city into oblivion?

And lastly, who had a very faithful Lv8 lover with fiend type summon ability who, for the sake of letting an unconscious man called the [ Black Demon King ] escaped, sacrificed herself to summon the devil Adramelech and almost destroyed a whole continent if not for the summon duration?

Knowing all this, could it still be called [ Self-defense ]?

Girl, are your dog eyes just a prop… or maybe it was made from titanium and gone blind?

However, even if they possess a hundred guts, they would never say those words out loud or else the [ Mad princess ] would certainly go insane and barrage them with bullets. That would be terrifying!

“… Whatever, what I want to say is that Allen was always like that, what’s that got to do with us?”

“Are you an idiot? If Allen really turned black and disregard the humanity’s survival or even worse fight against humanity, do you think you can afford the consequences? Much less this time, several years later, the Demon King will appear out of nowhere and lead the Demon Army. Do you think we will win without Allen?”

“I hate to say this but even without Allen, with our time right now; we still had a chance to turn this war around.”

“Hah! Fat chance. Don’t count me in, moron!” Mia sneered in contempt from Mark’s words.

“… Do you think I will fight together with you? If Allen became an enemy, do you think I will stop him?”


“… Idiot! Whether Allen will become the demon that destroyed this world or the Messiah who saved it… In this life, I won’t abandon him. I won’t leave him alone!”

“I will certainly protect him this time; from monsters, demons or even against all of you! We will rise and fall together. I will become his servant if need be!”


“… So you should hope that Allen won’t go off course if not if he wants this world. Humph! I will give it to him on a silver platter!”

“Are you insane, Mia?” Daniel was enraged. He never expects Mia to go that far for Allen.

This is Humanity’s survival we are talking about!

Is this still the [ Mad princess ] whose duty and obligations was always taken as a priority to the point of disregarding her life?

But before he could move, he suddenly noticed Lieri pointing a gun on his head.

“Lieri, speak some sense to your master!” Daniel turned around and roared.

Lieri coldly smiled, “What my master wish is my command. If the young master wanted it then the entire family will move!”

“Don’t tell me Lieri, you’re also in this bullsh*t!? If Allen really turned against us, don’t tell me you will also join him? You sure you’re not brainwashed or something?!”

Lieri sneered in response. “If we were really brainwashed by the young master then it’s alright. We don’t care, as for what the young master wanted to do, we still don’t know yet. So I warn you not to speak in a venture. I doubt my young master will succumb to that darkness but if he really did then, of course, I will help him. I would happily die if it’s for my master or for young master Allen.”

“Hah! I can’t believe this!” Daniel thought he might go crazy from these two women!

Just what the heck did Allen have for these two to love him like this? Damn it! I’m seriously going crazy from drinking this amount of vinegar!!

“I don’t care if you believe this or not,” Mia’s eyebrow rose.  Her gaze became sharp. “… But only you yourself are to blame…”

Allen was indeed an extremely dangerous character! If he was a friend, he was very reliable but if he became an enemy, this man was a calamity.

“… Mia, is Allen’s condition really that serious?” Mark asked worriedly. He finally realized the consequences of what would happen if Allen really turned against them.

“I don’t know,” Mia paused, finished emphatically and very slowly as if to give added weight to her words. “…but I can guess how much of the deviation on his affection towards humans gone off course…” Mia answered with a sorrowful tone. Each word she said was deep and heavy as if every word contained her pain and immeasurable sadness.

Allen is the type of idiot who never complains no matter how tough it gets. But I’m sure that his heart has already long been broken from all the harsh battles he had faced, especially the one in his past we had never known.

He had lost many precious things than all of them. Whether it was monsters or humans, for him they are still very important so the moment they died, it must have been painful for him.

But he always wore an ‘I’m alright’ expression. Because for him, the only way to survive was to keep pretending that he was strong. He was afraid to show any kind of weakness to anyone. That must have also been the case for the people who once with him. They might have felt that ‘wall’… that thin but sturdy ‘wall’ surrounding his heart.

But by doing so, he was unable to smile from the bottom of his heart anymore without him noticing it.

Without him knowing, he had literally discarded half of his heart…

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