Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 78: [ Dragon Sisters ]

“Yes, master. This little slave is Tang Yu…” Tang Yu raised her head and looked at Allen. Her expression complicated, however, anyone could see the overflowing emotions reflected in her eyes.

She didn’t recognize him a while ago since Allen’s current face and the one she remembers slightly differs. Allen standing in front of her right now was younger and his face was less refined and matured compared to the Allen she had remembered.

Allen standing in front of her right now was younger and his face was less refined and matured compared to the Allen she had remembered.

Once she had heard the name [ Ye Wushuang ] she already had this nagging feeling. But because that name was already unused for several years, many people had already forgotten it including her.

[ The Immortal ], [ Beast King ], [ Black Demon King ], [ The Monster ], [ Ruthless Overlord ] and many other names came up overshadowing it.

But the name [ Ye Wushuang ] in China was once akin to a devil’s name. The mere mention of this name would cause the entire country to tremble in fear and was even enough to scare young children to stop crying at night!

He had razed China into many Hellfires and massacred many people, turning several cities into ghost towns.

The [ Thirteen Aristocratic Families ] and the [ Ten Hidden Martial Sects ], the two Superpowers in China had already issued a kill on site on him and even increasing his bounty by a huge amount without hesitation.

Because of that, the name [ Ye Wushuang ] was like a taboo that even the two superpowers in China was scared to mention.

However, since that name was replaced with many names, it was slowly being forgotten.

“So you also returned…” Allen nodded in understanding but his complexion suddenly changes.

His smile suddenly disappeared and his eyes instantly become sharp.

“…anyway, since you have recognized me Yu’er, so why are you still there, kneeling in daze?” Allen coldly said.

Hearing his cold voice, Tang Yu’s entire body trembled as if struck by lightning. Biting her lower lip, she stood up and slowly walks towards Allen.

Thu-thump, thu-thump. Her heart began to throb intensely and her entire face was dyed with a sunset glow.

Hearing the conversation between Allen and Tang Yu, the Tang Sect Disciples stood in blank surprise.

Looking at her, the Tang Sect Disciples seems to be petrified. They opened their eyes wide in surprise, and carefully paid attention to Tang Yu and Allen, wondering what is currently happening.

The leader called Senior Brother Feng was dumbfounded. His gaze immediately moved towards Tang Yu and Allen.

“What are you doing Junior Sister Yu?!”

Tang Yu ignored the people behind her and under the shocked gazes of everyone present; she raised her arms and hugged him in a very natural manner.

Her head leaned on his chest, “I’m very happy to see you again, young master!”

Allen’s sharp gaze slightly softened. “Calculates that you know the limitations. I thought that you had forgotten about me?”

“Of course not!” Tang Yu immediately shook her head in denial. “Young master is my young master! Forever is my young master!”


Releasing her hand, Tang Yu then stood behind Allen like a young personal servant.

Looking at the two, Brother Feng’s anger exploded. “What is the meaning of this, Junior Sister Yu!? Are you betraying the Tang Sect?”

“I’m sorry Senior Brother Feng, it’s not like I’m betraying the sect but wherever the young master is, that’s the place I need to be.” Tang Yu seriously replied.

“You! Do you know what you are saying?!”

Tang Yu shook her head with a bitter smile. “Senior Brother, I suggest you leave this place now. You should have heard what the Elders have said, that regardless of whatever might happen, no one is allowed to get into an altercation with a man called [ Black Demon King ]!?”

Hearing those words, the Tang Sect Disciples eyes widened in shock. All their gazes immediately concentrate to the black clothed youth standing leisurely.

“He, he’s the black demon king? The Devil?!”

“Senior Brother, I advised you to watch your words!” Tang Yu’s beautiful expression instantly congealed and sharp killing intent flashed through her eyes.

“… Junior Sister, just what the heck are you doing? If he is really the black demon king then we will leave as what the Elder had said but the Elder never told us to be friendly with that devil and instead despise him! Isn’t that what the Elder had said?!”

“Senior Brother Feng, please don’t push my hands. I won’t allow anyone to speak malicious remarks to my master!”

“Junior Sister, are you insane?!”

“Elder?” At this moment, Allen who was keeping silent finally spoke. “Which Tang Sect Elder? Is that stupid frog Tang Pingyun? Or that plastic, Tang Fong?”

“You bastard!”

“Answer to the young master, it’s the great Elder Tang Pingyun. However, I don’t know how he knows about the young master but he certainly doesn’t remember anything. After all, he doesn’t remember me being the ally of the young master.”

“Are you certain?” Allen frowned.

Tang Yu nodded her head.

“I see, well whatever.” Allen turned his face towards the Tang Sect Disciples and said, “I’m not in the mood to kill right now, so you better leave and not come back. As for threatening my person, tell that idiot Pingyun, that I will visit him someday to ask for an explanation.”

“Hmph! I don’t know why they such feared you but do you think the Tang Sect was easy to bully?”

“Bully or not, I’m not interested in caring. However, do you think that this emperor is also easy to bully?”

The unworried countenance of Allen, which did not seem any different than if he was going for a leisurely walk, all of the Tang Sect disciples—without exception— suddenly found their hearts tightening even including Raya and Tang Yu who was standing behind Allen.

The suffocating atmosphere made them feels a huge boulder was smashing on them much less the Tang Sect Disciples who were being hit by the entire killing intent.

Even though they were used to acting with arrogance and looking down upon the world, at this moment, their haughty manner became downcast.

Raya’s beautiful eyes flashed. She was currently standing quietly behind Allen while watching the entire development and couldn’t help but feel at awe.

At first, she has completely despaired even if she knows that Allen was inside the cave but he was still, after all a human. Who knows, they were in cahoots.

But the moment, he appeared and stood in front of her, killed a man effortlessly, for some reason she felt an unusual excitement.

… he said I’m his woman…

Raya’s face felt hot and her expression flushed. A strange sweetness surge deep inside of her, making her thoughts complicated.

Looking at Allen’s ‘looking at the world disdainfully’ momentum, her maiden heart melted. His that tall and straight figure from behind was carved into every cell on her body. Now she would never forget this image until she died.

Without any tension or hurriedness in his voice, Allen walked in front of the leader and said, “… If your so called [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] didn’t start it, do you think that I would do what I had did and bear that ill reputation all this time?”

He said coldly, “I have once lost many people dear to me because of your nonsensical pride and arrogance…”

Tang Yu’s face paled and unconsciously bit her lower lips. A trace of sadness and hatred flashed on her eyes for a moment.

She certainly knows what Allen was talking about.

Even if she was a Tang Sect Disciple but she was disillusioned by the Sect’s actions and selfish arrogance. She then followed Allen who took her away from the Sect and gave her a new life… becoming Allen’s personal servant. But she never regretted it and instead was happy doing it.

But even so, that world isn’t pure happiness. One by one, her sisters who followed Allen was hunted and died. She saw Allen swallowed by grief and sadness at that time and felt intense pain inside of her. Once, she had vowed on herself to protect her master forever… though, she failed to do that until the end.

That is also the reason that she wasn’t the least bit hesitant to leave the Sect and follow her beloved master once again!

“… Hmph, if not for someone’s favor, I would have exterminated your so called [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] and erase them in the surface of the world!”

Crackle! A gold colored lightning streaked across the sky.

Allen’s body suddenly lit up and along with his anger, black clouds gathered, and huge pressure filled the entire heaven and earth.

The Tang Sect Disciples suddenly they felt a pressure coming from the sky. They raised their head and looked towards the sky and saw thick black clouds were crazily gathering above their head.

Those black clouds were so low that they felt that if they raise their hand then they would be able to reach it, and especially sensing that nothing could resist its might, every fine hair on their body stood erect.

This indeed was a kind of destruction of nature itself.

Suddenly, from the black clouds, an arm wide lightning struck right at the nearest huge tree and burned it down.

“This! What’s all this about?!”

“Impossible! How can like this?”

Seeing this scene, all the people present felt their body stiffened and shivered. Their complexions instantly paled as they hurriedly retroceded.

Can you imagine, in a very nice day, a storm of lightning suddenly appeared out of nowhere? If a person was struck by this lightning, just what would happen to that person…

Just imagining it was already enough to terrified someone to death…

They then noticed that on this place, only then was there a thunderstorm while another part of the forest was tranquil.

Even an idiot would certainly notice that this phenomenon was not induced naturally but was instead caused artificially!

… But how?

In the center of the raging storm of lightning, a single youth was standing nonchalantly.

He stood arrogantly in front of everyone.

Without doing anything other than simply standing there, his presence was like an invisible field that pressed down on the surroundings, completely suppressing everyone present.

His entire body gave off a powerful bloody aura and intense killing intent. Who knows how many people he had killed?

They looked at the indifference at the youth’s eyes, trying to make out any of his thinking from the expression in his eyes, but were disappointed.

Allen’s mysterious brown pupils were just like deep abyss without a bottom, and they gave them a kind of heavy sense of oppression.

“How is this possible?” Shock, loss, and confusion instantly filled Tang Feng’s, heart. He stepped in front of Allen and glared at him with scorching eyes like he was fighting for Allen to give an answer.

This was neither cultivation nor martial arts. He was also not ignorant at all and he had already seen and heard about Superhumans living outside the country possessing Supernatural powers… but not like this!

Allen’s show of power was like heaven and earth compared to the ones he had seen before.

In fact, he was also one, he possesses two Supernatural Abilities that he had managed to find by luck and although one isn’t an attack or defense type but seemingly support type ability called [ All Language Comprehension ], but the other one was an attack type supernatural ability that even caused his friends to envy.

All skills have limits and although they were super strong, it was still not to the point that it can be called Godly!

But Allen’s ability to cause this kind of phenomenon… is there really such thing?

Earlier, they had heard about the one called [ The Black Demon King ]. However, they never heard about his strength or power, because the Elder just told them not to ever antagonize someone with the name [ The Black Demon King ].

As none of them had known his power, they had still been a little skeptical about this.

But now, there was no question about it.

The handsome, graceful young man a while ago and the iron-willed, ferocious youth in front of them, both of these people now perfectly reconciled within their minds, giving a strange charm.

But this miracle phenomenon has only maintained for several seconds until the crimson sky then returned to normal and the black clouds slowly disappeared. The whole place turned quiet and tranquil.

Looking at Allen hatefully, the leader called Senior Brother Feng then turned his gaze towards Tang Yu. “Junior Sister Yu, is this really what you want?”

“My life is always for the young master.” Tang Yu replied without hesitation.

“Is he the reason why you never accepted my feelings?” Senior Brother Feng gritted his teeth.

“Please don’t misunderstand Senior Brother but I never looked at you like that, not even once.”

“… Then so be it. I hope the next time we meet will not be on the opposite side or else I wouldn’t show any mercy.”

“Senior Brother, I also want to give those words back to you. In addition, please warn the Elders for me if they tried to hurt the young master, I would also not keep off my hand.”

Not this time!

Just as Tang Feng thought of jeering, he saw Tang Yu suddenly glance at her with an extraordinarily cold gaze. It was a warning look filled with killing intent.


After giving Allen a glare, the Tang Sect Disciples immediately turned around and rushed towards the forest.

The last female looked at Tang Yu with a very complicated expression as if she wanted to say something.

“Junior Sister, I hope we meet again sometime, though I wish not as an enemy…”

“Senior Sister…” Gritting her teeth, the girl finally turned around and left.

— —

Somewhere else…

In a very vast sea, there was a certain island. This island was very strange since it was always covered by a fog as if embracing the entire island.

However, this island was not a simple ordinary island. Above the thick forest, several humungous winged lizards could be seen flying in the sky.


That’s right, this island was the infamous SSS-Class island; the [ Dragon Island ]!

At this time, a huge burning flame flashed across the horizon like a meteor and rushed towards one of the tall mountains on the island.

The moment the meteor like thing landed on the ground, it suddenly changes into a human form.

A middle-aged woman with long flaming red hair. Her entire body was littered in wounds.

“Damn that human!” as soon as the woman finished changing, a loud cursed enveloped the entire mountain. She was furious that her whole body was already smoking and almost started burning in flames.


As the woman’s voice echoed in the whole mountain, tremors spread out on the ground as numerous trees suddenly exploded.

When the ground stop shaking, a golden light flashed and landed not so far away from the enraged woman.

“Elder Sister, just why are you shou… what? What happened to you?!”

“Shut up! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

The woman screamed, cursed, and stomp the ground in rage. She seemed to vent all of her feelings as she listed all of the things happened on her journey. Her voice gradually grew strange before turning into sobs at the end.

“… That damn human! I’m going to kill him! I’m certainly going to kill him!!”

The other girl originally wanted to tease the woman just a little. However, upon hearing the strange tone in her voice and the blood slowly seeping out from her wounds, her heart softened and embraced her sister.

Gently patting her back, she softly comforted her, “Haa, relax. Although I don’t know what really happened you seem to have really suffered so much. Don’t worry; I will help you get your revenge…”

The woman’s face was ruthless. Her body naturally emitted a killing intent as her voice turned as chilly as the frozen tundra.

Although she was saying this, in fact, she found it funny. Her elder sister whose unreasonableness and arrogance could topple the sky and overturned the world acting like this was certainly a new experience.

But a human possessing that kind of power…is there really such human?

Isn’t that impossible…if what her sister said was true then is that ‘thing’ really a human?

But although she was interested in this human, however ‘For the price of hurting my sister, I will certainly kill you no matter who you are!’

The elder sister noticed her sister’s killing intent and couldn’t help but frown. She immediately pulled herself away from her sister’s embrace and said in a threatening manner, “Dakna, you can’t touch that human. I’m the one who will kill him and I will not let anyone do it not even you!”

The woman named Dakna was stunned by her sister’s words and couldn’t reply.

The elder sister ignored Dakna’s reaction and tried to calm herself down. She then walked towards the cave and entered.

“I will wait for my wounds to recover before I will go again and take my revenge so protect me for the time being…”

After leaving those words, the woman entered the dark cave.

Looking at her sister’s back, Dakna let out a deep breath. Her elder sister has too much pride.

Her defeat against an inferior species especially a human must have hurt her pride and she wanted to regain her honor with her own hands.

I guess that’s reasonable. But, this should be a good thing for her.

Dakna’s elder sister was what you could call a genius. In less than 2 hundred years, she managed to become an elder dragon. Because of this, her arrogance and pride were as high as the heavens. She thinks everyone except for her was inferior.

But with this, this setback would certainly be reduced.

Now I’m really interested in this human who could defeat my sister~

— —

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