EER Prologue – Part 1

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 ­ Earth Alone

The time was April. The university newbie left the room as soon as the lecture ended before everyone else at 2:45. He did not want anyone to recognise him as not an outsider, though no one knew him as such hence he would not have been stopped anyways; he still resolutely walked on to the hill road outside of the plaza.

There, he felt the unexpected change for the first time.

‘No one’s around…’

There was a huge number of people in lectures that ended at 2:45 Sure, not all of them were like Yoo Il Han Il Han, an outsider returning home, yet the complete absence of people in the plaza as well as in the hill road was strange.

‘Carnival is not on today. Was there a school event?

Even so, there was no need to feel strange. Yoo Il Han Il Han exited all invited chat groups ever since he attended his university! It was not as if he left out of pressure, it was solely out of his choice!

Sensing sorrow out of vain, Yoo Il Han walked down the hill valiantly in spite of the dearth of people. He wanted to hitch a ride on a shuttle bus, but there were no vehicles to be seen.

Was there a military exercise in the university? Perhaps a school wide hide-and-seek? All kinds of thoughts came into his head but he dismissed them readily. For twenty-odd years he had never held hands with a girl, and the lack of other presences right now was nothing in comparison.

However, those musings dissipated as soon as he exited the school entrance.


There was no one.

‘What the hell!’

No one was around!

‘What’s going on. What’s going on!’

In panic, Yoo Il Han repeated the same phrase inanely as he ran around. No-one. To conjure up a crazy idea like a mass picnic was impossible. The situations were too alarming to escape reality.

No one. No human to be seen!

He looked through the windows of the convenience store he often visited. The meal on a table was emitting warm vapour, the chair was pulled slightly back as if someone was sitting on it moments before. Furthermore, spoons and chopsticks were erratically thrown aside, giving them a sense of their users abruptly disappearing out of thin air.

This oddity applied for all shops. Incidentally, how about parked cars? Moving cars that were in traffic had violently collided in such a way that they lost their drivers, with some on the verge of explosions due to leaking, ablaze gasoline.

‘Damn it’

His mind may have been in disarray, but Yoo Il Han identified the hazard and escaped to a vehicle-less street.  The reverberation of explosions like the ones in films soon tickled his ears.

Wind carrying the hot air blew, and Yoo Il Han fled like he was drifting on the wind. Then he shed pointless tears.

His mind was puzzled back together at a bus station.

‘Let’s go home’

Maybe after he washed and ate his mother’s meals, maybe after he slept, things would be different.

Foolish ideas again sprouted the moment the crises were over. His fantasies were broken quickly this time though .The bus was simply not arriving.

‘What the fuck. What’s going on.’

Yoo Il Han prided himself over his mental fortitude.  From primary to high school, he overcame everything by his own effort. As a result, he was attending a quite reputable university, and he was confident to do well on his own for a foreseeable future.


The chinese character ‘person’ is to symbolise two men relying on each other; he never needed such weak stuff. Yoo Il Han always believed that he was like an upright number ‘1’-someone could accomplish anything unassisted

But, this was too much to handle

‘Have I alone moved to a different world?

His situation was too out-worldly that he said something so stupid. Nothing was changing. The bus was not coming,  his knees were swelling in pain due to reckless running. Growing sadder every minute, he noticed his tears falling onto the bare earth like bird-droppings.

‘Pathetic, crying over trivial matters as a university student. No, fuck it. If I don’t cry now, over what would I ever weep? Isolation during his primary school days has made me dismal before, now the entire district is avoiding me.’

Knowing crying wouldn’t change anything, Yoo Il Han came back to his senses swiftly. It was feverishly hot and tiring. Home was his priority.

‘Let’s walk’

Despite the knowledge that no one was there to hear him speak, he shouted in hope for someone to reveal oneself. Yoo Il Han embarked on an hour-and a half journey shrouded in an added  layer of disappointment to the obvious result.

Of course, his mother wasn’t present. He tried to check the time, yet all clocks, including those in mobile phones and computers, were stopped. Dad wasn’t coming either, Yoo Il Han concluded following a couple of hours of waiting as he stared at the everlastingly blue sky.

The TV only showed static screens, the radio the same and the internet was not working. It was like humanity itself had vanished. Except himself, who was trapped in a stagnant time.

At least, water and gas pipes worked. He showered and cooked a package of instant noodles.


The taste deepened his sadness and more tears flowed down. He was drowzy now that he was full. I don’t care for the mass disappearance, and whether or not the night was arriving, I must sleep. Possibly, something may become different as I sleep. He laid on his bed in these complacent thoughts. At that moment…

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  1. This is depressing but a good read 🙂

    1. Author

      Read the next part I just got it from my mate and uploaded it coz i felt like it truly starts the story.

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      Also the reason for the title is explained as well

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      ah also forgot to say cheers for reading this man:)

  2. Thanks for the chapter

    1. Author

      No worries man:) Cheers for reading

    1. Author

      Nurries karman-san and cheers for reading:)

  3. Why his name has Il in front of Han?? OR is his name ilhan??
    Or is it Yu parallel to Han?LOL

    Thanks for translating this novel

  4. Perspective keeps randomly changing from 1st to 3rd and back. Sometimes multiple times in one paragraph.

    1. Author

      Its coz hes thinking but we don’t show it through italics or such. Its a bit dodgy but it should make sense

  5. Thank you for the chapter.

    PS: On drowzy in the last paragraph, it should be spelled: Drowsy.

  6. Mistakes
    There was a huge number of people in lectures that ended at 2:45 Sure, not all of them were like Yoo Il Han, an outsider returning home, yet the complete absence of people in the plaza as well as in the hill road was strange.
    Should be (ended at 2:45. Sure, not all) and (Yoo Il Han)
    Yoo Il Han Il Han exited all invited chat groups ever since he attended his university!
    I’m guessing it should be (Yoo Il Han exited)

  7. This reminds of the “no Spongebob day” episode in Spongebob Squarepants.

  8. “Yoo Il Han Il Han exited all invited chat groups ever since he attended his university! It was not as if he left out of pressure, it was solely out of his choice!”
    was “Yoo Il Han Il Han” on purpose? or did you accidentally type it out twice?

  9. So, wait… Everything works (more or less), but ALL clocks have stopped? Including virtual ones?

  10. Hmm good start, but it doesn’t make sense. If the tv has static then there’s power and it wasn’t an emp. If there’s power then for the most part the internet would still be functioning for a good while after people left. Another question… why did the most likely battery powered clock spot. Still I looking forward to reading more.

  11. Frequent changes in POV. It is still understandable and it may be how the author wrote it but it takes away from the story. It makes it harder to read, makes the writing style seem childish, and completely ruins the flow of the story.

    Clocks and internet stopped. If there is electricity, there is no reason for either of these to be stopped (at least, not in the short amount of time our MC has spent alone). Ut may not sound like much but little mistakes like this stop the flow as well.

    Lastly, the MC’s personality. He sees himself as a smart, strong person. This isn’t bad itself, nor is it unbelievable but, you have him doing out of character things that don’t fit well with the situation. For example, crying when he notices the absence of people.

    In such a situation, confusion, fear, and worry would be more appropriate. If he was to cry at all, it should be when he comes home to find his parents missing. Either way, the tears could be dismissed, expecially when he stops himself which turns it into a sign of his strength. But, then you had him start crying again. I think he cried a total of three times? Maybe just twice.

    Enough critism though, the idea of the story itself is interesting and will be sure to draw in readers. If you can improve on the writing, I am sure you’ll draw in a stable following.

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