EIF Chapter 8 – Part 2

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 ­ In The Next Life Do Not Speak Of Loving Me Again – Part 2

“Gu Hai’s scheme are too concentrated, and can not be allowed to happen again. You need to convene all the soldiers right away and enter the decisive battle as soon as possible. Immediately send the soldiers to Hulao pass, even if they’re injured they must fight! End this battle as soon as possible, otherwise no one could save us!” Gao Xianzhi said with an ugly expression.

“That’s finished, now what do I do about those fifteen soldiers? They’re still kneeling outside my tent!” Ling Chong said with a worried tone.

The Song Crown Prince also stared at Gao Xianzhi. At this moment, the Song and Chen War was related to everything. If Gao Xianzhi was really looking to kill Song Zhengxi, even he, as the crown prince, could not stop it. He truly could not stop it, people in higher positions than the current sovereign from the immortal sects were observing. He simply could not save Song Zhengxi.

But now, Gao Xianzhi wanted to save Song Zhengxi?

“Commander, you like this can it not be counted as abuse of power? Shielding the wicked and scolding the virtuous?” Lin Chong’s brows wrinkled as he said.

“No, the current situation is worse than I’ve imagined, must immediately suppress it, Crown Prince, I’ll leave the command to you, immediately recall all the soldiers attacking the cities, immediately gather the 800,000 soldiers, and rally these soldiers to Hulao Pass. As long as Hulao Pass is broken, any of Gu Hai’s schemes will also be rendered useless!” Gao Xianzhi said in a heavy tone.

“Good!” Song Crown Prince gratefully nodded his head.

“What about Song Zhengxi?” Lin Chong looking at Gao Xianzhi.

“Previously you said out of those fifteen people kneeling outside your tent, thirteen of them should be easy to restrain, all of the dirty water should be splashed on Gu Hai. All soldiers in the camp whose family members have been missing, immediately select them and allow them to go their respective families, they can search for their families with together with the entire city, they should be willing for this.” Gao Xianzhi said in a heavy tone.

“Subordinate understand, these destabilizing factors are selected and thrown away, but, regarding those two soldiers it is 90% sure that Song Zhengxi harmed those soldiers families, what about them?” Lin Chong asked in a heavy tone.

“Calm them, block the information, even make them return to imperial capital to inquire exactly what happened, be sure to constraint the information to a minimum!” Gao Xianzhi said in a heavy tone.

“What if they firmly wants the commander to take responsibility for them?” Lin Chong frowned and said.

“At the moment, the overall situation is serious! Lin Chong, you’ve been following be for many years, you should understand, merciful people can not command the troops!” A wisp of coldness flashed in the eyes of Gao Xianzhi.

“Yes!” Ling Chong frowned as he walks out the camp.

Song Crown Prince quickly issued all the commands one by one.

Lin Chong once again met those fifteen kneeling people.

He appeased the thirteen people among them and poured all the dirty water on Gu Hai, he also let them go back and pack their luggage in preparation for returning to imperial capital to look for their loved ones.

Finally, only two soldiers were left staring at Lin Chong.

Those two eyes were already red from crying, they were kneeling on the ground and refused to stand up.


A man ripped his shirt.

“Sir, you see, my body is riddled with scars while following you and fighting with you together, followed you for these many years, I never had a complained, but now, my little sister was defiled, my old mother was killed, and my entire family had been eliminated to silence them, I only ask sir to help me take justice. Sir, subordinate had followed you for so many years, and today is asking your help for this one matter, is it not good?”

“Sir, you do not persuade us, who is Lao Wu, you already know. His life was saved by me, he was disabled and can only move with extreme difficulty. He has no children, how could he be moved by money? Even if they were to give him more money, it is still useless to him, can he still lie to me? What about the keepsake he brought, is it nothing? That was my sister’s little pendant, has been hanging around her neck, never left her body, inside her clothes. Nobody knows about it, how can Lao Wu get it, if not from my sister’s corpse? Sir!”

Two unceasingly kowtow.

At the moment Lin Chong in his heart did not feel any better. although he believed the two, but the commander had already explained everything…

“Do not worry. Immediately head back to the imperial capital. Check clearly if this is true, then…!”

“No, if we go back, who will believe us? This time subordinate asks the Commander to once again to take responsibility, we two are little people, it may be even impossible for us to return to the camp. Although I’m uneducated, I understand that if we do not get the commander’s order today , later on there will never be an opportunity!”

Sir, I know, before it was only petty officials who bullied, even if they were killed it doesn’t have any relation, but this time it is the emperor grandson, he is genuine VIP. We are nothing more than ants, perhaps halfway on the road nobody will know how we died!”

“Sir, I’ve already spread out the information, and now a lot of people know in the barrack that emperor grandson destroyed my whole family, during the war, according to law he must be beheaded! But that is VIP of high level, who would dare to ask him for trouble? In the future he will be the Crown Prince, later on he will be the Sovereign. In our entire lifetime we will be unable get our revenge! Didn’t the Commander say he will take responsibility for us and give us justice? Now, make the him take responsibility! If the Commander does not make a decision, then is just farting! Commanders military orders are just fart!”

“Presumptuous!” Lin Chong’s stared them with wide open eyes

Suddenly the two desperately knocked their head.

“Sir, we want revenge, even if we die, I still want the revenge! In the first place, for conscription, we only came to fight because we listened to you, but, listening to you, our family are dead. Sir, woo woo woo woo……………..!”

At the moment, Lin Chong was also very sad, but there was no way way.

“Sir, we busted our ass for what? Song Zhengxi is our future king, we busted our ass for him and he get hold of our family in the rear! Woo woo woo!” Another man cried and said.

“Commander can certainly give us an explanation, but, at the moment the war is at most critical phase, wait till the end of war, I’ll risk my own life and ask the Ccommander for you to get justice!” Lin Chong advised.

“Sir, you’re better clear than us, after the end of war nobody will listen the words of the Commander, what’s the use?Woo woo woo!” Another man cried and said.

Lin Chong clenched his teeths, at this moment he decided to be cruel-hearted. Look at the duo, a wisp of unbearable coldness glowed in his eyes. His hands pressed above the hilt of his blade.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law!” Suddenly, outside the large tent an anxious crying sound came.

Looking at it where it came from,  there was an extremely emaciated man, with a pale face and tattered clothes. He rushed into the large tent, behind him two guards soon followed.

“Sir, I saw it was your family, so he was not blocked!” Two guard came and explained.

“En, you go out!” Lin Chong nodded his head.

[TLN: En means yes.]

Two guards immediately went out.

“Xiaoyu, what happened, why are you here? How are you like this?” Lin Chong asked while surprised.

Seeing Lin Chong, Xiao Yu suddenly cried once again.

“Brother-in law, you must get revenge for sister, sister died with injustice unredressed, woo woo woo woo woo woo…………!” Xiao Yu kneeling on the ground and holding Lin Chong’s leg cried.

“Xiaodie? Xiaodie? what happened to Xiaodie?” Lin Chong suddenly had a crazy look, the hands pressing on the blade hilts suddenly trembled. He was looking at the emancipated man with shock.

“Sister, sister had been killed by emperor grandson Song Zhengxi, our whole village people, all had been killed by Song Zhengxi lackeys, a fire burned everything, completely dead, everyone are dead! Woo woo woo woo!” Xiao Yu cried with misery.


Lin Chong suddenly felt the dizzy. Suddenly a scene before going to battle flooded his mind.

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