Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 77: [ Tang Yu ]

“Hmph! Don’t bother hiding!”

“… …”

“Since you’ve decided to come out, then come out!”

Standing in front of the cave, Raya angrily snarled.

Her expression was grave and her pair of eyes was unusually sharp.

“So you can actually find us it seems I looked down on you.”

Out of nowhere, a rough male voice answered from the bushes. In a blink of an eye, six people, one after another came out.

Four male and two female.

They were all wearing long robes with hoods while three people were holding swords.

“Bringing these many people, you haven’t just ‘looked down’ on me.”

Raya’s voice was sharp and killing intent flashed through her eyes.

She had met these people before.

When she was escaping from her pursuers, she suddenly met them in the forest. In addition, for some reason, although not quite accurate they somehow could understand her language.

This surprised her but even so, they never once heard her plea and instead attack her. They tried capturing her!

Wounded, she wanted to immediately run away but she never expected that these people were far stronger than the ones before.

They used skills she had never seen in her lifetime. If not for the treasure [ Poisonous Snake Puppet ], a treasure her mother gave her for lifesaving, she had already been killed.

“Monster, we have looked for you with hardship and now we have finally cornered you!”

“You better give up. Come with us, if you don’t want to die. Elder Xikong would certainly want to see you!” One of the men said that as he laughed with his other party members. 

“Do you know what you are doing?” Raya’s complexion was pale. She knows she wasn’t a match with these people but she was now cornered.

Just what else could she do…?

“Senior Brother, what did this monster says?”

“She was asking if we know what we are doing.”

“Pfft! Ahahahaha, she’s asking what we wanted to do? Is she stupid?”

“You bastard!!”

“Hear this monster, you’re asking what do we want to do?!” another man said without hiding his contempt.

“Simple! Elder Xikong was looking for a monster suitable to become a puppet. A poisonous monster like you is certainly the best choice! You should feel honored! So you better come with us if you don’t want to get hurt.”

“You…!” Raya’s complexion became even paler. They actually wanted her to become a puppet?

“My Mother will kill you!”

“Mother, mother, do you think we care? If she comes, she will also become like you, a mindless puppet so you don’t need to worry about it.”

“Bastard!!” Raya shriek at the top of her lungs. She then took a small pouch from her waist.

“That again?” The man looked at the pouch and sneered. “Don’t you realize that it’s useless to us? I, your father, never feared poison!”

“… …”

“Hmph! Don’t you know what kind of situation you’re in? Just give up! We don’t want to damage you.”

“That’s what I should say.” Raya bit her lips in frustration.

“My mother is very strong! If you surrender and leave, I will let this thing as if this hasn’t happened. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“… …”




“Monster, that I’d like to see. How can you be impolite?” The man that seemed to be a leader started pacing around as he sized her up.

“Senior Brother, is this really okay?” One of the females asked the man in front of her with a worried expression.

“Just what are you worrying about, junior sister? Just leave this to Senior Brother Feng, everything will be alright!”

“Senior Sister…” But the female was still worried and cast a look towards the other woman but the latter only shook her head.

When the man in front of the group waved his arm, the entire group immediately brought out their respective weapons and made their stance.

Looking at this scene, Raya’s eyes instantly filled with despair. However, she still gritted her teeth and was determined to fight to the death.

“I, Raya Idoria, am proud daughter of Lumeria Idoria, unless you kill me, to make me yield to you villains… it’s impossible!”

“Even if I’m a coward but I wouldn’t die without a fight! I will drag you all down with me!”

After saying that, Raya immediately took a few steps back and poured all the things inside the pouch in the air, creating a massive poisonous gas spreading in the whole place.

However, as if expecting this situation, the group pulled out masks from their bags and wore it.

The leader with three other men soared in the sky and aims their right hands towards Raya.

“You can’t distinguish between good and bad so take this, [ Snake Dart ]!”

A long needle came out from their extended hands and shot towards Raya.

Seeing this, Raya’s eyes widened in alarm. She then opened her mouth and spit a purple liquid, shooting towards the three men.

But these people seemed to have no weight at all and lightly swayed along the breeze, easily evading it.

The needles were now less than a meter away from Raya and so she could only close her eyes in despair.

She no longer had any means of escaping.


However, a streak of lightning suddenly struck the needles, blowing them away.

Instantly, all the attacks vanished.

“Oya Oya, six people bullying on a single woman… that’s so shameful.”

“Who’s there?!”

This sudden voice that suddenly resounded with an unfettered sound greatly alarmed the group and instantly cried out.

Out of nowhere, a streak of light descended, resembling a lightning bolt tearing apart the crimson sky! It then transformed into a black haired young man wearing black Chinese clothing, floating in mid-air.

The young man was smiling but this smile never reached his eyes which were emitting a cold killing intent.

When the figure descended, the young man was standing leisurely in front of Raya.

“Well, well, well, ganging up one little girl, could you please know some shame fellas~” the youth suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said while staring at the silly group of humans.

The person present including Raya who was standing behind the youth was slightly astonished. Looking into the youth’s eyes, they could see or even feel the rage and killing intent radiate from the inside of him that seems to be just waiting to explode.

Raya is going to become Allen’s woman!

For the sake of him and his goals, no one has the right to touch her!

At times, Allen was a selfless person. For the sake of the world, he will choose to sacrifice something in order to protect it. He would rather choose fighting monsters to death than killing humans since the world needed them to protect it.

He would protect as many humans as he could.

However, Allen was also a selfish person. When his women and saving everyone was placed on the same scales, Allen would lean towards the former.

In this world, his family is the most important thing for him. They were also the reason why he wanted to protect the world in the first place. Not because of some heroic and selfless intentions but to create a comfortable and safe place for them. Whether they were monsters or humans, he would protect them.

Touching them is like inviting the wrath of the Emperor!

His sister, Mia, Ms. Grace, Aileen, Lieri, and the others…in addition Alkrasha, Thumbeline and now, Raya.

He was already hell bent on making Raya his, mainly for Lumeria’s aid. Since he was already making use of her for his own purpose, then the least he could do was protect her.

And now, Raya or the strong Superhumans that might be necessary for the world, he would certainly choose the former.

— —

Silence. Pure silence.

For a little while, no one let out any kind of sound and just looked at the black clothed youth quietly, with an expression in their eyes showing a kind of strangeness, alarm, and doubt.

At the start, Raya still had not reacted over what was said and only suddenly came to realize.

“I thought that you weren’t coming!”

She reprimanded. However, anyone could hear the relief and happiness hiding in her voice.

“How is that possible? I’m a man of honor, no matter what happens, I will protect my woman…”

Allen turned around face Raya while smiling mischievously.

“Who’s your woman!?” Raya snorted but a shade of pink colored her cheeks.

“Who are you?” The leader stepped forward and looked at Allen with a menacing look.

“… how rude of me,” Allen cupped his fist and said, “Below, Ye Wushuang, fortunate meeting~”

The eastern sky started to become bright, and when the first rays of sunlight shined upon the body of Allen, he lightly breathes out, stood up, and straightens his back.

Allen faced towards the sun, then his eyes were dazzled by the rays of lights, then he laughed heartily with lofty sentiments inside his heart. 

“Ye Wushuang?”

The leader naturally hadn’t heard this name and looked at Allen doubtfully. The people behind him also did the same. They looked at the black clothed youth with similar expressions… except for the one person.

The moment she heard the name ‘Ye Wushuang’ the woman’s eyebrows couldn’t help but furrow.

Why is this name seems familiar…?

“Ye Wushuang? But you’re clearly not a Chinese person…”

“Indeed, I’m not but I used this name whenever I’m in here in China.”

Allen wasn’t lying.

Back in the other world, Allen’s name resounded throughout the world and became notorious. As soon as someone heard his name, they would certainly wet their pants in fear and hide, not willing to come out on their houses.

Because of this, Allen created various personas to hide his identity.

…one of them is [ Ye Wushuang ].

He used this name since this was the name Ye Yueshing gave him.

“Then what are you doing here? Do you know who we are?”

“Alelelele, relying on backgrounds are we?”


“… hehe, I certainly know who you are, so you don’t need to threaten me.” Allen’s smile disappeared on his face and was instead replaced by a serious and calm expression.

“One of the Ten hidden martial Sect in China. [ Tang Sect ], am I right?”

“So you actually know, then wh…”

“As I said you don’t need to threaten me. I never put [ Heavenly Cloud Mountain Sect ] in my eyes, much less your [ Tang Sect ] which only placed third among the Ten Hidden Martial Sect!”

“What did you say?!” the leader revealed a stumped expression. 

These words were like a bomb exploding, causing the six people’s complexion to immediately turn grave. Their eyes emitted strong killing intent that seems to wish they could rip Allen apart.

[ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ]

In the world, Cultivation sect was akin to a fairytale. Immortals flying in the sky, cultivation, tribulation that going against the heavens, all of these were all portrayed in various Chinese novels.

But in fact, they were not all fairy tales.

China was a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon country.

Aside from the [ Thirteen Aristocratic Family ]  who was holding the most power in the Government, there were also the [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] who was holding its true military force.

In the other world, Allen was always being chased by the combined power of the [ Thirteen Aristocratic Family ] and [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] whenever he was in China so he really doesn’t have any favorable impression towards them.

Although they don’t have power similar to those from novels they still possess top notch martial arts.

They were usually aloof from worldly affairs but because of the existences of the Silver Crystals that holds cultivation techniques, skills and abilities straight out from novels and myths, they were smoked out on their hiding holes, like snakes.

“You! Do you know what you’re saying!?”

The leader growled.

“What do you think?” Allen spoke until there. He had a look of arrogance and his whole body was releasing a majestic aura, it was as if he turned into a different person.

“Courts death!”

All the Tang Sect disciples were angry enough to vomit blood.

“You thought that everyone fears your [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ], but sadly for you, I don’t. I never put all of you in my eyes, whether it’s in the past, present or in the future, your [ Ten Hidden Martial Sect ] is only so-so.”

“You court Death!!” One of the Tang Sect disciples finally couldn’t bear Allen’s arrogance and rushed towards Allen with his long sword.

“Stop!” At this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed. “Don’t Senior brother!”

But her voice was already too late; the man was already in front of Allen.

The Tang Sect Disciple and Raya only saw a golden lightning and just like a ghost, Allen’s figure disappeared.

This move of Allen cause the Tang Sect Disciples and Raya shake still, and before any of them had a chance to react, they saw a headless corpse of one of the Disciples which was soaring in mid-air as before.

“Senior Brother!”

“Brother Xun!”

“Senior Brother Xun!”

When the headless body finally fell, Allen’s figure reappeared on the same spot as if he never moved at all. Only, his expression had not changed from beginning to end.

Allen was still steady like a mountain. His expression appears very calm and his aura gentle, almost cannot seek for any flaw. 

This makes all the people extremely flabbergasted.

Just then, the Tang Sect Disciples and Raya snapped out of their daze.

“You bastard!!”

The leader who was standing in front was startled and subconsciously took his fighting stance. However, he didn’t rush like the one before and only glared at Allen hatefully.

One female drew her bow, and aim at Allen. A look of anger and shock had appeared on her face, she had never really expected that this simple and honest looking young man would actually kill her companion so suddenly. The others also raised their respective weapons with anger on their faces and were about to rush, but the leader, however, pulled and stopped them.

The youth in front of them was certainly not simple!

Only one person didn’t react in any way, after the initial shock, her face had reverted back to calmness. On her expression was full of bitterness and astringent.

She started walking forward.

“Senior Sister?”

“Junior Sister Yu?”

The other noticed her strange actions but she ignored and continued walking.

The build was different, the aura was different, the tone was different, and the appearance was slightly different. However, she knew.

It was him.

After arriving in front of her leader, she then kneeled.

The way she posed herself in front of Allen resonated with how a loyal servant would serve in front her king.

“I apologize for our actions, oh my beloved master! Please show some mercy.”

“Senior Sister Yu!?”

The so-called Sister Yu’s actions shocked the people present. They were wondering what is going on at this moment.

“Junior Sister, what are you doing?!”

The Senior Brother Feng hurriedly grabbed the woman’s arm but she didn’t budge even a bit. She still kept her head low.

“Sister Yu? Are you Tang Yu?” Allen asked as if he had recalled something. He had indifferent look on his face as if he had only killed an animal just a moment ago.

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