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 ­Destroying Song Plan

At the Song Empire, in Song City!

Gu Hai and Gu Han were talking a stroll on the streets of Song City, watching the people passing by.

“Foster Father, the stores in front of us, all of them are ours!” Gu Han introduced one by one with a smile.

Gu Hai nodded his head, looking all around sighed and said, “Song City? These years did not change it a single bit!”

“Foster Father, I hear that you’ve previously commanded troops. Moreover it was difficult to find a rival under the heavens, taking a group of remnants of the army, and quickly expanding it into an invincible army. Why did you let Great Brother sit at Hulao Pass, while Foster Father came here?”

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “That Gao Xianzhi is marvellous, and so if you want to use the 100000 soldiers of Hulao Pass to defeat him, one would need a very long time, but currently what I’m lacking the most is time itself!”

“Time? Foster Father, if you were commanding army of Hulao pass,how long would it take for you to defeat the Song Army?”

“One year!”

“One Year? Is it long?”

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “If it’s commanding the troops, I’m not afraid of anyone, and sooner or later I will surely win, but this time the reason the Clear River Sect can so readily agreed to my request is because there is certainly a VIP observing the battlefield, such that it is similar to child play for them to make the secular world fight among themselves. I’m worried if it takes too long, that VIP will impatiently leave, and then whether Clear River Sect will still keep their promises, about this even I’m not sure………….!”

“Ah? Foster Father, haven’t the Clear River Sect’s Chief already signed the written agreement?” Gu Han said with a surprise.

Gu Hai said along with a snort, “Have you already forgotten what I told you?”

“I understand. The other party will only comply to this kind of commitment in case of strength or status, and whether it is strength or status, if there is a very large difference, the promise is only a joke. Perhaps Clear River Sect’s Chief will honor it or perhaps he simply will not bother!” Gu Han solemnly said.

Gu Hai nodded his head and said, “I’m now only borrowing the VIP’s influence! Therefore, I want that VIP to manage everything before leaving, and aptly fulfill this promise!”

“Yes!” Gu Han said with a heavy heart.

“But Foster Father, right now the Song Empire’s morale is quite good! Ruler and his ministers are together, ministers and citizens are together, citizens and army are together. To say it simply it is a block of iron-plate, their morale is soaring in the sky, this is an irreversible force! Foster Father has examined the data in these two days, can you think of a way?” Gu Han said with some worry.

“Ruler and his ministers are together, then we should sow discord between ruler and his ministers! Minister and citizens are together, then we should sow discord between ministers and the citizens! Citizens and army are together, then we should sow discord between the citizens and the army!” Gu Hai solemnly said.

“Oh? What does Foster Father plan to do?” Gu Han while his eyes lit up.

“Plan, I’ve already developed most of the plan, it is called the ‘Destroying Song Plan’. Since Song Empire’s Ruler, ministers, citizens and army are unanimously united, then we should dismantle it, destroy it one by one. The morale of the army, morale of the citizens, morale of the ministers, and morale of the ruler, I want them to be in chaos one by one, and then destroyed! Thereafter Song Empire will naturally collapse!” Gu Hai solemnly said.

“Destroying Song Plan? Foster Father, how do you want to proceed?” Gu Han said slightly excited.

Gu Han, since his childhood, had seen the formidability of Gu Hai. ‘Plan 计划’, as long as there was these two characters, then it would certainly be followed by a series of unthinkable stratagems. Each ‘Plan’ was like one giant battle, multifaceted, which makes it very hard for people to track.

“In fact on the way to Song Empire, I was also thinking the same thing. These past two days I’ve been reading the information you’ve collected on the Song Empire’s aristocrats, just to select the most crucial part, that’s all. But currently I am just lacking an opportunity and the candidate who can be used as a pawn. Tomorrow, hold a party and invite some of the people I’ve selected to the Tian mansion banquet, I’ll carefully observe them!” said Gu Hai.

“Yes!” Gu Han nodded his head.

Two people side by side were conversing while walking on the streets. Suddenly, a dismayed shout came from the distance.


“Go away, do not get in the way!”


“Tabdak Tabdak!”




In the front, the street was in chaos, a large number of pedestrians fled in panic, some even fell on the ground. About twenty horses were galloping quickly, and all the people riding on the horses were wearing luxurious robes.



A brittle sound accompanied with a loud scream rang out. A pedestrian who was slow in escaping, suddenly broke his leg and painfully screamed.

“Tabdak Tabdak!”

The twenty horse’s speed was unabated, and they were directly rushing away. The group was led by a teenager, each and every one of their faces were filled with a violent aura. At the moment both of eyes of the teenager were ice-cold, as if he had encountered some unhappy event.

“This is emperor’s grandson, Song Zhengxi! He is the Crown Prince’s son, and is also in the information given to Foster Father. He is domineering and arrogant, and can be counted as a calamity in Song City. At such a young age he already has a very violent personality, and has spoiled lot of Song City’s girls!” Gu Han explained.

“He is the emperor’s grandson, Song Zhengxi?” Gu Hai’s eyes squinted.

“Drive, get out, get out!” Song Zhenxi whipping the horse, galloped quickly.


Once again under the leg of Song Zhengxi’s black horse someone was struck and flew out.


Gu Han caught that flying person after he was hit.

“Humph!” Song Zhengxi with squinted eyes looked and coldly snorted.

However, Song Zhengxi didn’t stop, and continued to gallop quickly. Behind him the twenty guards and their horses followed, and along the way, entire street was in ruins.

As Song Zhengxi left, on the streets a series of cries rang out. All the way through, at least 8 pedestrians were injured by Song Zhengxi and his group of horses.

“Many, many thanks!” That man hit by the horse a moment ago gratefully said.

“Go to the hospital and have the doctor take a look, there is no injury to the bone!” Gu Han said.

“Yes, thanks a lot. Oh, I’m really just superficially injured. Two sirs, thanks a lot, I’ll go first!”

As that man left, Gu Han also looked at Gu Hai, but at the moment Gu Hai was looking at the fading back of the leaving Song Zhengxi, and with a slight wrinkled brow said, “Good heavy smell of blood!”


“Song Zhenxi’s clothes were stained with blood. No. More or less all of the twenty guard’s bodies were also stained with blood, but there was also some traces of burning. Immediately send someone to check out where they had previously gone!” Gu Hai said in a heavy tone.

“Yes!” Gu Han replied.

After two hours.

Gu Han and Gu Hai with some guards came to the outskirts of Song City, in one remote small village.

Standing in the village, Gu Hai’s and Gu Han’s complexion was solemn.

What they saw was dozens of households in this small village, which was not a small number, turned into a complete pile of ruins. A fire and dozens of households were almost burned clean. A large house had a charred plaque. The ‘Lin Mansion 林府’were the two words on the plaque and they were barely recognizable.

“Go and take a look if there is some alive or not!” Gu Han said, facing the 7-8 guards behind him.



A group of bodyguards quickly moved out. This group started searching for people in the ruined houses, and soon a charred body was carried out.

“There is no soot inside the mouth. He was first killed and then the corpse was burnt!” a guard from the group said.

“Patriarch, here is someone alive!” One guard shouted.

“Oh?” Everyone suddenly enclosed towards him.

It was in the Lin Mansion ruins, and although that man’s entire body was pitch black, however, he still weakly moved.

“A sword pierced his heart and yet he is unexpectedly still alive?” Gu Han said with a surprise.

“No, this human heart is on the right side, so he luckily survived!” Gu Hai said in a heavy tone.

A congregation of bodyguards quickly removed the soot from his mouth and nose, some took out their water and poured on him.

“Cough Cough Cough!”

The man weakly coughed and opened his eyes, and while looking all around, he was somewhat dazed. His eyes occasionally looked at a wreckage.

“Sister, sister, sister!” The man got up like a maniac, and looking all around.

“All the bodies are outside!” Gu Hai slightly sighed and said.

That man quickly climbed out and carefully looked around, and finally found a pitch black girl.

The girl’s head was as if it was cracked open, and also on the girl’s body there was also a bloody hole. Her clothes were disheveled, and too much of her blood been flown so she was already dead.

“Sister, sister, you can not be dead, sister!” The man kept shaking the girl’s body.

But, for a long time there was not a sound of girl’s breath.

“Ah, ah, ah, Song Zhengxi, ah!” The man holding the girl’s body painfully cried.

“Foster Father, from the previous information it’s already pretty clear. This is Gao Xianzhi’s First Seated Vanguard, Ling Chong’s house! This girl is called Xiaodi, and she is Lin Chong’s wife. The two love each other very much, but I do not know how much later Song Zhengxi saw Xiaodi, but he has always been coveting her for a long time. This time he perhaps took advantage of Ling Chong while no one was at home, so………..!” Gu Han explained.

“Gao Xianzhi’s First Seated Vanguard, Lin Chong?” Gu Hai looking at the suffering man solemnly said.

“Most powerful officials are same. The emperor’s grandson has done this type of tragedy in the same way more than once and only due to his distinguished identity, all of it was suppressed down by the authorities. This time also, the government authorities will certainly come and suppress this matter too!” said Gu Han while shaking his head.

Gu Hai’s brows were tightly knit, and said, “Cancel tomorrow’s meeting. You don’t have search for someone else, since we’ve already ran into Song Zhengxi. Moreover he has already sinned, then eventually he will have to pay!”

“Foster Father wants to use Song Zhengxi as the lead actor? Do you want him to be dead?” Gu Han’s countenance was immediately moved.

“No, I want him alive!” said Gu Hai with a sliver of coldness in his eyes.


A day later, in a small manor outside of Song City. Gu Hai commanded a group of servants, and a large number of letters were being tied to a flock of messaging pigeons. Gu Han stood before Gu Hai, clutching a stack of papers, and on the front sheet four large characters ‘Destroying Song Plan 灭宋计划’ were on it.

“Foster Father, that Xiaodi’s brother is already following out the caravan to the frontlines, and it should not be long before he reaches Lin Chong’s location!” said Gu Han.

“One Xiaodi is naturally far from enough. Next, collect all the evidence of Song Zhenxi’s crimes, and also abduct all the local military families in a poor situation. Even if they do not exist, fabricate some of them, but do not hurt them. First make them disappear for sometime! At the end of the war, you can release them.” Gu Hai said in a heavy tone.

“Foster Father be at ease. However, from the frontlines came some news. Gao Xianzhi halted his march when he heard Foster Father was sitting at Hulao Pass” Gu Han said with a trace of pride in his words.

“No, Gao Xianzhi’s command of troops is mysterious and odd. He is not someone who is not willing to take risks, that information is just to deceive the public. If my guess is correct, he has not halted his march now, but rather with a group of soldiers he has quietly arrived at Hulao Pass!” Gu Hai spoke in a heavy tone.

“Oh?” Gu Han showed a trace of surprise.

“Gu Qin is over there, he should be able to adhere for sometime. Therefore, during this time, we must as soon as possible destroy the army of 800000 soldiers!” Gu Hai spoke in a heavy tone.

“I looked at Foster Father’s ‘Destroying Song Plan’, and according to it we must first decrease the army’s morale!” said Gu Han with a trace of admiration in his eyes.

“Release these group of messaging pigeons. The destruction of the Song Empire starts!” Gu Hai said.


The pigeon gate opened, and a large group of pigeons flew towards the sky, directly soaring towards the northern region.

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