Fantasial Apocalypse – Chapter 76: [ Men only need a good judgment ]

“Do you know my mother?!”

“Not really. I just heard about her…”

Lumeria Idoria, known as [ The Sound of Pain ], and chief of the black widow tribe. Although Allen had never seen her before, he had heard about her from the information gathered from the [ Dawn Alliance ].

She didn’t like humans, especially men. It was said that her poison could make the victim hallucinate any kind of hell to death.

The very famous hell experience was making the victim hear a sound or a voice from anyone who could cause them intense pain, guilt, remorse, fear or any kind of negative emotions that would torture the victim to death. Thus earning her the title, [ The Sound of Pain ].

Yeah, just what you had guessed. She was a Sadist! An extreme Sadist!

However, Allen had never fought with her before. Although Lumeria Idoria didn’t like humans for who knows what reason, she never participated in the demon-human war and instead maintained her neutral stance.

Even if the other Arachne tribe responded to Alkrasha’s summon, Lumeria Idoria still won’t move. Only if humans and other beings tried to invade her domain, will she take action.

As for the reason, the [ Dawn Alliance ] made some speculation.

The famous one was, Lumeria didn’t like Akrasha. They seemed to have some argument between them since Lumeria had a good relationship with the former Insect Queen.

With this fact, Allen and the others never bothered with Lumeria and even never step on her domain to provoke her wrath.

Dealing with the Demons is already taxing enough…

“So you are her daughter…” Allen frowned. If he hurt Raya, he would certainly be chased down by Lumeria.

Although he wasn’t scared of her, if she changed her stance on the upcoming war because of this, then he would certainly have a headache. Although the Black Widow is a small tribe, Lumeria held a huge influence over the Arachne, so such a thing needed to be avoided.

Then, the best choice is to let her go.

“Anyway, can you release this? I really don’t want to fight you.” Allen smiled wryly.

“I, I…” Raya seemed to be hesitating.

“Well, whatever then,” Letting out a sigh, Allen’s body flash and disappeared only appearing on the side, free from the rope.

“Kyaah!” Raya was surprised and immediately crawled away.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Allen waved his arm at her like it was natural and picks Lightning, slowly untying it.

“Do you have some food? I’m a bit hungry right now, more like what time is it?” Allen slightly smiled, as if all those unpleasant things that had occurred previously, hadn’t occurred.

However, at this moment, he suddenly remembered Ye Yuesheng’s words.

“Oh my God…” He muttered as soon as he looks on clock showed on his communicator.

It’s already 3:34 AM, it means it’s already dawn…

He missed the dinner…

“Damn! I slept for too long.”

— —

“Now then, why did you capture me?” Allen looked at Raya. His expression appears quite frivolous and appeared carefree.

“I, I have no choice… humans are scary…” Raya answered with her head down.

The first time she attacked a human, she was instantly defeated. The human was stronger than her by a huge margin and was only able to escape barely by using the toxic gas her mother gave her.

The second time, she fell into a trap and was almost killed by three Superhumans. If not for Toxic gas left on her hand, snake puppet and her magic, she had already died without a corpse.

At those two failed attempts, a fear towards humans grows on her hearts especially now that he knows how fast the humans were getting stronger.

“… then, when I was looking for food. I heard the sound of fighting. I was curious so I followed the sound. When I arrived, I saw you, unconscious with heavy wounds.” Raya started explaining.

Follow the sounds of fighting? Allen smiled wryly. Either she has guts or she was just stupid~

“I thought that this is already an opportunity since you look so weak and dying… who knows your body started recovering at an insane speed…” Raya said with a forced smile while shaking her head.

“I see…” Allen listened with a wry smile. She thought that I am dying and capture me to do her custom.

Sadly, “…I’m sorry to say this but although you are a beautiful woman, if you start with me, I will surely die. So, I think I will pass this one.”

Regarding this, Allen can only helplessly shrug his shoulders.

Although Allen had poison immunity, it was just a low-level rank Poison Immunity. In addition, it was still at most Lv1. So taking a strong poison like from the black widow tribe would be extremely foolish!

However, if Lime was certainly inside his body and was awake, there might be a way to cancel the poison, but sadly that is still unproven.

They say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. Men who think with their lower region are often doomed!

He doesn’t want to join that league~


Hearing Allen’s words, Raya’s small mouth could not help but open surprised. For a long time unable to close.

Facing such situation, Raya lowers the head in embarrassment. Allen this saying is just too bad…

Isn’t this a roundabout way of calling her lewd?

Raya was silent for a few minutes, then lightly sighed.  Her complexion appears quite helpless.

“No, pl, please forgot about that…”

Her face was red like a tomato. Her whole body was visibly shaking.

She must feel really embarrassed right now…

Besides, without a doubt, Allen’s strength was really too formidable. Even if she wanted to, she would certainly die on his hands, might as well forget about it.

Their tradition has no time limit. Besides, she really doesn’t like this ritual, if not because her mother ordered her to, she would never leave the village. The outside world is just too scary!

“That’s better, Raya you should come with me then…” The smile on Allen’s face was invariable while leisurely saying, no commanding.

“Yes?” Raya was stunned.

Women, regardless of how formidable they are, still actually possess weakness.

When Allen was saying this while releasing some kind of powerful incomparable imposing manner in this moment, although made her feel fear, but in her pair of wonderful eyes, a hint of awe could still be seen.

Well, women are an incomprehensible existence that cannot be defined by simple logic. Sometimes, they often contradict their own thoughts and behaviors.

Some wanted to be subdued, some wanted to subdue.

Men only need a good judgment.

“No! I,”

“Then that’s decided~”

Allen found Raya’s troubled look cute and so his sadist tendency slowly woke up. A mischievous smile appeared on his face.

“… Please take care of me from now on, Raya♪”

“L, Look, could you stop calling me by name as if it meant nothing? And I, I didn’t agree yet…”

“That’s awfully selfish from someone who wanted to assault me, isn’t it?” Allen smirked mischievously.

“That’s no reason to use first names right off the bat! And don’t speak like I wanted it too! It’s my clan’s tradition! I don’t have a choice!” Raya exclaimed.

“Oh? So surnames are fine then?”

“Wh-why do we have to address each other as though we’re equals? And besides, can you leave now, I know it’s my fault for capturing you but I still haven’t done anything yet. S, so can you let me go now and leave?”

“Come on, don’t be like that Raya~ I really wanted to be friends with you, no scratch that. You need to become my friend.”

“Is that how you asked someone to be your friend?!” Raya’s whole face was filled with shame as she throws complaint on the black clothed youth in front of her.

He clearly knows that she can’t fight him and was scared of him so he was acting like this. He’s clearly bullying her!

Smelly human, don’t let me have the opportunity to teach you a lesson! 

If my mom knows about this! Hmpf! Look how I tidy you up!!

Allen was actually ignoring her threatening expression and has not paid any attention to these matters. He’s enjoying bickering with this little girl.

Although nothing was shown on his expression at this moment, he was actually thinking that if he managed to subdue this little girl here, then there is a high chance that Lumeria Idoria will side with him in the war.

Unfortunately, he just can’t tame Raya forcefully because; tamed beasts and monsters show an invisible mana connection to the tamer and his beasts. And one must know, taming skills is like a brainwashing system.

Once they were tamed, they would never show any ill will towards their tamers and will show extreme loyalty to their masters.

If Lumeria Idoria noticed this aspect, she will certainly misunderstand Allen and instead will kill him in order to free her daughter.

That would be extremely bad!

So, instead of taming her and invite disaster, it would be best to use a galge-like approach… isn’t it?

How evil and cruel~

“Relax, since we became friends then it’s only natural to call you by name. Right Raya?” Allen smiled unmeant.

“I’m not your friend! Now then, get out of here! Please!” Raya couldn’t help but stare at Allen maliciously.

“Mah mah.  If we’re going to be friends, shouldn’t we start from there?”

 “I said, I’m not!”

“Oh right, Raya, I’m hungry. Do you have any food?”

Raya’s expression slowly became cloudy and her cheeks were slightly reddened. However, Allen as if completely has not noted it, and instead continued to express a playful look.

“Don’t call me by my name! Only my mother calls me that!”

“We’re now friends, right? So it’s fine to call you that. Anyway, I like your name~”

“Th-that’s no reason to…”

“In that case, how about I give you a fun nickname and call you that? How about Ra-chan, like a Japanese person or Xiao Ya, like a Chinese.”

Evil human!

Raya’s hands clenched into fists, and cracking sounds could be heard. A dangerous glow could be seen coming from her face as if she might turn into an explosive dragon at any moment.

Raya right now is full of shame and resentment in her heart. She even had the thoughts of putting down her lady image to bash Allen up.

She felt ashamed and resentful in her heart because Allen was behaving so casually. 

Although she knows that she herself is at fault in capturing this madman. However, Raya still could not accept it. Allen must be doing this on purpose!

Raya stared at Allen and felt depressed. Allen’s shamelessness made her feel helpless.

Allen smiled and has not cared. “I figure it’s too soon for that, so I’m proposing we start with just names. I’m not a cheap person~” After saying, Allen secretly laughed inside.

This bastard!!

Raya was dumbfounded. He actually said he’s not cheap?!

If he’s not cheap then all the people in the world is ultra-expensive!!

Raya bit her lips, then clenched her teeth and said, “…f, fine. Do as you like!”

Seeing Raya’s defeated and pitiful expression, the corner of Allen’s mouth slightly upturned. “My name’s Allen, you can just call me Allen.”

“… … My regards, Allen.” The corners of Raya’s mouth are filled bitterly and astringently.

“Yeah, same to you, Raya.” Allen smiled with a hint of mischief.

— —

Raya reluctantly presents Allen several fruits before deciding to ignore him and left the cave.

– Though not after making a pledge within herself. A pledge that someday she will certainly make Allen look good!

She angrily stamped her foot, turned away, and left.

Of course, Allen noticed the little girl’s actions and couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

In love, ‘Hate’ can always turn to ‘Love’.

Similar to love, if one hates someone, they would often think about him/her. Especially girls whose boundary of love and hate is too thin like Dure*x.

Well, the chances are low though~

However, that day won’t be far. As long as they were together, bit by bit, she will certainly fall to the enemy. On his own charm, Allen had an extreme confidence.

Alone, Allen once again opened his [ Summoning Grimoire ].

Looking at his grimoire, Allen couldn’t help but think about that particular novel. However, there was one difference that made him sighed in regret.

Whenever he summons his Grimoire, there’s no such thing as a barrier that surrounds him, protecting him for a certain amount of time. It seems like it was just a normal summoning grimoire – though, he managed to find a good ability from it that cheered him up a little.

In the last page was a black page and it had a very convenient ability.  It can store up some things – though only limited.

Now, Allen was eager to try the summoning grimoire.

“Lightning.” He called out.


Heard Allen’s call, Lightning who was quietly eating a pear on the side happily run over.

 It then arrived at Allen’s shoulder and licks his cheeks with its adorable small tongue, showing its extreme affection.

Allen smiled as he positioned the [ Summoning Grimoire ] besides Lightning and in an instant, Lightning transformed into a golden light and entered the book.

In the next page just after Lime’s, a new portrait magically appeared.

Below this portrait was the word [ Summoned Beast ] written on it, followed by its description.

[ Lightning ] [ Race: Lightning Mouse.

Level: 2

Description: A unique race of magical beast. They could summon electricity from inside their bodies to attack their enemies. Usually, docile and gentle creature unless angered. Usual habitat: Thunder Mountain.

Duration: — — ]

Each monster used up one page of the book.

Allen nodded his head in understanding and slowly fetches up a metal ball. Similar to what happened to Lightning, the metal ball changed into light and entered the [ Summoning Grimoire ].

[ Ape ] [ Race: Titan Ape

Level: 5

Description: A monster bearing the blood of the legendary Titans. They possess strong tyrannical power.

Duration: — — ]

The duration is [ — — ]. Does it mean I can summon them without a time limit? And here I thought there would be a limit…

Although I still don’t know about Lime, the Ice Queen had one… only a minute…

Is it because this monster is I personally tamed and not the least bit relation with the [ Summoning Grimoire ]?

Allen possesses a taming ability as well as monster balls. And these are what he uses whenever he tamed monsters… is that the reason, why they are no time limit?

As Allen was deep in thought, he suddenly heard the sound of humans outside the cave.

Although he couldn’t clearly hear their conversation, it was clear that something was happening outside.

“Did had an accident?”

— —

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